New Awakened Character – Six Wings Swan Claire

  • Type: Counter
  • Role: Supporter
  • Deployment cost: 5
  • Attack type: All-type attack
  • Movement type: Ground

Basic Attack – 2 Valid Hit

  • Deals AoE damage with energy conjured from the mirror.

Passive: Method Acting – 4 Valid Hits

  • Her complete memories of Six Wing members allow her to imitate their combat skills. When afflicted with Skill Seal, she launches an Enhanced Attack to the ground target in front. The Enhanced Attack dispels barriers to deal AoE damage, and inflicts hitstun that can also affect units Immune to Special or Lower hitstun. Immune to Crowd Control and Hitstun from Special or Lower Skills while casting Enhanced Attacks. Enhanced Attacks reduce Ultimate CD by 20s.
    • Lv5: Enhanced Attacks inflict DMG Taken +15% Debuff. (Up to 6 stacks, uncancellable)

Special Skill: Waltz of Tangled Threads – 3 Valid Hits – 21s CD

  • Attacks with a conjured Yo-yo to deal AoE damage in front. The first attack reduces target’s DEF by 30% (Up to 3 stacks). At maximum stacks, the debuff becomes uncancellable, lasting 12s before wearing off.
    • Lv5: Adds DMG Taken +10% to the debuff. (Uncancellable, lasts 12s upon reaching max stacks)

Ultimate: Nostalgia Panorama – 3 Valid Hits – 50s CD

  • When Ultimate cooldown is recharged, Swan Claire and nearby allies become immune to Skill Seal. Upon casting ultimate, Deploy the mirror to embody the watch of forgotten memories. Inflicts all enemies with DMG Taken +25% for 16s, then deals AoE damage with knock down. After using Ultimate, the first Basic Attack on ground targets becomes an Enhanced Attack.
    • Lv5: DMG Taken debuff value is doubled
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