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  • New Chapter – Season 2 Chapter 3 “Survive of Perish”.
  • New Event – Servants of Rashomon and Underachiever AG.
  • New Characters – Mel, Ayame and Adele.
  • New EA – Knud.
  • New skin – Diancht – Race Line.
  • New Gameplay – Extensive Research System.

New character – Mega Armor Mel


  • Rank 1: Party – +6% Defense
  • Rank 2: Self – +4 Speed
  • Rank 3: Party – +10% Critical Chance
  • Rank 4: Party – +6% Defense
  • Rank 5: Self – +8% Damage vs Red Units
  • Rank 6: Self – +4 Speed

Our dorky heavy bunny has finally obtained the cannons she’s been asking for, giving her massive AoE firepower. S3 has a bunch of modifiers to hit like an absolute freight train.

Her S2 push provides great synergy with fast units with AoE openers like Isabelle, Kagari and Adara, allowing more of your team to go ahead of your opponents, with some added chip damage.

New character – Ayame

Until they introduce a unit with Passive Lock, Ayame is going to be your primary go-to anti-buffing unit. Since the advent of Homura absolutely cucking Yuui out of her cut, Ayame’s being a passive means she isn’t inhibited by some pesky unique buff. In addition she gets (tries) to jack buffs off the target she slaps.

Not only does her S2 hit hard with a high multiplier, add-on to that any potential attack buff or crit damage buff, she will more than likely kill the target (laughs in Victoria). Adversely this can also mean she jacks defensive type buffs as well off targets to make them more vulnerable.

Only major downside is that while not exactly easy, it’s not really that hard to build around her, as her S2 target’s the unit with the highest attack. Ironically with Ayame’s release, Homura fell off pretty hard, allowing for a double Ayame/Yuui offense cut.

New character – Adele

A fast opener able to cripple enemies with a huge single target skill extension and AoE Speed Down debuffs. A huge asset in a push type team for PVP thanks to her amazing synergy with MA Mel and Lila.

She isn’t too bad in PVE but has a better spot in raid thanks to being able to apply Greater Speed Down and the occasional Accuracy Down. Big thing of note is that her S3 tech enhancement makes it become uncounterable.

New skin – Diancht – Race Line. 3 “Survive of Perish”

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