Reverse: 1999 — Patch 1.7 Reveal!

Set to launch on February 22 on the CN server, Reverse:1999’s patch 1.7 takes us on a trip through early 1910’s Vienna. The new main story chapter brings new perspectives to the game’s signature ever changing concept of time, as well as a new game mode and several QoL!

New Main Story Chapter: “And the Stars Were Shining”

Event PV:

Chapter 6: É Lucevan Le Stelle (And the Stars Were Shining)

“In the early 1910s, Vienna was a city that never sleeps, in all its splendor. People from all around the world and from all walks of life visited the Ring Road with its parties and theaters, just to see the true face of “art”. When the boundary between stage and reality gradually blurs, a “Storm” arrives…”

In order to access the new Main Story Chapter, the player must have cleared Main Story Chapter 5 “Prisoners of the Cave”, as well as the special Chapter “Star”.
During the event, any activity in the game will reward “Symphony”, a currency that can be exchanged at the event shop for the new 6☆ Psychube and other goodies.

New Characters

6☆ Spirit – Isolde

6☆ Plant – Marcus

New Character Chapters:

Isolde: The Small Room

From February 22 to March 21
Requirements: Finish Main Story Chapter 1
Clear Drops, Materials

Marcus: The Tall Lighthouse

From March 21 to April 11
Requirements: Finish Main Story Chapter 1
Rewards: Clear Drops, Materials

New Banners:

Isolde – From February 22 to March 21

Featured Characters:
Isolde – 6☆ Spirit
Tennant – 5☆ Beast
Necrologist – 5☆ Mineral

Marcus – From March 21 to April 11

Featured Characters:
Marcus – 6☆ Plant
Charlie – 5☆ Star
Dikke – 5☆ Beast

Note: Isolde and Marcus are non-limited characters and will be added to the standard roster at Patch 2.0.

New Roar Jukebox and Skins

Version 1.7 expands the Roar Jukebox from level 50 to level 70.
The total new additions are:
Free Jukebox: Dust 21000, Sharpodonty 14000, Enlightenment II x6
Paid Jukebox: Dust 105000, Sharpodonty 70000, Enlightenment II x30

New Skins:

Happy Bird Catcher – 37 (Paid)
A Peaceful Night – Melania (Paid)
Silver Rose – Satsuki (Paid Roar Jukebox)
Outside the Church – Ms. Moissan (FREE UTTU Reward)

New Wilderness Theme: Ring Road

Other Rewards

There will be several login campaigns and mini-events, such as the usual 14 free summons, 600 Clear Drops and x5 Jar of Picrasma Candy, among others. Three new Challenges/Mini-events have also been mentioned, but at the time there isn’t much information on them aside from the requirement of having cleared Main Story Chapter 1 in order to participate. For this reason, I won’t go into detail on them in this post. Also, from March 30 to April 9, Pneuma Analysis’ rewards will be doubled.

For the new QoL and the new UTTU Spotlight mode, please check the previous blog post where I discuss that in more detail:

New Anecdotes and A Nightmare at Green Lake rerun

New Anecdotes:
A Knight – From March 4 to March 18
X – From March 25 to April 8

A Nightmare at Green Lake Rerun
Event: From March 11 to March 21
Shop: From March 11 to March 24

For those unfamiliar with Reverse:1999’s reruns, they work in the exact way they worked during the first run, except for the 6☆ Psychube that is already added to the regular Psychube shop. If you have already taken part in these events during their first run, you will instead earn a different currency that you can use in a new shop to trade for materials.

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