Special Story (tentative name) Proposal and Development Progress

  • In the previous developer’s video, I’ve introduced our plans for 2024. Among them, the new story content, “Special Story,” has been added to the schedule. The Special Story is a fully-voiced content we are preparing with the aim to provide more high-quality scenarios in a more engaging format.
  • As we put great value in this Special Story, we plan to make it an extended content derived from the Main Story. While we recommend you to try the Special Story after finishing certain chapters, we will not compel you to clear the chapters to make the Special Story more accessible. Moreover, we will not require you to finish battles with high difficulty.
  • This content is a show of our gratitude for your affection for NIKKE’s stories, so we hope you can enjoy it leisurely without any burden. We are currently developing this with the highest priority. Once everything is confirmed, we will inform you through another developer’s note. Thank you for your constant attention and love for our stories.

Improvements to the Difficulty of Field Lost Relics Investigation

  • The improvements to the difficulty of Field Lost Relics Investigation will be completed soon. When the location of Lost Relics changes, it leads to a mix-up of community tips and info. So, we are working on a feature that gives a notice when the squad is located near the Lost Relics without changing the Lost Relics’ location. This feature is expected to go live in March.

Simulation Room Overclock

  • The first beta season of this year’s first new content, Simulation Room Overclock, has finally concluded. We are preparing a survey to gather your valuable opinions and will do our best to present a better version in the second beta season based on the survey results.
  • In the second beta season, we will prioritize functionality and user experience. Once the improvements are done, we will share the schedule with everyone. For a better gaming experience, we kindly ask for your understanding and support.
  • We also deeply regret our lack of announcement regarding the gap period between beta seasons. To express our sincerest apology, we will be conducting more Daily Mission Bonus Reward event, where players can receive rewards mainly in the form of skill resources. At the same time, as we did not have a Full Burst Day event in late January, we are making up for it by implementing the following activities:
    • February 10th to 11th: Full Burst Day/Daily Bonus Reward Event
    • February 17th to 18th: Full Burst Day/Daily Bonus Reward Event
    • February 24th to 25th: Full Burst Day/Daily Bonus Reward Event
    • March 2nd to 3rd: Full Burst Day/Daily Bonus Reward Event
  • Aside from this, we are vigilant about the fatigue caused by the Simulation Room Overclock update. In anticipation of its potential establishment as a recurring game mode, we are simultaneously developing the Quick Battle feature in the Arena. We will pay close attention to your gaming experiences and address issues quickly when we discover any aspects that require enhancement.

More Convenience in Growing Nikkes

  • First of all, we will make it more convenient to grow your Nikkes.
  • We will expand the scope of the Simple Inventory feature that can be used after the Synchro Device Enhancement and allow its usage in Skill Upgrade as well as Nikke Upgrade, which is adopted before the Synchro Device Enhancement is unlocked.
  • Moreover, we will display the currency types and quantity required for growth in all Simple Inventory for your convenience. We have tried this out during a testing session before and found that it will bring great convenience if utilized well. We do hope you can make use of them.
  • Improvements to Simple Inventory are expected to be updated in the start of February.

Enhancements to Union Shooting Range Damage Test Environment

  • We will provide a separate testing environment for Centurion, allowing everyone to explore squad combinations in a more diverse setting within the Union Shooting Range. At the same time, we will make minor adjustments to displays in the Shooting Range Info such as the Code. We hope players who enjoy exploring squad combinations will be pleased by this update.
  • This improvement is also set to be launched in the start of February.

More Information on Quick Battle in Archives Hard Stage

  • Now, I’d like to share the improvements to the Event Archives.
  • At the beginning of February, we will introduce the Quick Battle feature for the Hard stages in Archives to make it easier to watch the epilogue.
  • As Stage Clear rewards are not included in Archives, it may lead to some inconveniences in the Normal stages. However, we also have events such as RED ASH that provide immersive experiences by repeatedly switching between Battles and Story, so we’d like to seek your suggestions. Please feel free to share your opinions and ideas through the customer service center and communities.

Improvements to Rankings

  • Next up, let me explain the improvements we plan to make to the rankings at the beginning of February.
  • First, we will add a feature that allows players to check the ranking info in Solo Raid Challenge. We hope this can make things more convenient for Commanders who play Challenge Stages in Solo Raid frequently.
  • Second, the frequency of Ranking Achieved and quantity of Avatar Frame in the Ranking Reward page will be increased. The rankings of the top 1, top 5, and top 10 will all be displayed, and the numbers of frequency exceeding 20 in accumulation so far will be fully showcased. After the update, the Avatar Frame(s) you have obtained so far will be sent through the mail when you open the Ranking Reward page.
  • We will continue to provide more high-quality decorations, so please don’t focus too much on competing and achieving the rankings. We will keep working hard to give you a more diverse and pleasant gaming experience.

February Content Updates

  • The PERFECT MAID event will commence as we add the MAID IN VALENTINE to Archives in the start of February. In this new event, a timid maid and the most righteous maid will appear in the Maid For You squad to spend a wonderful Valentine’s Day with the Commander. As for what kind of characters will show up and what stories will unfold, we invite you to look forward to it.
  • Other than that, we will conduct the Skill Reset event and introduce the new boss, Crystal Chamber, whom you will be able to meet in advance in Solo Raid. The update may be a small one, but it contains new and fun mechanics. We hope you’ll anticipate what’s in store for you.
  • The main scenario of 2024 will revolve around the surface investigation. During this time, new friends will join us, and stories of some existing companions will unravel. Unexpected encounters and incidents will occur as well. Some fun and interesting stories are already in the planning stages, and we can’t wait to present them to you. At the end of February, the beginning of this story – Chapters 27 and 28 – will be updated along with the new Lost Sector.
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