Summer Helm – review and ratings


This is an early review for Summer Helm, so her rating can change in the future as we will able to do more testing.


  • Rarity: SSR
  • Burst: II
  • Weapon: AR
  • Class: Attacker
  • Element: Iron
  • Manufacturer: Elysion
  • Squad: Aegis



The only Elysion CDR unit, the very thing we have been asking for a long time has finally arrived. Her kit is specifically designed for Electric bosses, but the ability to reduce the Burst Cooldown itself brings a lot to the table. Hence, SHelm is actually very good against all bosses, maybe not replacing the meta ones against non-Electric but still awesome for the weaker teams. That being said, she far surpasses other B2 greatly against Electric bosses because of her permanent Damage Taken buff. Being the second B2 CDR, she opens up a lot of possibilities for other non-CDR B1 to be used.

As the fifth CDR unit with high versatility (Sakura excluded due to 40s CD), she is vital to Solo Raid’s performance. If you do not own any other CDR, or if the target boss is Electric, you can also use her in Union Raid. Meanwhile, for PvP, do not expect much from her. None of her kit is designed for it.

Finally, for Story, you can use her if you do not have other CDR units, especially in the early stages with a small CP penalty, but she is to be replaced as soon as you acquire a better one.

Additionally, compared to Dolla, SHelm is an Attacker, and some of her skills are oriented toward contributing some damage. This means SHelm is expected to deal more damage than Dolla. As far as testing has gone, the damage of invested SHelm can reach 80% of Rupee. You can do some min-maxing (based on ATK saturation) to see which team Dolla or SHelm should support, then swap if necessary. Do note that, burst regen-wise, Dolla’s shots can be spammed, which means Dolla has higher burst regen and may help accelerate slower teams


  • Burst Cooldown reduction is a great mechanic,
  • Easy to fit in a lot of teams due to 20s Burst,
  • Bullies Electric bosses,
  • Damage Taken debuff which makes her great for bossing (but only against Electric enemies),
  • Decent damage output for a Burst II unit.


  • While she’s still decent against non-Electric bosses, there are a lot of alternatives that you can use instead of her,
  • Limited unit, so unless you MLB her now, you will have to wait for a year for her rerun.


  • Story – SS (early), S (late)
  • Bossing – SS (solo), S (with adds)
  • PVP – C

Note that against Electric bosses, she is SSS and SS respectively (solo & adds). Against other elements, you can assume that she is a slight downgrade from Dolla.

Should you pull?

If you’re a new player you don’t really need her, but for long-time players, she will be crucial in Raids.

What’s your Reaction?

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  1. Youmine

    I kinda disagree with the review. The reviews doesn’t describe her damage skill, granted coz it is an early review but. She has an upgraded attack skill from Snow White, CDR from Dolla, Damage every 4s, and burst like Rupee and Attacker type. I havent tested the damage myself, but from the looks if it, she should be atleast onoar rating with Rupee since she brings a lot to the table

  2. TeraFrima

    She’s better than Dolla imo. Dolla’s ATK buff is very marginal considering most people will never upgrade it past 5 due to poor scaling, not to mention the ATK dilution you may experience when using her in content without a POW-Penalty. I think no one has done any testing with Helm’s skills at 10/10/x yet, so I’m curious to see how much damage she can truly do.

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