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New Soul – Garnet

  • The new Soul ‘Garnet’ who loves pretty clothes, sweets and a cute rag doll is now available.
    • Type: Undead
    • Class: Ranger
    • Characteristic: DEX
    • Role: Debuff
    • Artifact: Longinus
  • Schedule: after maintenance on 2023, 27 April (Thu)
UltimateCalamity CarrotSummons Carrot’s friends, ignites a needle, and rushes towards the nearest target, dealing ATK damage to the target and all enemies within 2.5m of it. Hit targets will receive additional damage that is increased per Carrot Stare stack, and will receive 2 times the additional damage per stack if it has 4 stacks.
MainCurse of CarrotA cursed needle pokes and deals ATK damage to the nearest target within 2.5m around and it also weakens the targets in different ways. Depending on the number of Carrot Stare stacks: reduces ATK, reduces DEF, receives damage equal to ATK through an explosion.
SubRabbit HoleShoots a needle to the nearest target, dealing ATK damage and exposing the target’s weakness. Crit Rate and Crit DMG received by the target is increased while its weakness is exposed.
SubBloody BunnyKicks a bomb in the shape of Carrot that is filled with needle to the nearest enemy, dealing ATK damage to all enemies within 3.5m of the target and affected targets will bleed.
PassiveFear the CarrotEnemies hit by the “Rabbit Hole” skill or “Bloody Bunny” skill receives Carrot Stare stack. This curse can not be removed and additional effects will apply to targets hit by the “Curse of Carrot” and “Calamity Carrot” skill depending on the number of Carrot Stare stacks. While Garnet is on the battlefield, Life Steal of all allies increases.

New Soul (Pick Up)

  • Have a high chance to get New Soul “Garnet” at <Pick-Up Summon> during the event period.
  • Schedule: After maintenance on 27 April, 2023 (Thu) ~ 11 May (Thu) 07:59 (UTC+8)

Guild Raid: Gaia

  • Guild Raid: Gaia will make an appearance.
  • Schedule: After maintenance on 27 April, 2023 (Thu) ~ 4 May (Thu) 07:59 (UTC+8)
MainObliterateGaia’s Obliterate skill is regularly triggered regardless of the amount of Mana she has. Deals 200% ATK damage to all enemies, and activates additional effects depending on the amount of Mana she has when the skill is used. 25% or more: stuns all enemies for 5 seconds. 50% or more: deals 200% additional damage. 75% or more: permanently increases damage received by target by 30%. 100%: deals 1,000% additional damage.
SubKarma ShacklesDeals 150% ATK damage to the enemy with the highest max HP, incapacitates the enemy for 8 seconds, and applies the “Karma Shackles” effect which deals 350% of the target’s own ATK as damage every 2 seconds. (This effect ignores crowd control immunity and cannot be evaded.) If the target endures the entire duration of “Karma Shackles”, a purified flower will bloom for 12 seconds, increasing the ATK of the target and the target’s allies by 50% and decreasing Gaia’s Mana by 1,200 every 2 seconds.
SubEarth’s RoarGaia roars, dealing 200% ATK damage to all enemies and increasing her own Physical/Magic Resistance by 15% for 12 seconds.
SubThorn WavesAttacks the enemies with thorns rising from the earth. Deals 180% ATK damage to all enemies, and brings forth a wave of thorns that penetrates through the center of the battlefield, dealing 180% additional damage to enemies within range and stunning them for 3 seconds.
PassiveCorrupted GuardianGaia’s ATK increases by 25% whenever she loses a certain amount of HP, and is now able to use the powers of Obliterate without any limits, yet her Mana recovery is reduced by 50%. If she has less than 25% Mana, she goes into a “Mana Deficiency” state in which her total damage received is permanently increased by 10% (up to 3 stacks).

※ Receive special debuff when she is burning.

Improvements & Error Fixes

  • Fixed error where results image of Elite/Boss Stage Area 19 did not display properly.
  • Fixed error where quests and achievements are not counted when Souls are obtained from Erika Alchemy.
  • Measures for Saviors whose quests and achievements are not counted will be announced on later notice.
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