AFK Journey – Patch Notes 1.1.16

In order to improve your game experience, the server will undergo maintenance on 3 July 2024 09:00 (GMT+2) to 3 July 2024 10:00 (GMT+2) to update to v1.1.16. You will not be able to log in during this time. For the safety of your account data, please exit the game before the maintenance begins. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

Major Updates

  1. Added S-Level Celestial Hero: Talene – Resurging Flame.
  2. Adding a new Growth Trial: Clear AFK Stage 1125 in Starter Story. The reward is a Glorious Select Hero Chest, and you can choose one of the following heroes: Talene, Phraesto, Reinier, Dionel, Scarlita, and Berial.
    • Note: Players who have already achieved this objective before the version update are also eligible for this reward.
  3. Adding new sources for Stellar Crystals:
    • Four more Stellar Crystals can be purchased with Diamonds in the Guild Store every month.
    • Players who aren’t Champions can now purchase up to 10 Stellar Crystals in the Arena Store. The higher their Arena Tier (from Epic I to Legendary II), the more Stellar Crystals they can purchase. For Champions, their weekly Stellar Crystal purchase limit will be reduced from 5 to 3. Following these changes, the total Stellar Crystals that can be purchased every 4 weeks have increased from 0 to a max of 10 for non-Champions and from a max of 20 to 22 for Champions.
  4. Adding Guild Supremacy, a new mode where you will work together with your fellow Guild members to defeat the Boss of various difficulties for rewards.
  5. Adding Spider Wasteland, a new Battle Drills map available in future rounds.
  6. Adding 21st to 25th floors in Dura’s Trials. Magic Charm Wish Lists will be available upon clearing the 22nd and 25th floors.
  7. To further improve the gaming experience for new players, we will introduce the following optimizations to AFK Stage and Trial of Abyss in the Starter Story:
    • Beyond AFK Stage 700, the three battle options will be replaced by the Single-Team/Multi-Team options, aligned with Song of Strife.
    • When a player reaches AFK Stage 1125, all players on that server will be eligible to challenge Infinite Quest. Infinite Quest lasts until the new season begins, during which you can clear Infinite Stages for clearance and ranking rewards.
      • Note: Infinite Quest is only available on new servers launched after the version update. We will provide compensation to servers which Infinite Quest is not available within 3 days after the version update.
    • Adding the Auto Progress feature in AFK Stage. By enabling Auto Progress, the battles will run in the background (not the app’s background), allowing you to explore the World Map and participate in other battles.
    • Reducing the number of floors in Trial of Abyss from 450 to 150 without changing the total rewards that can be earned.
      • Note: We will provide you with compensation based on your Trial of Abyss progress within 3 days following the version update.
  8. Adding a new Story Quest: The Uninvited Guest.
  9. Adding the Bounty Hunter Reputation Quest.

Experience Optimizations

  1. Adding the Share Formation feature in Dream Realm. You can share your formation used to challenge the Boss with other players on your server.
  2. Optimizing the calculation method of Power in Trial of Abyss. Stat bonuses of different levels will be factored in to ensure Power can better reflect a player’s strength.
  3. Optimizing the calculation method of Power in Dura’s Trials. The bonuses from deploying buffed heroes and Magic Charms will be factored in to ensure Power can better reflect a player’s strength.
  4. Swapping the Healing and Vitality stats of Magic Charms so that the enhanced stats better suit the heroes equipping them.
  5. Adding a new way to use Branco Essence. On the Magic Charms Details interface, you can use Branco Essence to activate any Mythic Magic Charm of a hero.
  6. Adding the Magic Charms Overview interface and optimizing some interfaces of Dura’s Trials and Magic Charms.
  7. Removing the cooldown for replacing Mythic Magic Charms.
  8. Increasing the speed multiplier for certain modes after speeding up battle, including but not limited to Supreme Arena, Battle Drills, Arcane Labyrinth, and Endless Mode of Dream Realm.
  9. Adding a Synergy shortcut that includes Synergy Battle, Proxy Battle, and Corrupt Creature to player profiles. Other players can quickly team up with you by tapping the shortcut on your player profile.
  10. Adding the “Auto Change” option in Squad settings.
  11. Adding a feature to claim missed Primal Lord Rewards.
  12. Optimizing the layout of Guild Display Wall.
  13. Enhancing the atmosphere in Guild Lobby.
  14. Optimizing character performance and animations in specific stories.
  15. Significantly increasing the frequency of each event during Astral Fair and fixing certain gameplay issues.
  16. Adding hints in Sorting Stall.
  17. Optimizing the battle difficulty of certain quests to accommodate players of different levels.
  18. Events happening beyond the mini-map can now be shown. You can tap on the event and reach the target location via Auto Route.
  19. Plain Chests and Glamour Chests will open automatically when you go near them.
  20. Formation used in the previous Proxy Battle challenge will be saved.
  21. Enhancing the gaming experience when the “Balanced” power mode with 60 frame rate is enabled.
  22. Increasing the resource verification speed during version update of Emporium.
  23. You will receive an exclusive frame “Wild Explorers” when you log in on the PC version after version update.

Combat Mechanics

Igor – The Mad Dagger

Fixing an issue where the “Spectre Guard” skill sometimes did not trigger correctly.

Phraesto – Abyssal Illusionist

The damage dealt by Phraesto’s Illusion will also be included in his total damage dealt shown in the battle statistics. The actual effect of his Illusion in battle remains the same.

Reinier – Symmetric Sin

  • Fixing an issue where “Dynamic Balance” could sometimes fail to grant buffs on the heroes as its swap effect does not take place after it is interrupted.
  • Fixing an issue where the swap effect of “Dynamic Balance” could sometimes fail to take place when one of the heroes is Scarlita.

Ulmus – Grove Keeper

Fixing an issue where the special effects after Ulmus takes root is displayed incorrectly.

Honor Duel Adjustments

  • Adjusting the Artifact XP required to upgrade an Artifact to 1 Star. After the upgrade, the Artifact will be enhanced.
  • Adjusting the Artifact XP required to upgrade an Artifact to 2 Stars. After the upgrade, you will be able to choose one Legendary Equipment (not available in Duel Store).
  • Adding new items in Duel Store: Artifact XP and Random Ascension. Please see in-game descriptions for their uses.
  • Optimizing the battle experience when Artifacts reliant on certain heroes/factions are used in battle. Some Artifacts can boost the chance of obtaining heroes of certain factions.
  • Optimizing the display of hero and equipment quality labels.
  • No duplicate heroes will appear in Duel Store when heroes reach the max level.
  • At the end of a battle, the outcome will be determined by the number of surviving heroes you have on the battlefield. If the number is the same for both parties, it will be a draw.
  • Fixing the occasional damage error of Rhys’ Ultimate.


You can read more about Talene in her own blog.

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  1. Para

    Thank you!! I’m glad you listened to feedback!

  2. André Allão de Azevedo

    Where is this new Growth Trial: Clear AFK Stage 1125…? I´ve played way further into the new campaign(after reached stage 1125, thank you very much), my game is up to date, I´ve patched the 1.1.16 update, I´ve bought a copy of Talene throught the Guild Shop… but so far, I can´t find any glorious select hero chest…

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