Maintenance Schedule – July 10, 14:00 ~ 16:00 (UTC+9)

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  • New Substream – Alice Emergency
  • New Awakened Employee – Kubera Alice Braidwood
  • New Counter Pass – Judy Swift
  • Last Stand – Season 4
  • Danger Close – Moderator Type A
  • Arcade Mode – Kubera Alice Braidwood
  • Challenge Stage – Let’s Go, A.R.S.!
  • Substream Event – Carnival

New Substream – Alice Emergency

The new substream [Alice Emergency] will be available after July 10 maintenance. 

New Awakened Employee – Kubera Alice Braidwood


Kubera Alice is a frontline damage dealer DPS monster who provides extremely high DPS for her cost. As a melee-range fury ranger, Alice exposes her to a considerable amount of risk. However, her damage more than makes up for her precarious positioning.

PVE Review

In PVE, Alice is one of the highest damage for cost units in the game, standing alongside Eve on the DPS charts. Alice’s high damage output is appreciated everywhere. Like her peers, Alice excels in single target situations, making her a strong option for boss content (e.g. Raids, Guild Coop, Dimension Trimming, Danger Close). Unlike her peers, Alice is considerably harder to keep alive.

PVP Review

Alice outputs high burst damage capable of nearly one-shotting many non-MDL characters (e.g. Jisoo). However, she herself is also susceptible to getting one-shot due to her melee range. Even the most defensive setups will struggle to keep Alice alive. While Alice is capable of outputting an obscene amount of damage, it is too difficult to effectively utilize in a PVP environment.


  • PVE (Early) – SS
  • PVE (Late) – SS
  • PVP – A

New Counter Pass – Judy Swift

Judy Swift is a ground sniper focused around applying [Chill] stacks with her various attacks. Interestingly, Judy is not affected (for the worse) by ASPD modifiers, limiting any gear synergy with her [Chill] utility.

In PVP, Judy’s steady [Chill] application seems naturally suited to synergize with Awakened Regina. However, she is held back by her abysmal damage modifiers. Consequently, there is little reason to run Judy in any content.


  • PVE (Early) – C
  • PVE (Late) – D
  • PVP – C

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