July 13 New Content – Mirror of Mirrors Hard Difficulty 2nd Notice

With the July 13th, 2023(KST) update, the new content of <Mirror of Mirrors Hard Difficulty (Mirror Dungeon 2 Hard)> will be added to the game. In this post, we will describe the changes and additions that have been made since our last notice.

  • Period: After the Jul 13 12:00 (KST) update
  • Requirements: Clear Mirror of Mirrors (Mirror Dungeon #2) on Normal difficulty
  • Description: Play Mirror Dungeon 2 Hard to earn large amount of Battle Pass XP!
  • Please note that Weekly Bonus is not reset upon this update. Managers seeking to apply the Weekly Bonus to “Mirror Dungeon Hard Rewards”, please take care to not use up their Weekly Bonus between July 13th 6:00~9:59(KST)

New Additions and Major Changes

The Following changes are applied to Mirror Dungeon 1,2, and 2 Hard.

Starting Cost Adjusted

  • Starting cost will be adjusted from 400 to 200.

Deployment Cost Adjusted

  • At the start, at Shops, and at Rest Stops, Costs of all Identities under 3 stars will now be adjusted to 0.

Unpredictable Future -Fixed Encounters

  • Shops and Rest Stops will now appear at fixed locations.
    Shops: First room of F2, First room of F4, First room of F5, and the room immediately before the Boss fight
  • Rest Stop : First room of F3

Floor Buffs Adjusted

Buff effects applied to each floor will be adjusted based on difficulty.

  • Floor-based Gift Rarity categorization
  • The Floor-based range of Gift Rarities will be adjusted.
    • F1~F3 : Rarity 1 ~ Rarity 2 E.G.O Gifts
    • F4~F5 : Rarity 3 ~ Rarity 5 E.G.O Gifts

Added an option to refuse an E.G.O Gift

  • An option to refuse an E.G.O Gift has been added.

Cost gained and E.G.O Gift spawn rate upon battle completion

  • Cost gained and E.G.O Gift spawn rate upon battle completion will be adjusted as follows

E.G.O Gifts adjusted

The following E.G.O Gifts’ tiers and effects will be adjusted as follows.

<Milepost of Survival>

  • Rarity : 3 -> 2
  • Effect: When Moving to the next floor, all identities heal by 8% of Max HP, and gain 87 Cost.

<Lunar Memory>

  • Rarity: 4 -> 5
  • Effect: All type and affinity resistances of enemies (for Abnormalities, All Parts) Change to ‘Fatal’ (Unchanged)
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