Greetings Hunters,

This is the Solo Leveling:ARISE team.

Today, we would like to share the upcoming updated content, improvements,

and future plans with our hunters.

Workshop of Brilliant Light: Demons’ Castle Lower Floors

  • Workshop of Brilliant Light is a challenge-type content where various bosses appear.
  • You will encounter powerful bosses, but you can weaken them through various methods and use these methods to gain advantages in the battle.
  • Hunters, get ready to face the Ruler of the Lower Floors of the Demons’ Castle, Vulcan, who mercilessly punished numerous intruders with a large blunt weapon made from a branch of the World Tree at the Workshop of Brilliant Light: Demons’ Castle Lower Floors.
  • Vulcan, whose immense size matches his greed, awaits intruders at Demons’ Castle.
  • To tackle the fire attribute Vulcan, you will need to prepare skills and Hunters associated with the water attribute.
  • Hunters who have conquered Demons’ Castle Lower Floors at Workshop of Brilliant Light will have the opportunity to obtain higher-level Artifacts.
  • These Artifacts will be granted with innovative set effects different from before.
  • Our team hopes that obtaining these higher-level Artifacts will help you power up your Sung Jinwoo and Hunters, making it more enjoyable to tackle previously difficult challenges such as Reverse Mode and Battlefield of Trials.
  • Hunters who have received the Workshop of Brilliant Light Invitation! It’s time to become even stronger. “On the stage prepared for the Day of Reckoning, how will you proceed?”

Growth Experience

  • This event is scheduled to take place after the June update. During the event period, salvaging Artifacts will receive Fragments Imbued with Mana Power based on the enhancement tier (1-20) and the equipment rarity.
  • The Artifact Salvage Event can be accessed through the [Event] tab.
  • Fragments Imbued with Mana Power can be exchanged for various growth materials, including Artifact Enhancement Chips. Additionally, Lv. 73 Artifacts obtainable from the Workshop of Brilliant Light can also be acquired through exchange, so please look forward to it.

New Hunter Will Join the Gate Raid – Bella Fisher

  • The American hunter “Bella Fisher,” who went to China to find her biological parents, also known as the Aquamarine Ripples “Meilin Fisher,” will join the Gate raid.

Future Improvements

In addition to the already announced support for Multiplay in Battlefield of Chaos and the removal of Artifact unequipping costs up to +15 enhancements in the June update, we are also preparing various other improvements.

  • According to Sung Jinwoo’s achievement level, rewards will be added to obtain Heroic Blessing Stones, Heroic Runes, and more.
  • In the Bonds system, rewards will be improved so that upon pressing the reward button, you can claim all available rewards at once.
  • The poison and skill frequency of the Battlefield of Trials Floor 35 Boss, Camula, will be adjusted downwards.

We noticed that many hunters were struggling with the skill frequency of the Battlefield of Trials Floor 35 Boss, Camula, despite attempting strategies such as using Break or utilizing Hunters like Lee Bora and Park Heejin with Purify. Therefore, we have decided to decrease the difficulty.

  • Issues where attacks targeted the wrong enemies or empty spaces after Shadow Step will be fixed.
  • The Artifact filter, previously consisting of only one effect, will now be subdivided into Main Effects, Sub Effects, and Excluded Effects, allowing for more detailed filtering. This enables the display or exclusion of the desired effects only.
  • Related information will be displayed in the boss information for monsters with Freeze resistance.

Furthermore, our team listens closely to the feedback from our hunters and continuously strives to provide the best possible experience.

We have also created a platform for hunters to share their feedback in order to offer a better service.

We kindly ask for your active participation so that we can actively improve any shortcomings

A survey will be conducted separately soon.

Battlefield of Time: Season 2 Balance Adjustment Announcement

Our team has been contemplating as the Battlefield of Time season progresses.

Firstly, we have noticed that more hunters were unable to claim the achievement rewards in the Battlefield of Time than we anticipated.

Of course, there are also hunters who enjoy the content with various strategies.

As Battlefield of Time provides rewards such as Rune Fragments, Shadow Energy, and Essence Stones, we aim to provide additional buffs for those who exceed a certain amount of time to ensure that effort is rewarded with results.

The second concern is the tendency of strategies favoring specific weapons.

It’s a situation where strategies are often repeated until a specific skill achieves maximum damage, or where clearing with just one well-timed attack.

Our team believes that providing enjoyment through diverse gameplay experiences is essential. Therefore, we aim to adjust the balance of the appearing monsters to encourage the use of various weapons in Season 2.

More detailed information on the adjustments will be revealed at a later date.

Grand Summer Festival

Summer is right around the corner.

In celebration of this, our team is preparing a “Grand Summer Festival”.

We are working on various content such as limited stories, event bosses, and mini-games that can only be experienced during the Grand Summer Festival. Through these, we aim to provide you with new and exciting experiences.

We are releasing an image under development first and kindly ask for your anticipation.

Our development team will continue to communicate with hunters through CM Notes and Developer Notes.

We strive to create a community where players can enjoy the game, share strategies, provide constructive criticism, and offer suggestions for improvement.

Developer Note Gift

Redeem CodeRedeem Code Reward
SOLODEVNOTEEssence Stones x 1,000
Lucky Skill Rune Chest x 5
  • Each redeem code can only be used once per account.
  • The redeem code can be used until 6/18 14:59 (UTC+0) and cannot be used after the period.
  • Rewards will be immediately distributed upon redeeming the code.

Hunters, we kindly ask for your continued interest and support for Solo Leveling:ARISE as we embark on this new journey together.

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