Income and Freebies

  • 150 Free Summons (10 per day, can be stacked 4 times)
  • Origin Int Speed Set (One of most used gear)
  • 1 Week of Sharinne and Manon Sub (Extended if already bought)
  • Everstone Income – 20,700 (Breakdown below)
 In-game Mail Reward 2,100
 eversoulmate0704 Code 2,100
 Sharinne and Manon Sub 2,800
 1.5th Anniversary Bonus BINGO 4,200
 Grow Up! Jumping Event 1,500
 Bride Battle Event Raid Maximum Damage 3,000
 Bride Battle Event Login 2,400
 Bride Battle Event Stage First Clear 2,600
 Total 20,700
  • Artifact Tickets – 45 (25 Bingo, 20 Grow Up!)
  • Type Summon Tickets – 35 (Bingo)
  • Erika Alchemy – 10 (Bingo)
  • Normal Tickets – 64 (25 Bingo, 10 Grow Up!, 20  Bride Battle Event Login, 9 Event Story)
  • 2023 Epic Selectors (Upto Otoha) – 4 (Grow Up!)
  • Human/Beast/Fairy/Undead Ticket – 1 Each (Grow Up!)
  • Eternal Gear Selector – 8 (Grow Up!)

As you might have noticed, the game has multiple events running and thus spending opportunities which might confuse some newbies, so here are our suggestions on the same!

Bride Battle Event – Pure White Exchange Shop

Violette’s Wedding Shoe Shop (In order of priority)

  • Oath of Snowflaks skin.
  • Soul Memory : Violette
  • Wedding Studio
  • Advanced Artifact Stone
  • Artifact Stone of Primordium
  • Framed Wedding Photo and Wedding Arch
  • Artifact Stone
  • Red Carpets (If interested in Town decorations)
  • Infinite Gold or Mana Dust (Dust if you are stage of game where you are being gated by it, otherwise Gold to enhance your keepsakes).

Garnet’s Wedding Brooch Shop (In order of priority)

  • Strawberry Honeymoon skin.
  • Soul Memory : Garnet
  • Bridal Lounge
  • Idle Mana Crystal (2 Hours)
  • Idle Mana Dust (2 Hours)
  • Idle Gold (2 Hours)
  • Wedding Carriage, Bench and Bridesmaid Plushie.
  • Infinite Gold or Mana Dust (Dust if you are stage of game where you are being gated by it, otherwise Gold to enhance your keepsakes).

Wedding Vow Prize Shop

For those unfamiliar with it, it is basically a gachapon system where doing event raid gives you tokens, you rolls roulette with the given points and get prizes listed on the board randomly (and as you use those tokens, your event pass is filled up giving you prizes in there including Eileen copy and Skin).

Each board has a main prize which are as follows

  • Perfect Propose (Idle Mana Dust loot +20/min) (1 time).
  • Soul’s Memory: Violette x60 (2 times).
  • Soul’s Memory: Garnet x60 (2 times).
  • Soul’s Memory: Epic x60 (1 time).
  • Advanced Artifact Stone Chest x8 (1 time).
  • Epic Soul Type Selection Chest x1 (repeatable).
  • Artifact Summon Ticket x40 (repeatable).

In general your aim should be to get the main prize as soon as possible and reset the board in order to reach the Artifact Tickets x 40 one, however if you claim your main prize at say 35+/40, It might be worthwhile to finish the board to get 5 Tickets for bonus clear.

For Spenders, Farming Artifacts Summon Tickets and Epic Type Selection Chest is a worthwhile endeavour if you require it and have funds of it, as it is much cheaper than regular summons and you get other stuff along the road.

1.5th Anniversary Special Shop

7 Days, Lots of goodies and lots of Everstone costs, Hence easy to get confused especially if you are new to game. Here are some standout purchases in this shop

  • Erika Alchemy Tickets x50 – 12,000 Everstones (Normal Price – 20,000) -> Useful for everyone regardless of what state of game you are in.
  • Normal Summon Tickets x70 – 6,720 Everstones (Normal Price – 14,700) -> Useful for Newbies and people struggling with fodders.
  • Artifact Summon Tickets x40 – 2,400 Everstones (Normal Price – 4,800) -> Useful for everyone regardless of what state of game you are in.
  • Type Summon Tickets x50 – 3,600 Everstones ( Normal Price -10,500*)-> Useful for Newbies and people struggling with fodders or those hunting for specific souls.
    • * You can’t summon Type Summons with Everstones normally.
  • Artifact Memory Selection Chest (1.5th Anniv) x350 – 3,500 Everstones. -> Useful for End Game players who want to build a particular Artifact to high ascension.
  • Resource Bundle (24 Hours) x7 – 2,240 Everstones (Normal Price 5,600) -> Useful for everyone, but purchasing depends on spare Everstones.
  • Mana Crystal x3000 – 900 Everstones -> Useful but low priority, purchasing depends on spare Everstones (Resource Bundle (24 Hours) is better purchase overall)
  • Epic Soul Summon Ticket Selection Chest – 1,125 Everstones -> Useful for Early – Late Game, but purchasing depends on spare Everstones.
  • Soul’s Memory (Epic) – 750 Everstones (Normal Price – 3,000) -> Useful for Early – Late Game, but purchasing depends on spare Everstones.

The rest are niche items that will depend on whether or not you specifically need them or you are a whale/have tons of stocked Everstones to buy them.

Furthermore, should you decide to splurge, for first time there are milestone rewards for spending in special shop which are as follows.

Accumulated Consumed 
2,000Eternal Flower15
5,000Mana Crystal1,500
8,000Normal Summon Ticket10
13,000Epic Soul Selection Chest (1.5th Anniv)1
17,000Artifact Summon Ticket20
21,000Pick-Up Summon Ticket10
25,000Special Epic Soul Selection Chest
(1.5th Anniv)

While Epic Soul Selection Chest is rather easy to attain by just the purchase of Erika and Artifact Tickets, the Special Epic Soul Selection Chest (Which Includes Angel/Demon Characters) will require additional spending depending on state of your game. While it might not help players in late game with built A/D characters excessively, It is absolutely a steal for newbies and players lacking Yuria, as not only you will get the A/D selector, but also previous rewards and ofc the goodies from shop itself. (For example – A New player if purchases all tickets available in shop will be at 24720/25000 Everstone spending already making it easy to achieve).

However there is a big disclaimer that Larimar, a new Demon Soul joins the ranks on July 18, right after closure of this shop – So if you are struggling with Everstones, you will have to decide your priority between spending on shop and pulling her, as it can set you back a good 50-100 pulls depending on how much splurge here.

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