Blade skills and signature Light Cone details revealed!

Blade Skills

You can find Blade’s skills and Traces in this official article, but we also posted them below to read them easier. Please keep in mind that the multipliers aren’t available yet and we need to wait for patch 1.2 to drop in the next few days to get out hands on them.


Deals Wind DMG to a single enemy target.

Enhanced Basic:

Consumes Blade’ HP, dealing Wind DMG to a single enemy and adjacent targets based on his attack and Max HP. If Blade’s current HP is insufficient, his HP will be reduced to 1 when Forest of Swords is used. Forest of Swords is unable to regenerate Skill Points.


Blade consumes his own HP to enter the Hellscape state. When Hellscape is active, his Skill cannot be used, his DMG dealt increases, and his Basic ATK Shard Sword is enhanced to Forest of Swords for a number of turns. If Blade’s current HP is insufficient, his HP will be reduced to 1 when he uses his Skill. This Skill does not regenerate Energy. Using this Skill does not end the current turn.


Blade will set his current HP to 50% of his Max HP and deal Wind DMG to a single enemy and adjacent targets based on his ATK, Max HP and total HP lost in the current battle. The total HP Blade has lost in the current battle is capped at 90% of his Max HP. This value will be reset and re-accumulated after his Ultimate has been used.


When Blade sustains DMG or consumes his HP, he gains 1 stack of Charge, lasting a certain numbers of turns. A max of 1 Charge stack can be gained every time he is attacked. When Charge stack reaches maximum, immediately launches a follow-up attack on all enemies, dealing Wind DMG based on Blade’s ATK and his Max HP. At the same time, restores Blade’s HP by a certain amount After the follow-up attack, all Charges are consumed.

Blade Traces

Here are Blade’s traces (also missing multipliers):

Trace NameTrace Description
Vita InfinitaWhen Blade’s current HP is equal or less to a certain percentage of his Max HP, Incoming Healing increases.
Neverending DeathsIf Blade hits a Weakness Broken enemy after using Forest of Swords, he will restore a certain percentage of HP.
Cyclone of DestructionDMG dealt by Talent’s follow-up attack increases.

Blade Signature Light Cone

The information about Blade’s Signature Light Cone can be found in another article – compared to his skills, the multipliers are already revealed to us!

Here’s the image with the information:

And here’s the text version for easier reading on mobile:

The Unreachable Side

Increases the wearer’s CRIT rate by 18% and increases their Max HP by 18%. When the wearer is attacked or consumes their own HP, their DMG increases by 24%. This effect is removed after the wearer uses an attack.

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