Second Half of Main Story Chapter 6: The Star of Doom

ㅇ The second half of main story chapter 6 will be revealed.

– Schedule: Nov 2, 2023 (Thu) after the maintenance

Evil Soul Subjugation: Apostle of War

ㅇ During the event period a new ESS boss [Apostle of War] will be available.

– Schedule: Nov 2, 2023 (Thu) after the maintenance ~ Nov 9 (Thu) 08:59 UTC+9

ㅇ Boss Introduction

– The fifth released boss of ESS is [Apostle of War: Adrianne].

– Apostle of War: Adrianne is an angel type Soul.

※ Apostle of War: Adrianne is immune to groggy.

※ You can check details of the skill of the boss and tips on [Details] tab.

[Skill Information of Apostle of War: Adrianne]

Skill Information
MainObliterating Bombardment: Heaven’s StrikeBasicThe Apostle of War flies to the sky, creates an empowering ring, and charges into the ring to obliterate everything. Deals damage equal to 450% of ATK for every enemy.
Lv.201The damage is increased to 600%.
Lv.301The damage is increased to 750%< and heals 3% of her HP.
Lv.400The damage is increased to 900%, and depletes Ultimate Gauge of every enemy.
SubLight-Penetrating Strike: Charging PierceBasicThe Apostle of War targets the farthest enemy and charges energy on her spear. If the energy is fully charged, she charges to the targeted enemy and deals damage equal to 500% ATK, and pushes the target to the end of the battlefield. During the energy charging, she is vulnerable to the stun effect.
Lv.120The damage is increased to 700%.
Lv.220During the energy charging, she grants 3 stacks of [Vulnerability Protection], which protects the stun effects. The effect consumes the stack per attacks she received.
Lv.320The stacks of [Vulnerability Protection] is increased by 6 stacks.
Lv.410The damage is increased to 1000%, and if she has more than 10 stacks of [Deep Darkness], she becomes immune to the stun effects.
SubRaid Feared by Darkness: Fearful RaidBasicThe Apostle of War jumps to the sky and descends to the enemy who has the most HP, and deals damage to the target and 4m around it. The damage is up to equal to 800% of ATK according to the enemies affected.
Lv.140    The damage is increased to 1000%.
Lv.240The damage is increased to 1200%, and damaged targets are pushed away.
Lv.340If there is only one target damaged by the skill, the damage is doubled.
Lv.420The damage is increased to 1600%.
SubAn impact that penetrates the soul: Soul PenetrationBasicThe Apostle of War pierces the charged spear to the nearest enemy, deals damage equal to 300% of ATK in the enemies within 3m*10m area.
Lv.160The damage is increased to 400%.
Lv.260Targets affected by the skill grant [Penetrating Wound] debuff, and take 70% ATK damage per 2 seconds. The debuff is dispelled when the HP is full.
Lv.360The [Penetration Wound] also decreases the healing effects by 50%.
SubA Termination to the Fools: End of DaysBasicAfter a specific time has passed since the battle started, the Apostle of War moves to the center, pushes every enemy, and summons 3 Spears of Apostle.
The Spear of Apostle is destroyed when taking attack 3 times, and the Apostle of War becomes invulnerable when the Spear of Apostle exists.
Then gathers the energy of darkness to prepare for obliteration, and when the energy is fully charged creates a large explosion and deals damage equal to 800% of ATK to every enemy.
If the enemy is not incapacitated by the attack, she loses all [Deep Darkness] buff, and loses all of her Mana, and takes 100% more damage for 10 seconds.
Lv.201The Apostle of War summons 2 Spears of Apostle on a specific time cycle.
Lv.280The Spear of Apostle’s durability is increased from 3 to 5, and the damage is increased to 1200%.
Lv.380The Spears of Apostle summoned from [End of Days] is increased from 3 to 4, and if she has 20 stacks of [Deep Darkness], she eradicates everything.

ㅇ Rewards and How to Play

– How to play is the same as the previous ESS.

Rank 1Frame: One Who Saved the Apostle of War
Rank 2Frame: Who Purified the Apostle of War
Rank 3Frame: Who Stopped the Apostle of War
Rank 100 or higherFrame: Guide of a World Full of War
Rank 300 or higherFrame: Guardian of a World Full of War
Rank 1000 or higherFrame: Warrior of a World Full of War
Kills reach Accumulated Lv. 1000Adrianne’s Costume:
Apostle of War
Defeat higher than Lv. 301Adrianne’s Costume:
Incarnation of War

[Adrianne’s Costume: Apostle of War]

[Adrianne’s Costume: Incarnation of War]

ㅇ Defeat Reward (Can be claimed by defeating the boss per a day)

100~125Evil Soul Coin x100
Keepsake Transcension Stone x5
126~150Evil Soul Coin x150
Keepsake Transcension Stone x8
151~175Evil Soul Coin x210
Keepsake Transcension Stone x10
176~200Evil Soul Coin x260
Keepsake Transcension Stone x15
201~225Evil Soul Coin x320
Keepsake Transcension Stone x20
226~250Evil Soul Coin x370
Keepsake Transcension Stone x25
251~275Evil Soul Coin x430
Keepsake Transcension Stone x30
276~300Evil Soul Coin x480
Keepsake Transcension Stone x35
301~325Evil Soul Coin x540
Keepsake Transcension Stone x40
326~350Evil Soul Coin x590
Keepsake Transcension Stone x45
351~375Evil Soul Coin x650
Keepsake Transcension Stone x50
376~400Evil Soul Coin x700
Keepsake Transcension Stone x40
401~425Evil Soul Coin x760
Keepsake Transcension Stone x40

ㅇ Ranking Rewards

– There is a 24 hours of calculation after the ESS is finished, and you have to claim the reward on the ranking screen directly after the calculation is finished.

1Everstone x3,000Evil Soul Coin x33,000Keepsake Transcension Stone x300
2Everstone x2,900Evil Soul Coin x32,000Keepsake Transcension Stone x290
3Everstone x2,800Evil Soul Coin x31,000Keepsake Transcension Stone x280
4~5Everstone x2,700Evil Soul Coin x30,000Keepsake Transcension Stone x270
6~10Everstone x2,500Evil Soul Coin x29,000Keepsake Transcension Stone x260
11~15Everstone x2,400Evil Soul Coin x28,000Keepsake Transcension Stone x250
16~20Everstone x2,300Evil Soul Coin x27,000Keepsake Transcension Stone x240
21~25Everstone x2,200Evil Soul Coin x26,000Keepsake Transcension Stone x230
26~30Everstone x2,000Evil Soul Coin x25,000Keepsake Transcension Stone x220
31~40Everstone x1,900Evil Soul Coin x24,000Keepsake Transcension Stone x210
41~50Everstone x1,800Evil Soul Coin x23,000Keepsake Transcension Stone x200
51~75Everstone x1,600Evil Soul Coin x22,000Keepsake Transcension Stone x190
76~100Everstone x1,500Evil Soul Coin x21,000Keepsake Transcension Stone x180
101~250Everstone x1,400Evil Soul Coin x19,500Keepsake Transcension Stone x170
251~500Everstone x1,300Evil Soul Coin x18,000Keepsake Transcension Stone x160
501~750Everstone x1,200Evil Soul Coin x16,500Keepsake Transcension Stone x150
751~1000Everstone x1,100Evil Soul Coin x15,000Keepsake Transcension Stone x140
1001~2500Everstone x1,000Evil Soul Coin x13,500Keepsake Transcension Stone x130
2501~5000Everstone x1,000Evil Soul Coin x12,000Keepsake Transcension Stone x120
5001~10000Everstone x1,000Evil Soul Coin x10,000Keepsake Transcension Stone x110
10001~50000Everstone x1,000Evil Soul Coin x8,000Keepsake Transcension Stone x100
50001~Everstone x1,000Evil Soul Coin x6,000Keepsake Transcension Stone x80

[Double Reward Boosts]

[Part-time Job Double Rewards]

  • Part-time Job Double Rewards
    • Event Period: November 1 00:00 UTC—November 14, 23:59 UTC
    • During the event period, you will obtain double the rewards for performing part-time jobs.
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