Reverse 1999 Patch 1.7 Dev Broadcast!

“For the art of the times, for the freedom of art.”
Reverse: 1999 Patch 1.7’s location and theme have been revealed! This time we are going to Vienna, Austria, where the historical Ringstraße (Ring Road) converged all styles of art and classical architecture. The patch’s name is “The Starry Night” (Not official translation) and it will feature Chapter 6 of the main story!

1. Anecdotes Challenge Mode Optimization

“Anecdotes” is a new game mode introduced in Patch 1.4. It features individual story chapters (the first two being Charlie and Oliver Fog, respectively) and it also has a “Challenge Mode”. In order to access this mode, every 100 Activity spent is automatically converted into one attempt at the challenge mode, which consists of 7 waves of enemies progressively stronger, who must be defeated within 20 rounds.
This mode has been criticized as being “cumbersome”, “grindy” and taking too much time. In order to address it, Bluepoch is adding a replay function similar to what we already have at the rest of the game, where players can spend up to 4 tries at once and receive equivalent rewards.

2. Raid Progress Optimization

“Mane’s Bulletin”, also known by the community as “raids” will also receive an optimization in its rewards’ system. Previously, it required the player a total of 2.5million cumulative points on each boss in order to obtain all rewards. Needless to say, this meant many long runs, even if you scored above S every single time.
Starting on patch 1.7 CN, the cap will be reduced to 850k, keeping the amount of rewards the same. Less grind for all of us, fingers crossed that Global gets these optimizations early!

3. Roar Jukebox Reward Expansion

Roar Jukebox (Battle Pass) will be expanded with levels 51 to 70, allowing players to gather even more rewards.

4. Wilderness Search Function and new Voice Lines

Wilderness mode will receive a Filter function that allows players to search for specific sets of islands and buildings, including search by patch version.

Another new feature added to Wilderness are special voice lines for characters with 100% bond.

5. New [UTTU – Spotlight Column]

UTTU will set up a new [Spotlight Column] column! This column will be composed of two parts: [UTTU Joint Sales Office] and [UTTU Retail]. (Not official translations)
In [UTTU Joint Sales Office], there will be 6 areas with a set number of stages. The player can lock up to 8 characters for each area and borrow one character from a friend (!). HP loss in these stages are carried over.

By completing battles, players will receive Celebrity Card Packs. Each pack contains 5 cards, and it’s also possible to exchange cards for a special currency that can be traded for specific cards, making the process of deck building easier.

6. Character Assistance Function

Players can now add up to 3 characters to their profiles to be borrowed by friends! For this patch, the assist function will be limited to the new UTTU Spotlight mode, but it will be expanded to the rest of the game in later updates. Furthermore, when a player borrows a character from a friend, they will receive certain rewards.

7. Other updates

  • This new function is still in the works, but in the near future it will be possible to customize each character’s voice language individually.
  • Starting on 1.7, it will be possible to jump back to the previous menu after farming a stage, even if the desired items have not been obtained.
  • Optimization of daily and weekly active task reward collection: If you forget to get your dailies, the rewards will be sent via mail and will stay there for the next 30 days (good for those who like to stack on candy).
  • Version 1.7 will be prolonged by 1 week on CN, since the original release date planned for version 1.8 would fall on a national holiday. We don’t know how or if this will affect the Global server.
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  2. Clararannn

    does this mean 1.8 is a Hari Raya Puasa update?? [shock x2]i’m so excitedd

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    damn were finally progressing the main story crazyyyy

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    Austria let’s goooooooooooooooooooooooo

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