PVP Tier List Update

It is time for regular PVP tier list maintenance. The primary objectives of this update are to:

  • Adjust ratings for characters to reflect widespread adoption of previously experimental sets.
  • Adjust ratings for characters to reflect the operator shift away from Olivie towards Sysop.
  • Adjust ratings for characters we were on the fence about at the time of the previous update.

The CounterSide PVP tier list has been updated and changes were made to reflect the current state of PVP meta. This blog post provides some commentary on changes made to the ratings.

ASSR Commentary

Awakened Na Yubin


Awakened Na Yubin (NYB) was assigned a preliminary rating of SSS to reflect his Alternium Reactor buffs. Subsequent testing revealed that NYB’s performance did not meet initial expectations. 

With NYB in a playable state, we have been able to properly assess his matchups into other ASSRs. Despairingly, NYB’s traditional counters haven’t changed (e.g. AYuna) and now he has to contend with new counters (i.e. Ecclesia, AChris) for his place in the meta.

NYB has been adjusted down to reflect actual performance.

Awakened Sigma


In recent months, ASigma’s PVP presence has noticeably declined. With more and more ways to neutralize ASigma’s damage, it has become increasingly difficult for her to burst through the enemy team. 

ASigma’s tank build has not aged well. While at one point considered an attractive option for traditional counter comps, the build failed to get traction due to positioning issues from ASigma’s special skill. The addition of overtime healing debuffs was the nail in the coffin. 

As the quality of stall tools accessible to players increases, it has become increasingly difficult for her to burst through the enemy team. For ASigma to power through, she needs to be played in purpose-built teams heavily designed around enabling her berserk state. These setups can be resource heavy, demanding specialized gear (i.e. Volcano) and investment in operator Vivian Rashford.

Fully enabled, ASigma can perform at SSS level. Traditional ASigma setups have lost some of their dominance but at the end of the day she is still SS.



Where traditionally Curian was played exclusively in Curian-Soldier comps, Curian’s buffs received last year as part of the ASSR stat readjustment patch opened the door to Curian-Counter comps. Curian-Counter comps utilize Curian’s massive range to achieve a stronger positional advantage with less trade-offs than what is possible using traditional options available to Counters (e.g. towers). 

As of late, Curian-Counter comps have been struggling to grind through the awakened frontline meta that has been gaining traction week over week. While Curian outputs good damage, he does not output enough to keep up with defender spam.

Like ASigma, alternative comps have been considered (e.g. Vivian-buffed Volcano Curian nuke setups). However, the prohibitively expensive barrier of entry into these teams means they likely won’t see widespread adoption anytime soon.

It is worth noting that Curian’s bans have been synced with New Ohio, one of the dominant PVP ships, for the entire season (the past 10 weeks and counting). New Ohio naturally counters many aspects of Curian’s kit, and as such, Curian’s recent performance is likely biased by the conditions of this particular environment. 

Awakened Lyudmila


Awakened Lyudmila’s (ALyud) passive can be incredibly oppressive and easily snowballs teams to victory, but its activation is contingent on enemy units dying. This has always been noted as a potential weakness, but for the longest time it was taken for granted that stuff inevitably dies. As it turns out, stuff doesn’t actually die when the frontline is populated by awakened units supported with proportionate stall/ sustain tools.

As awakened frontline tanks find themselves back in the limelight after a year of oppression by high-value low-cost alternatives (i.e. rearm defenders), many teams are naturally finding themselves favored into ALyud. It has become much easier to hit a critical mass of tanky frontline and support. As a consequence, ALyud finds herself cut from teams in favor of more impactful alternatives.

Awakened Joo Shiyoon


Over the span of a literal year from May 28, 2023 to June 9, 2024, Awakened Joo Shiyoon has seen Mid-Week Top 100 usage rates >20% only 4 times. From most to least recent, those were:

  • 22% – count taken as at 01/27/24
  • 21% – count taken as at 12/29/23
  • 26% – count taken as at 10/07/23
  • 24% – count taken as at 08/25/23

The most recent data point is 4 months old.

It’s so Joover Shiyoover…

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