Plan for Japanese Voice Updates

  • On May 29th, Eversoul is preparing to launch in Japan.
  • Japanese voice actors have been recorded for the Japanese launch, and Japanese voices will be applied to the Korean/global version.
  • The contractual process for the use of Japanese voices in the Korean/global version has been completed.
  • We are preparing the related system for the July 4th update.
  • So, if you wait a bit, you can also enjoy the Japanese voice of Eversoul in the Korean/global version.
  • However, since the Korean/global version is ahead of the Japanese version, not all voices are recorded.
  • Therefore, even if you select a Japanese voice, the voices of characters and stories that do not have a Japanese voice ready can be played in Korean.
  • Especially during battles, depending on the placement of the characters, it can be a bit awkward to hear a mixture of Korean and Japanese, so please understand this in advance.

Eversoul Game Guide (

Lighthouse Keeper Schedule Postponed

  • Sorry. The World Raid “Lighthouse Keeper” was originally scheduled to be updated on May 30th, but due to the need for a little more development time, we are moving it back to June 20th.
  • I’m sure many of you were looking forward to the World Raid “Lighthouse Keeper,” and we apologize again for not being able to deliver it on the timeline we wanted.
  • However, some of the lighthouse keepers will be revealed in the first half of Chapter 8 of the main story, “Fables”, which will be released on May 30th, so please stay tuned, and if you wait a little longer, we will prepare and visit you so that it can be a fun world raid.

Main Event Reschedule

The Main Event has been rescheduled as shown below.

  • June 13 ~ June 27 “Summer Event Part 1 – The Witch Wants to Rest!!” (reprint)”
    • Originally scheduled to be held in the third quarter, “Summer Event Part 1 – The Witch Wants to Rest!”. (Reprint)” has been rescheduled to start in June.
    • Soonie swimsuit costume, which was previously given as a reward for attending “Summer Event Part 2 – Endless Summer,” will be “Summer Event Part 1 – The Witch Wants to Rest!” (reprint)”.
  • July 4 ~ July 25 “Wedding Event Part 2 – Marriage Wars”
    • “Summer Event Part 1 – The Witch Wants to Rest!!” (Reprint)” and “Wedding Event Part 2 – Marriage Wars”, which was scheduled to take place in mid-June, has been rescheduled to start on July 4th.

Relationship costume illustration added

Talia, Adrianne, Violette, Jiho, Vellana, and Ayame’s bond costume illustrations will be added. (May 30


  • From June 6th to June 13th, the “DJ SOUL” event will be held for one week.
  • “DJ SOUL” is a rhythm game that uses EVERSOUL’s beautiful BGMs.

Rescheduling Story Release

  • Main Story
    • The first half of Chapter 8, “Fables”, will be released on May 30.
    • The second half of Main Story Chapter 8, originally scheduled for release in June, has been postponed to July 4.
  • Relationship Story
    • Cherrie’s relationship story, which was originally scheduled to be released at the end of May, will be released on June 20.
    • Vivienne’s Relationship Story, which was originally scheduled to be released in June, has been postponed to mid-July.

Territory Improvements

  • The territory entry pop-up will display snow/rain information and whether or not the weather event is running. (May 30)
  • Territory Quests Reworked (June 20 Target)
    • We are preparing the following changes to improve the need to kill logs and monsters in complex estates.
    • You can now exit the castle from the commercial area. (You can also teleport.)
    • Logs and monsters will no longer appear in the Estate, and a quest will be added to kill both logs and monsters at the same time outside the castle once a day in real time.
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