Reverse: 1999 CN – Joe Preview

J is a 6☆ Beast character who deals Reality DMG and focuses on Shields and counterattacks.

Whenever allies with J’s shield are hit, J will counterattack all enemies and apply [Burn] to them and to himself.

J’s [Burn] can also purify [Freeze] and [Cold], as well as greatly increase his damage and shield efficiency.When his HP is low, J’s capability to deal damage and resist negative statuses will be further improved.

Character PV

Inheritance: This Body is a Furnace

I1 – When attacking, damage dealt is increased based on the amount of [Burn] stacks; After each attack that successfully inflicts [Burn], gains the same amount of [Burn] stacks. [Burn] damage received by the caster is reduced, and the damage will not reduce the caster’s health below a certain percentage.

I2 – DMG Dealt +X% when the caster enters battle.

I3 – The upper limit of [Burn] stacks carried by the caster is increased. When in the [Burn] status, the caster becomes immune to [Freeze] and [Cold]. At the beginning of the round, if the caster’s HP is lower than a certain percentage, dispels all [Neg Status] and [Stats Down] with the exception of [Burn], and increase the caster’s Critical Rate.

Skill 1 – Hardness Test

1-target attack. Deals Reality DMG. Inflicts [Burn] status; Increases the damage of all allies based on the total of [Burn] stacks.

Skill 2 – Heat Treatment

Mass Counter. Grants all allies a Shield proportional to the caster’s ATK, and the amount of [Burn] stacks carried by the caster. When an ally under this shield is attacked, the caster will riposte with [High Temperature Backfire].

[High Temperature Backfire]: Mass attack. Deals Reality DMG to all enemies, inflicting [Burn]; Deals additional DMG based on the caster’s lost HP.

Ultimate: Flight over the Highway

Mass attack. Deals Reality DMG. Before attacking, the caster grants the same amount of [Burn] stacks from the targets to himself; This attack will not inflict [Burn], and will cause additional Reality DMG based on the amount of [Burn] stacks on the targets.


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5 Comment

  1. r

    who is he good in a team with? maybe isolde and ballon party?

    1. cloud1301

      He has the best synergy with Isolde. For his best healer, Kakania is good since she can absorb damage and sliiightly heal him (though I’m unsure about hitting that HP% threshold for debuff cleansing/CRIT% buff), and obviously, don’t run him with debuff-cleansing healers (ie. TF, Vila).

    2. L

      Balloon party is so fucking overated, heals so little and no damage either. She is an early progression character, dont even think you could pair her with any characters for future content

  2. GG

    Really hope he can play with Getian (dont want pull for Isolde tbh) but his kit sounds like Ms NewBabel but much cooler

    1. Mommy

      Ms OldGarbage

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