Reverse: 1999 CN – Patch 2.0 Preview

Taking place in San Francisco during 1990, “Floor it! To the Golden City!” adds a fresh chapter to Reverse: 1999. This post will focus on the new story and characters aspects of the patch. If you want to take a look at the new features and QoL, please check out our Dev Broadcast post. Patch 2.0 is scheduled to release on June 27.

Patch 2.0 PV

New Characters

Joe – 6☆ Beast

Banner from June 27 to July 18.

Rate ups: J, Tennant, Desert Flannel.

Mercuria – 6☆ Spirit

Banner from June 18 to August 8.

Rate ups: Mercuria, Charlie, Click

Pioneer – 3☆ Spirit [FREE]

New Skins

The new series garments is called “16-bit Revelry” and is inspired by Retro games. Roar Jukebox will feature Kanjira with the skin “The Night Visitor”, UTTU Free skin “Eek, Eek!” will feature Sputnik, while the paid skins will feature Spathodea and 6 (“Onwards to the Victory!” and “Time and Location” respectively).

Spathodea’s skin is an Advanced skin.

We will also have a rerun of “The Uluru Games” series, with Tooth Fairy’s and Pavia’s skins, as well as the newly added Advanced Skin for Kaalaa Baunaa: “Swing, Rise, Suspend”.

New Mane’s Bulletin Boss

New Wilderness Set


  • New Character Chapters for Joe and Mercuria
  • New Anecdotes: Sotheby and La Source
  • New UTTU
  • Update to Roguelike mode “A Series of Dusks”
  • “Revival! The Uluru Games” and its wilderness set rerun.
  • New mini-event “Peek Through the Peephole”
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    Is there any news about the additional Resonance system?

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