We would like to inform you about an upcoming event Eden’s Got Talent, which will run for two weeks from June 22. In addition, there will be a special Everstone store for the Half Year Anniversary. We will forward you information about the Half Year Anniversary event in future notice. 

Please do note content and details announced here are subject to change with actual update in which case we will make further announcements on.

[Eden’s Got Talent]


  • The <Eden’s Got Talent> event will be held for two weeks from June 22 to July 6.
  •  The <Eden’s Got Talent> event will be available after clearing Battlefront Stages 5-10.
  • You can earn Eden’s Got Talent Votes by completing daily quests, participating in the Fave Soul Cheering Event, or purchasing the Eden’s Got Talent Packs.
  • You can vote for your favorite Soul among 48 Souls in total with Eden’s Got Talent Vote .
  • The Soul that wins first place in the voting will have its theme song and idol costume created and be given away for free.
    • The Soul’s theme song may not be sung by the Soul’s voice actor.
  • The <Eden’s Got Talent> event will be aggregated across all regions where Eversoul is available.

How to obtain <Eden’s Got Talent Votes>

 1) Daily Quests

  • You will receive 2 Eden’s Got Talent Votes when you earn 20/40/60/80/100 reward points from Daily Quests. (Maximum 10 per day)

2) Fave Soul Cheering Event

  • You will receive a number of Eden’s Got Talent Vote depending on the amount of Everstones you use during the event period (300 total).
Used amount of EverstonesEden’s Got Talent Votes

 3) Eden’s Got Talent Pack

  • You can purchase the Eden’s Got Talent Packs to get Eden’s Got Talent Votes (300 in total).
Pack NamePurchase LimitContains
Eden’s Got Talent Pack 12Everstone x600 + Artifact Summon Ticket x10 + Currency Selection (24 Hours) x5 + Eden’s Got Talent Vote x10
Eden’s Got Talent Pack 22Everstone x1,250 + Artifact Summon Ticket x10 + Normal Summon Ticket x10 + Currency Selection (24 Hours) x5 + Eden’s Got Talent Vote x40
Eden’s Got Talent Pack 32Everstone x3,250 + Artifact Summon Ticket x30 + Normal Summon Ticket x30 + 24 Hours of Idle Mana Crystal x5 + Eden’s Got Talent Vote x100
  • Interim results will be announced on June 30.
  • Voting will close on July 6, and final results will be available in-game on July 13.
  • Unused Eden’s Got Talent Votes will be deleted after the event ends.

[Half Anniversary Eve Special Everstone Shop]

  • In preparation for our upcoming Half Year Anniversary event, Half Anniversary Eve Special Everstone Shop will be held for two weeks from June 22 to July 6.
  • Every day for two weeks, various products that can be purchased with Everstone will be available with a high discount.
  • There will also be 99% off items that can be purchased with 1 Everstone, so don’t miss out!
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