[Upcoming Soul Pick-up]

  • Melfice’s Pick-Up Summon event will start. There’s a higher chance of getting Melfice through the event.
    • Pick-up Period: August 31 after maintenance—September 20, 23:59 UTC

[New Soul]

  • The new Undead Soul is coming!
    • Melfice will be available from August 31 after maintenance.
  • Melfice’s Skill Descriptions are underway. We will update her Skill Description as soon as they are set. Sorry for any inconvenience you may have experienced.

[Operation Eden Alliance: Gaon]

Event Period: August 31 afternoon—September 20, 23:59 UTC

  • Please check the Dev’s Note for more details here.
  • Operation Eden Alliance will be available after clearing Battlefront 8-16.
  • Operation Eden Alliance is accessible via [right upper banner on the home screen] > [Operation Eden Alliance].
  • When you enter Eden Alliance Operation, Savior’s Tier, the number of missions left, and highest Operation score will be displayed, and rewards will be given based on Savior’s Tier.
    • Savior’s Tier Rewards will be given every 7 days.
  • Operation Eden Alliance comprises Daily Operation and Ultimate Operation. 


  • In both Daily Operations and Unlimited Operations, enemies have a base level of 100 and increase in level each time you select a restriction.
  • There is no challenge count limit for Daily Operations and Ultimate Operations.

Daily Operation

  • Daily Operation is battle content with daily changes in enemy’s placement and restrictions.
  • Restrictions in battle can be chosen by Saviors.
  • Enemy stats are determined by the restrictions saviors choose, and restrictions may limit the placement of ally Souls.
  • Daily Operations missions offer rewards based on what restrictions a Savior cleared.
  • Daily Operations missions are updated daily.

Unlimited Operation

  • Unlimited Operation is a system where Saviors earn Operation Scores based on restrictions the Saviors set.
  • Saviors will be able to compete with others with their Operation Scores.
  • A certain tier will be assigned to Saviors depending on Operation Scores.
    • No exact ranking is provided.
  • The more difficult restrictions you choose, the higher your Operation Score will be given.
  • Unlimited Operations may require to unlock Restriction, which can be earned through Daily Operations missions.
    • Unlocking locked restriction is done by simply holding a certain number of Operation Permits, rather than by spending Operation Permits to unlock them.
  • After entering the Unlimited Operation screen, Saviors can see all of the restrictions  selected by clicking [Selected Restriction] at the bottom left.

Ultimate Operation Mission Info

  • For Operation Eden Alliance: Gaon, the Souls from Gaon (Soonoe, Seeha, Honglan, Jiho, and Aki) will appear as enemies during the event.
    • They use default formation.
  • Please check the table below for Ultimate Operation Mission information.
    • Please bear in mind that the rewards for Ultimate Operation will be obtainable once during the event.
  • The information for Ultimate Operation Mission is underway. We will update the information as soon as they are set. Sorry for any inconvenience you may have experienced.

Tier Info based on Operation Scores in Ultimate Operation 

TierTop N%Reward
Bronze 3100%Everstone x350
Bronze 290%Everstone x385
Bronze 180%Everstone x420
Silver 370%Everstone x490
Silver 260%Everstone x560
Silver 150%Everstone x630
Gold 340%Everstone x735
Gold 230%Everstone x840
Gold 120%Everstone x945
  Platinum 315%Everstone x1,085
Platinum 210%Everstone x1,225
Platinum 15%Everstone x1,365
Master3%Everstone x1,540
Challenger1%Everstone x1,750

Union Shop Item

  • Operation Coins earned for clearing Daily Operations and Ultimate Operations missions can be redeemed in the Union Shop.
    • The Union Shop opens when you clear Battlefront 8-16.
    • In the Union Shop, you can purchase various items needed to enhance the Ark.
    • The Union Shop  has a 1-month renewal cycle and cannot be renewed with Everstone.
Main Enhance Circuit100Operation Coin x1,000
Enhance Circuit: Warrior100Operation Coin x1,000
Enhance Circuit: Ranger100Operation Coin x1,000
Enhance Circuit: Striker100Operation Coin x1,000
Enhance Circuit: Caster100Operation Coin x1,000
Enhance Circuit: Supporter100Operation Coin x1,000
Enhance Circuit: Defender100Operation Coin x1,000
6 Hours of Idle Gold1Operation Coin x50
6 Hours of Idle Mana Dust1Operation Coin x50
6 Hours of Idle Mana Crystal1Operation Coin x100
Artifact Stone Set Chest1Operation Coin x200

[Ark Enhance]


Update Schedule: August 31 after maintenance

  • Please check the Dev’s Note for more details here.
  • Ark Enhance is a new content where Saviors can obtain various buff effects.
  • Ark Enhance will be available after clearing Battlefront 8-16.
  • Ark Enhance will be accessible through [Home Screen] > [Ark] > [Ark Enhance]
  • Ark Enhance comprises as below
    • Main Ark System: For the Main Ark System, you can see the conditions required to upgrade the core on the Ark Enhance screen.
    • Secondary Ark System (Warrior / Ranger / Striker / Caster / Supporter / Defender)
  • By enhancing the Main Ark system or Secondary Ark Systems, permanent buffs will be given.
    • Special buffs per class are obtainable by enhancing the Secondary Ark System.
  • Buffs you have earned through the Ark Enhance System will be displayed and accessible by clicking the [System Buffs Total] button in the bottom right corner of the Ark Enhance screen.
    • Other System Buff Totals will be accessible by tapping the left/right arrows.
  • Items needed to enhance the Ark will be available in General Shop, Release Shop, and Union Shop after clearing a certain stage of Battlefront.
    • General Shop: after clearing Battlefront 8-16
Class Ark Core Random Chest3Gold x360,000
  • Release Shop: after clearing Battlefront 8-16
Enhance Circuit: Warrior10Memory Shard x3,000
Enhance Circuit: Ranger10Memory Shard x3,000
Enhance Circuit: Striker10Memory Shard x3,000
Enhance Circuit: Caster10Memory Shard x3,000
Enhance Circuit: Supporter10Memory Shard x3,000
Enhance Circuit: Defender10Memory Shard x3,000
  • Union Shop: please check the information addressed above.

[New Area]

Update Schedule: August 31 after maintenance

  • Battlefront Area 23 Aureole Mountains will be added.

[Hall of Memories]

  • Please check the Dev’s Note for more details here.
  • Hall of Memories difficulty will be revamped and a new dungeon, Artifact Temple, will be added.
  • The difficulty level will be reorganized.
    • The difficulty level of the Hall of Memories will be combined so that monsters have similar levels to the difficulty level of the Labyrinth.
      • AS IS: Levels 1-10
      • TO BE: Levels 1-5
    • New difficulty levels 6-9 will be added.
      • Existing Stage 1 and 2→New Stage 1
      • Existing Stage 3 and 4→New Stage 2
      • Existing Stage 5 and 6→New Stage 3
      • Existing Stage 7 and 8→New Stage 4
      • Existing Stage 9 and 10→New Stage 5
  • Specialized debuffs will be added to each dungeon.
    • The debuff is always applied as Saviors progress through the dungeon and cannot be removed.
    • The information for debuff per dungeon is underway. We will update the information as soon as they are set. Sorry for any inconvenience you may have experienced.
  • In the Hall of Memory, the bonus damage from type affinity will be increased from 25% to 50%. 
  • Depending on the stage, monsters in the Hall of Memories will wear Keepsakes / Artifacts or use Ultimate Skills.

[Love Story]

Update Schedule: August 31 after maintenance

  • Please check the Dev’s Note for more details here.
  • Nini’s Love Story will be added.

[Town Edit Mode]

Update Schedule: August 31 after maintenance

  • Please check the Dev’s Note for more details here.
  • Object Reset / Tile Reset features will be moved into Town Edit Mode.

[Lord’s Castle]

  • Please check the Dev’s Note for more details here.
  • The ground floor is open for free, the basement floor 1-3, and floor 1-4 can be unlocked with Town Coins or Everstones.
FloorCost (Town Coin)Cost (Everstone)
Ground FloorFreeFree
Basement Floor 125,0005,000
Floor 130,0006,000
Floor 235,0007,000
Floor 340,0008,000
Floor 445,0009,000
Basement Floor 250,00010,000
Basement Floor 355,00011,000



  • Please check the Dev’s Note for more details here.
  • Substories for Eden Operation Alliance, Ark Enhance, and Hall of Memories will be added. 
  • Related info will be displayed when a Soul you are currently talking to and a Soul you will talk to in next chat are not the same.   
  • Photo Album feature will be added. 


  • The Tower of Origins statue will be changed from Landmark to general Object so that it can be placed inside of the Lord’s Castle.
  • Improvements for tile placement against castle walls will be conducted so that there are no empty spaces.
  • The Move Menu will contain Lords’ Castles and Vacation Spot.


  • A number of items left in the item screen will be displayed.
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