Greetings Hunters,

This is the Solo Leveling:ARISE team.

Many of the updates announced in the previous Developer Note will finally be introduced next week.

Let’s preview the key points our hunters should prepare for in advance.

A Different Fusion System

Our team has been continuously working on reducing the difficulty of in-game content.

However, beyond simply lowering difficulty, we have also considered ways to provide enjoyable action control while ensuring easy gameplay.

In our game, in addition to Weapons and Artifacts, which are referred to as equipment, various elements such as Runes, Blessing Stones, and Gems contribute to the fun of growth and action.

However, we felt that it was challenging to derive enjoyment from acquiring and using high-grade Runes and Blessing stones through Fusion.

Through this update, we aim to increase the success rates of Fusion. The exact numbers will be provided in an update notice.

How about saving your Runes, Blessing Stones, and Gems of each rank in anticipation of the upcoming improved Fusion system?

Following the update, we will provide chests where you can select Heroic Blessing Stones and Runes, allowing you to experience the joy of combinations or choices.

Hunter Archive Upgraded with Secret Library

We’ve heard your concerns about the accumulating Hunter Archive Keys after completing all the Archives. Simply stopping the accumulation of keys once all Archives are completed didn’t seem to be the best solution. Additionally, we wanted to address the issue of waiting several days to view a single Hunter’s story.

Now, in Hunter Archive, you can enjoy any Hunter’s entire story with just one key.

The remaining keys provided daily can be used to play a specific Hunter’s “Secret Library,” where you can obtain various rewards, including Hunter costumes.

Park Heejin Hunter Costume

Immerse yourself in the stories of the Hunters you encounter in Solo Leveling:ARISE, and discover costumes with new colors and abundant rewards in the Secret Library.

Hunters Association Welcomes More Than Just Sung Jinwoo

Many of you have requested the feature to control your favorite Hunter in the Association’s lobby.

In response to this feedback, we have prepared a system that allows you to control your favorite Hunter and interact with the characters in the lobby.

More Improvements

Even good things can become monotonous. You can now skip the Power of Destruction opening and meet Ennio faster.

The Max Multiplier for Encore Missions and Instance Dungeon will be doubled. For hunters without the Daily Growth Support benefits, it will increase up to four times, improving gameplay for a more enjoyable and convenient experience.

Good to Know in Advance

We know that many hunters like to prepare for new events in advance. Therefore, here’s a brief overview of the Points Event starting with the 7/10 (Wed) update.

A growth event for the new Hunter Yoo Soohyun and a “Weapon Growth Event” are scheduled.

Hunters aiming for event rewards and rank rewards should take note and manage their weapon growth speed accordingly.

The Guaranteed SSR feature for Special Summons will be implemented starting on 7/16 (Tue). If 2 SSRs do not appear within a certain number of Special Summons, the rate of 2 SSRs appearing will increase, and by the 10th summon, 2 SSRs will be guaranteed to appear on the Special Summons. We hope this makes your choices more enjoyable.

Please mark 7/16 (Tue) on your calendar and plan your use and purchase of Special Summons Tickets accordingly.

Update Celebration Surprise Gift

Redeem CodeRedeem Code Reward
0705DEVNOTEGIFTEssence Stones x 500
[Treasure Hunt] Event Ticket x 5
0705NA 30% Webshop Discount Coupon

* This redeem code can be used until 7/8 (Mon) 03:00 (UTC+0) and will not be usable after the expiration date.

* The rewards will be sent immediately upon use.

* This redeem code can only be used once per account.

* This redeem code is non-transferable and may restrict service usage in monetary transactions.

* Please note that it is difficult to provide assistance for rewards that have expired due to mailbox expiration.

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