Maintenance Time – 7/9 (Tue) 23:50 – 7/10 (Wed) 06:00 (UTC+0)

Maintenance Details

  • New Hunter “SSR Yoo Soohyun” & Exclusive Weapon “SSR Overdrive” Added
  • New Weapon for Sung Jinwoo “SSR Phoenix Soul” Added
  • New Costumes Added
  • Battlefield of Trials Challenge Added
  • SR Hunter Exclusive Weapon Added
  • Hunter Archive New Stories & Secret Library Added
  • Hunter & Rune Skill Balance Adjustments
  • New Events Added
  • New Packages Added
  • System Improvements & Bug Fixes

Ending Content

  • We would like to inform you about the content scheduled to end around the maintenance.
  • For limited-time event items such as the Event Hunter Exclusive Weapon Designs, the [Time Left] will be displayed in the in-game inventory and will be converted to a certain amount of Gold after the remaining time elapses.
CategoryDetailsEnd Date (UTC+0)
EventAquamarine Ripples Meilin Fisher Rate Up Draw7/10 (Wed) 00:00
Meilin Fisher Rate Up Celebration! Special Dice Event
A Cute Cat Summoner Has Appeared! Meilin Fisher’s Growth Tournament
6/19 (Wed) Points Event
Proof of Illusion Lee Bora Rate Up Draw Event
Pit-a-Pat Treasure Hunt Event
May’s Salvage Project! Artifact Salvage Event
PackageMeilin Fisher Exclusive Weapon Pack
Lee Bora Exclusive Weapon Pack
Rate Up Draw Dual PackⅠ/ Ⅱ/ Ⅲ
Hunter Pass
50th Day Shop
Total Purchases[Total Purchases] count in the [Bonus] tab of the Shop
ItemMana Power Imbued Fragment
[Dice] Event Ticket
[Treasure Hunt] Event Ticket
  • The [Treasure Hunt] Event Tickets are included in one of the Game of the Month Award Celebration! Check-In Event rewards. Please claim and use the item before the maintenance starts.

[Game of the Month Award Celebration! Check-In Event]

Bonus Tab Reset

  • The [Total Purchases] count in the [Bonus] tab of the Shop will reset on 7/10 (Wed) 00:00 (UTC+0).
    • We recommend you claim all available bonus items before the maintenance begins.
    • For hunters who have not claimed their [Total Purchases] bonus items by the time maintenance starts, these unclaimed bonus items will be sent via mail after the update.

Revamped Packages

  • We are updating the content and prices of the packages listed below.
    • Hunters who purchased these packages and are progressing through missions before the 7/10 (Wed) update will receive all rewards for incomplete missions based on the “Pre-Revamp” criteria.
    • The revamped packages will be displayed separately in the shop, and we kindly ask you to check the detailed information in the game.
Revamped Packages
Story Clear Pack ⅡHard Mode Story Clear Pack ⅠReverse Story Clear Pack Ⅰ
Story Clear Pack ⅢHard Mode Story Clear Pack ⅡReverse Story Clear Pack Ⅱ
Story Clear Pack ⅣHard Mode Story Clear Pack Ⅲ
Hard Mode Story Clear Pack Ⅳ

Maintenance Compensation

  • Rewards will be distributed via mail upon logging into the game after the maintenance.
Reward Claim Period (UTC+0)Reward Details
After the maintenance on 7/10 (Wed) – 7/11 (Thu) 14:59Essence Stones x 500
Gate Keys x 2
Weapon Enhancement Gear II x 15
Hunter Archive Keys x 5

Maintenance rewards will be distributed via mail.

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