First Half of the Main Story Ch. 8: Emerging

  • First half of the Main Story Ch. 8 will be released.
    • Schedule: May 30, 2024 (Thu) after the maintenance

Battlefront 28th Area

  • Battlefront 28th Area – Lighthouse of the Earth will be implemented.
    • Schedule: May 30, 2024 (Thu) after the maintenance

(NEW) New Mini Game – DJ Soul

  • New mini game – DJ Soul will be available.
    • Detail: DJ Soul is a rhythm game where you can play various beautiful pieces of music of Eversoul.
    • Schedule: May 30, 2024 (Thu) after the maintenance ~ June 13 (Thu) 08:59 UTC+9

Details of DJ Soul

  • How to join: Event banner on the right upper corner of the lobby > DJ Soul
  • How to play
    • DJ Soul main screen > Click [Join] button on the right bottom corner
    • You can find various pieces of music that can be used in the rhythm game.
    • 3 pieces of music will be released on May 30, and an additional 1 music per day until June 9 – ie. total 13 songs.
  • You can change the music by the arrow button in the left/right side.
    • You can choose the difficulty of the music. (Easy / Normal / Hard)
    • You can check the difficulty of the music played last.
      • 1 Star = Easy / 2 Star = Normal / 3 Star = Hard
    • You can check the difficulty of the chosen song. ex) Floating Hard : 10 Star
    • You can configure and check the speed multiplier, offset, or hit sound.
  • You can check the maximum score of the song.
    • Grant the score by touching the note following the rhythm of the song.
    • There are two types of notes.
      • Normal note: Touch the area according to the timing of the descending.
      • Long note: Touch the area with long time according to the timing of the descending.
  • You can check difficulty and the score obtained from the song.
    • % icon next to the score means accuracy.
    • Scores are granted according to four decisions. (Perfect! / Great / Good / Miss)
  • You can use Stop / Retry / Continue feature with the button.
    • The result will be displayed after the song is finished.
      • You can check the rank / score / accuracy / maximum combo in the screen.
      • Click [Retry] to play again, or click [Exit] to exit.
  • Reward
    • You can obtain 100 Everstones per each song cleared. (Total 1,300)
    • You can obtain the rewards in the [Reward Info] button placed right bottom corner of the stage selection screen.

Fixes & Improvements

  • Soul
    • Illustrations for Talia, Adrianne, Violette, Jiho, Velanna, and Ayame’s love story costumes will be implemented. (Check the Renders here)
    • Some of Cherrie’s background stories and related voicelines will be changed.
  • Town
    • Weather information and weather-related event information will be displayed on the Town pop-up screen.
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