Reverse: 1999 CN – Patch 2.0 Dev Broadcast

With a PV scheduled for June 21st, the first news on what’s to come in “City of Tomorrow” are already spreading. Reverse: 1999 promises on delivering some much awaited QoL. Let’s go over the first ones announced on this blog post!

1 – Updated Resonance Function

After Resonance level 10, players will be able to select specific set pieces by spending Resonance resources. They will also be able to go back and forth between these sets and save presets. Nothing much has been expanded on how exactly this function will work, but it’s certain to add a new layer of depth to character builds.

2 – New Player Profile

The Player profile will receive a complete revamp. It will now display the amount of badges the player owns, as well as the already existing function of badge showcase and favorite character showcase. A new field enables for customization of “featured showcases”, such as when the account has been created, the amount of characters the player has, wilderness data and more.

The cherry on the cake is the option to choose a specific character art to feature in the profile.

3 – One-click Upgrade Function

Starting on version 2.0, players will be able to level up their characters with one click. Whether you want to select a specific level by sliding the bar or just max out your character based on your current available resources, the choice is one click away.

4 – Gacha Adjustment

Players will now be guaranteed to get at least one 5-star or higher on their first 10-pull of each banner.

5 – Anecdote Optimization

Penumbra cans will no longer be needed to unlock new Anecdotes during their original run time. However, they will still be needed to unlock old Anecdotes.

6 – Card Hand Optimization

In recent patches, the amount of precast Incantations flooding the player’s hand has increased steadily. Windsong is not the only one at fault here. If you ever watched or played the new roguelike “A Series of Dusks”, you may have noticed the huge amount of cards that can take over the screen.

The new update addresses this issue by making it possible for players to slide from one side to another to see their cards, instead of shrinking incantations to make them fit on the screen.

7 – Achievement System Update

A mark will be added to a fully completed achievement set.

8 – More Roar Jukebox Tasks

New optional tasks will be added to the Roar Jukebox (also known as “Battle Pass”) to help players gain levels faster and earn more rewards. F2P players, rejoice!

Tune in next week for more news, and let the City of Tomorrow come, because on 2.0 we’ll visit the 90s!

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