Reverse: 1999 CN – Joe Preview

Turn up the heat and get ready for a ride with the newest Reverse:1999 character, Joe! This post features a preview of his kit.

Reverse: 1999 CN – Patch 2.0 Preview

Taking place in San Francisco during 1990, “Floor it! To the Golden City!” adds a fresh chapter to Reverse: 1999. This post will focus on the new story and characters aspects of the patch.

Reverse: 1999 CN: Semmelweis Preview

Semmelweis is a 6-star hybrid support-DPS character of the Mineral Afflatus. She will be the first “Infected” character introduced, and players can receive one copy of her by logging in during Patch 1.9.

Reverse: 1999 CN: Lucy Preview

Lucy is a 6-star Intellect character who deals Reality DMG. She is limited, and can only be obtained through Anniversary banners.

Reverse: 1999 1st Anniversary Summary

“VEREINSAMT”, or Reverse: 1999’s Patch 1.9 marks the game’s 1 year Anniversary in China. Along with the usual recipe expected from Reverse’s updates, this special patch brings tons of freebies, a new game mode and QoL updates.

Reverse: 1999 – Windsong Preview!

Windsong is a Critical-oriented Burst DPS who can reach higher levels of damage with the help of her allies. Check out her full preview here!