Massive Thanks and Credits to vim1inc from Prydwen Discord for this.

Note: A patch was released yesterday with made clears much easier. Nevertheless, this should be helpful for those struggling to get their first clear, especially newer players.

Boss Mechanics

  • Main – Keep your Eyes on Me (used when mana bar is full)
    • Eileen attacks the target with current highest attack, dealing large %HP damage and decreases damage dealt.
      • Note – you want to keep her from spamming this skill as much as possible.
  • Passive: Dreamy Honeymoon
    • Eileen is immune to Mana Decrease effects and recovers mana per second for every enemy with 8 or more active buffs
      • Note– don’t bother with mana shred like Honglan or Aira, keep buffers to a bare minimum.
  • S1 – All the Wedding Gifts are Mine
    • Attacks the closest enemy, dealing damage and stealing 50% mana if the target is a DEX or INT type
      • Note – you want a good number of STR units to tank Eileen and minimise the amount of mana she can steal.
  • S2 – Bouquet from Me
    • Attacks the target with the highest Atack dealing damage and decreasing their mana recovery. If this debuff is not cancelled within 6 seconds, inflicts Atack reduction for 12 seconds.
      • Note – ideally you want multiple cleanses, ideally not tied to a main skill. (Jiho, Joanne, Erika). Having multiple DPS that can keep up the offense will help a lot.
  • S3 – I’m the Star here
    • Teleports to the furthest enemy, dealing damage. Deals extra damage if enemy has 5000 mana or more.
      • Note – usually not a concern unless your healers are squishy. Try to gear tanky if concerned.

Fundamental Tips

  • Less buffers, more debuffers.
  • Comp will likely have 2 healers, 2 DPS, and Petra. Ideally as much debuff as possible.
  • Max token rewards are at level 300 (470 tokens per clear). If you cannot clear at 400, don’t hesitate to go for a lower level to have an easier time. Boss skills scale

Soul Options for the Raid


  • Aki –  Easily tanks Eileen’s main skill while bringing solid sustained damage to the table. Just make sure you don’t overbuff her.
  • Bryce/ Melfice – solid sustained DPS, applies debuffs, Bryce is also a STR DPS that cannot be mana drained.
  • Awakened Catherine – STR DPS, easily baits most of Eileen’s kit, solid sustained DPS. You can use her main to cheese Eileen’s main with good timing.
  • Violette – Very viable if you can keep her alive. Also coincidentally an event unit.
  • Miriam – if well invested, strong debuffer + Single Target DPS.


  • Joanna – passively heals without main, cleanses, debuffs galore.
  • Garnet – lifesteal aura, debuffs galore. Coincidentally an event unit.
  • Jiho – strong targeted heals, fast cleanse. Consider swapping out her artifact to minimise buff count.


  • Petra – Tanky, strong self-heal, can be easily attack-tuned to bait most of Eileen’s attacks, including her main. Her subskill Soul Extortion keeps squishier units alive. Probably the best tank for this fight.
  • Daphne – possible substitute, keeps squishier units alive while shredding Eileen’s defense. Watch out for her Bind skill as it adds to the buff count and triggers Eileen’s passive.

Team Compositions

Note – All clears are for Level 400 raid done at Level 300 sync to account for Overinvestment. As such level 300 clear would be much easier with them.

Violette Nuclear Build

Aki and Petra as dual tanks, Petra equipped with 4 piece 1st Anni set (Attack). Can Auto, best manualed for more dps (make sure all debuffs are on Eileen before Violette nukes.) Ensure Petra or Aki is highest attack, preferably Petra to counter Eileen’s S1.

Mixed Build Team

Aki and Petra as dual tanks, Garnet for Lifesteal and Debuffs, Jiho for heals.Miriam can be substituted with other debuffers like Nicole or Mephi but expect lower damage output. Can run on auto-play.

Twins Shredder Team

Similar to previous comps but with Bryne and Melfice replacing Aki and Miriam, Depending on how invested the Twins are, this comp clears very fast. Can run on auto-play.

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