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The server will enter maintenance from 10:00 [AM] through 12:00 [PM] on Jul 13th, 2023 (KST) for system optimizations and content updates. Please make note of the maintenance schedule; we recommend that you refrain from entering combat or making in-app purchases and close the application before maintenance begins so that no data is lost.

Refer to below for details about the update.


Please note that Weekly Bonus is not reset upon this update. Managers seeking to apply the Weekly Bonus to “Mirror Dungeon Hard Rewards”, please take care to not use up their Weekly Bonus between July 13th 6:00~9:59(KST)

New Target Extraction

R Corp. 4th Pack Rhino Meursault & Zwei South Section 5 Rodion (Jul 13 12:00 ~ Jul 27 09:59 (KST))

Extraction rates increase for the following ID

  • 3 Star: R Corp. 4th Pack Rhino Meursault
  • 2 Star: Zwei South Section 5 Rodion

New Target Extraction: (Yi Sang)

(Jul 13 12:00 ~ Jul 27 09:59 (KST))

Extraction rates increase for the following ID and E.G.O:

  • E.G.O [HE] : Dimension Shredder Yi Sang
  • E.G.O [TETH] : Wishing Cairn Yi Sang
  • 3 Star: Effloresced E.G.O::Spicebush- Yi Sang, Blade Lineage Salsu Yi Sang
  • 2 Star: Seven South Section 6 Yi Sang
  • 1 Star: LCB Sinner Yi sang

New Identity Extractions:

The following Identities are newly added to the list of Identities that can be Extracted.

  • 3 Star: R Corp. 4th Pack Rhino Meursault
  • 2 Star: Zwei South Section 5 Rodion

New Content <Mirror Dungeon 2 Hard>

Please refer to our blogs here and here.

Major Changes

Sanity will now be reduced upon using Sinners’ starting E.G.O

  • Buffs are planned for certain starting E.G.O’s upon July’s Scheduled 4th Uptie & Threadspinning Tier 2 Update.

Changes to Faust E.G.O – Representation Emitter’s Coin Effect and Passive

  • Coin Effect
    • Threadspinning Tier 1
      • Before: [After Attack] Heal 6 SP for all allies
      • After: [After Attack] Heal 8 SP for 3 other allies with the lowest SP
    • Threadspinning Tier 3
      • Before: [After Attack] Heal 12 SP for all allies
      • After: [After Attack] Heal 10 SP for 3 other allies with the lowest SP
  • Passive
    • Before: Attack Skill Final Power +2. If 10+ turns into the battle, gain 2 Protection every turn, but lower attack skill final power by 2.
    • After: If an enemy is staggered during this unit’s attack, 1 ally with the lowest SP has +2 Heal Efficiency next turn. (3 times max per turn)

Adjusted amount of SP regained when defeating an enemy of higher Level depending on Level difference

  • Defeated by this unit
    • Before: Base 10 SP regained, additional 10 SP regained per 1 level difference
    • After: 10 SP regained regardless of Level difference
  • Defeated by an ally
    • Before: Base 5 SP regained, additional 5 SP regained per 1 Level difference
    • After: 5 SP regained regardless of Level difference

Changes to terminology

  • Before: Abnormality Encounter
  • After: Focused Encounter

Bug Fixes and Improvements

  • Fixed an issue when defeating an enemy with certain Identity Skills would cause its VFX to linger
  • Fixed an issue where speeding up Sunshower E.G.O Yi Sang’s E.G.O Corrosion would cause numbers to appear abnormally (Visual only issue)
  • Fixed an issue where players sometimes could not progress to the next turn (Including when effects of Gifts such as Eclipse of Scarlet Moths would leave no living enemies on the stage) at the start of the turn
  • Fixed an issue where no damage numbers would display when a unit dies from a status effect and the camera wouldn’t focus
  • Fixed an issue where enemy killed voiceline would not play if a diffrent animation than Inner Gate Elbow Strike’s 4th animation killed the enemy
  • Abnormality – Fixed an issue where certain VFX for ‘So That No One Will Cry’ was missing
  • Fixed an issue where certain enemy skill VFX did not play as intended
  • Abnormality – Fixed errors in choices event of ‘Blubbering Toad’
  • E.G.O Gift – Fixed an issue where E.G.O Compendium did not feature Entry Ticket and Golden Entry Ticket
  • Fixed an issue where ‘Lunar Memory’ effect would not persist in battle with multiple enemy phases
  • Mirror Dungeon Shop – Fixed an issue where choosing to heal 1 Sinner would choose incorrectly
  • Lobotomy E.G.O::Red Sheet – Fixed an issue with Sinclair’s talisman effect activation
  • Abnormality – Fixed an issue where the ‘Doomsday Clock’ sometimes skip certain combat phases
  • Abnormality – Fixed an issue with the summon timing of “Fairy Winer”, Which is a summon of ‘Fairy Gentleman’
  • Changed Abnormality events to gain Cost in Hell’s Chicken 3.5-9, 3.5-10 to different events
    • Before: Hurting Teddy Bear, Skin Prophet, kqe-1j-23
    • After: Brazen Bull, Monkey Tree, Rose Hunter


  • Content: Lunacy x300
  • Recipients: Every user whose game account was created before 09:59 Jul 20th, 2023 (KST)
  • Can be redeemed once per account. Mail Validity Period: 7 days.
  • Please update your game client to the newest version on the respective store (Google Play/App Store/Steam).
  • Forcibly shutting down the game while it is downloading resources may cause the download to fail, so please be careful not to close the application during the download.
  • You will not be able to play <Limbus Company> during maintenance. Please understand.
  • The maintenance schedule may suddenly change depending on the status of maintenance. If such a change occurs, we will let you know in a follow-up notice.
  • A resource download may be prompted after the build update. If you’re using a mobile device, it is recommended to proceed with a Wi-Fi connection.
  • If you’re playing with a guest account, we recommend that you link your account with other platforms to prevent possible account loss.
  • The maintenance compensation will be provided once per account. Please note that the distribution may be slow due to network delays or other causes.
  • The update gifts are valid to claim for 7 days. Please redeem them within this timeframe.
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