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  • CounterSide x hololive English -Promise-: IRyS
  • Special Arcade Mode – [IRyS]
  • Challenge Stage – Payment Ledger
  • Substream Event – Administration Failure
  • Danger Close – Soprano
  • Returning Awakened Employees – Solar Codex Yuna, Garguantia Maria Antonov and Ministra
  • Returning Employees – Yang Harim, Rita Arsenico, Serapel, Edel Meitner, Kaci Bins, Lucrecia and Horizon
  • Returning Operators – Mansion Master and Kim Hana.
  • Dimension Trimming changes
  • Origin System – Stability
  • Raid: Inhibitor Season

CounterSide x hololive English -Promise-: IRyS

1. Collaboration with hololive English -Promise-: IRyS will begin.

2. You can select hololive English -Promise-: IRyS collaboration tab in the main lobby to start the collaboration event. 

3. Upon entering the main lobby of the collaboration, you will be greeted by hololive English members.

4. On the [Gacha] tab, you can get limited hololive English member’s Trophies. 

5. During the event, you will be given a set of special missions for you to claim various limited rewards!

Main Rewards

  • holoMythical Egg
    • A holoMythical Egg that is used to draw figures.
  • Enigmatic holoEgg
    • A holoEgg that will give SSR hololive figures at random. 
      • ※ This item will be deleted after the event. 
  • Fashionable holoEgg
    • After all-clearing the collaboration mission, the CEO will be able to get 1 holoMyth member’s skin of choice.
      • ※ If the acquired skin overlaps with the skin that you have already purchased, 1,872 Quartz will be refunded.
      • ※ This item will be deleted after the event. 

6. At the [Compose] tab, you can select and use the duplicate trophies to get the trophy of the next rarity. 

7. If you [Lifetime Contract] with hololive English Member’s skin on, you will be able to listen to their special messages! 

8. hololive Point Exchange Center has been added. 

You can access the point exchange center by [Shop >> hololive Collaboration >> hololive Point Exchange Center].

  • holoMythical Point
    • After each gacha, CEOs will be able to earn holoMyth Points. Those points can be exchanged for the items above!
      • ※ holoMythical Point will be deleted after the event.
  • Mysterious holo Egg
    • Will acquire one of any SR ~ SSR hololive figures at random.
      • ※ This item will be deleted after the event. 
  • Special holo Egg
    • Select and acquire one of any SSR hololive figures.
      • ※ This item will be deleted after the event. 
  • Invaluable holo Egg
    • Select and acquire one of any Awakened SSR hololive figures.
      • ※ This item will be deleted after the event.

CounterSide x hololive English -Promise-: IRyS Schedule February 28, After the maintenance ~ March 27, 2024, 14:00 (UTC+9)

hololive English -Promise-

While clearing the hololive missions, why not clear IRyS’ missions as well to get her limited Trophies? 

hololive English -Promise-: IRyS Mission Schedule – February 28, After the maintenance ~ March 27, 2024, 14:00 (UTC+9)

Daily holo Eggs

Daily holo Eggs Punch-In Event Schedule – February 28, After the maintenance ~ March 27, 2024, 14:00 (UTC+9)

Special Arcade Mode – [IRyS]

Schedule – February 28, After the maintenance ~ March 5, 2024, 14:00 (UTC+9)

Co-op Battle

  • 1. The entry count for Co-op battles will increase
    • Arena – Before: 3 times | After: 5 times
    • Boss – Before: 2 times | After: 5 times
  • 2. After level 15, you will still be able to hit the boss.
    • Hitting the boss after 15 will give you “EXTRA” points
    • “EXTRA” points will be added on top of the original score.

Dimension Trimming

  • The total stages for Dimension Trimming will be shortened.
  • Swift: Trimming Trinity
    • Before: 60 Stages | After: 20 Stages
  • Jungle: Trimming Wild
    • Before: 100 Stages | After: 20 Stages
  • Volcano: Trimming Flame
    • Before: 60 Stages | After: 20 Stages
      • The difficulty will be adjusted accordingly.
      • The total reward will be equal before the rework. ※ The progress will be calculated and applied accordingly.
      • The calculation will round down if it happens to have decimal points.
Stage NameAdjustment
Swift: Trimming TrinityYour current stage * 1/3
Jungle: Trimming WildYour current stage * 1/5
Volcano: Trimming FlameYour current stage * 1/5
  • Dimension Trimming titles will be added
    • Clearing the deepest depth of each Dimension Trimming will get you the title.
    • CEOs who cleared the Dimension Trimming before the rework will be given a title with special effect.

Origin System – Stability

  • New Origin, Stability, has been added. 
    • ▷ This system will only be applied to the PVE contents. 
    • ▷ The [Origin] system will be given to units / NPCs and they may receive multiple types of [Origin].
    • ▷ Units with [Origin] of a certain type can output more damage to the opponents of that same [Origin] as well as receive less damage. 
  • ★ Increased amount of damage and damage reduction depends on the rarity of the unit.
    • ▷ Awakened: 40% increased damage to & 30% damage reduction from the opponent with the same [Origin].
    • ▷ SSR: 30% increased damage to & 20% damage reduction from the opponent with the same [Origin].
    • ▷ SR: 10% increased damage to & 10% damage reduction from the opponent with the same [Origin].
    • ▷ Summoned: 20% increased damage to & 20% damage reduction from the opponent with the same [Origin].
    • (All summoned beings will have the same Origin stat regardless of their summoner’s rarity.)
  • Damage increase from the [Origin] is a [Group 4] stat, completely independent from Groups 1 ~ 3. For more about the stat grouping, please refer to this developer’s note. Link
  • Damage increase to & damage reduction from will not affect if the opponent does not have an [Origin] or different [Origin]. 
  • You can check the unit’s [Origin] from the [Unit Info].
  • You can check units with the [Origin] in the [Managment].
  • The employees with the Stability are as follows.

The stages with the Stability applied are as follows.

Improvements and Changes

1. Effect opacity improvement will be added. 

  • You can adjust the opacity at [Settings > Graphics]
  • Ally’s opacity will have the value you have set before
  • The enemy’s opacity will be adjusted to 70.

2. The number of maximum lobby placements will increase

  • Before: 6 slots
  • After: 8 slots

3. If CEOs try to Tactical Update with a unit that already has been tactically updated, then there will be a warning pop-up to ask if CEOs want to proceed.

4.  In the equipment filter, stat values and stat percentage increases are displayed separately.

  • ex) HP +320 / HP +32%

5. The minimum value for Skill Haste in the Management Guide has been correctly fixed from 200% to 100%. 

6. Detailed information on the Initiative Gears in the Subtstream shops has been added to tell which set of equipment they are.

7. Origin filters will have their icons next to them.

8. Griffin Rider Christina Brecht’s effects have been improved.

9. The Transfer Code system has been removed. 

10. Maestra Nequitia’s skill cut-in trophy name will change. 

Before: Maestra Nequitia: Requiem of the Dead

After: Maestra Nequitia: Chapter of Apocalypse

11. Following substream event shops will have flashback scenes added.

  • Administration Failure: 4 scenes
  • Last blooming days on the campus: 1 scene
  • Tale of a Girl and a Mercenary: 1 scene
  • Find the Furball!: 1 scene
  • Unofficial Investigation: 1 scene


  • A fix where the Alternium Reactor’s UI would sporadically appear abnormal. 
  • A fix where switching between servers will not function as intended when the company buff is active.
  • A fix where Lucrecia’s Longing Memories skin has some parts not turning off during her skill cut-in when it is supposed to. 
  • A fix where if CEOs switch the language, tutorials, and some contents would show the language before the change. 
  • A fix where the game would crash on some devices. 
  • A fix where Phantom Gear’s Status Effect RES stat was incorrect.
  • A fix where Option 1’s HP value was not visible on Wild Relic Cases.
  • A fix where Latent Option 3 had a different visual effect than the other two.
  • Fixes on various typos in the episode cutscenes.
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