ZZZ – Pre-release Livestream Summary

Have you missed our first ZZZ livestream? Have no fear! We have a summary for you.


If you want to watch the livestream, here’s the link to it:


  • 1.0 Limited characters
  • New A-Rank characters on release
  • Other revealed characters
  • Changes to the game / improvements
  • Events and rewards (1.0)
  • Release code
  • Pre-download and release

1.0 Limited characters

Similar to the last CBT, Ellen Joe and Zhu Yuan will be the first two limited characters available to use in the 1.0 patch! With Ellen Joe being available on launch and Zhu Yuan 3 weeks later in the second part of the patch.

And here are the banners themselves:

New A-Rank characters on release

Two other characters – Piper and Lucy – were showcased on the stream with their gameplay, but the subtitles were pretty vague. There are two options for them:

  • They are limited characters coming in the 1.1 patch,
  • They are new A-Rank characters available in the 1.0 patch.

Considering that they were drip-marketed over the last 2 days, we’re leaning more toward the limited option as they weren’t available in either CBT1, CBT2, or CBT3, but we won’t know till the game’s release.

Edit: After checking the original wording it seems that indeed Piper and Lucy will be available on the game’s release and this means they will be A-Rank characters.


Piper is an unknown rarity character of the Physical element and Anomaly class belonging to the Sons of Calydon faction.


Lucy is an unknown rarity character of the Fire element and Support class belonging to the Sons of Calydon faction.

Other characters

The livestream showcased quite a lot of never-seen-before characters and here are all of them:

Section 6

Only Soukaku (first from left) will be available on the game’s release. Miyabi (second from right) makes a return after being unavailable in both CBT2 and CBT3. The other two are brand new and we don’t know their names.

Criminal Investigation Special Response Team

In the case of the Criminal Investigation Special Response Team faction, only Zhu Yuan (first from right) is known to us – the rest are brand-new characters.

Here’s a second image featuring them:

Virtual Idols

This time it’s a brand new faction and we don’t know any of the character names.

Changes to the game / Improvements

  • Chapter 2 interlude and Chapter 3 of the main story will be available on the release,
    • The interlude will introduce both Ellen Joe and Zhu Yuan,
  • The map of the New Eridu where you can find all the shops and where you spend your time between missions was expanded and new features were added to them including Bangboo that are asking for help or chests with rewards (ala Honkai: Star Rail),
    • Apparently, the map is twice as big as during CBT3,
  • The MC’s home now has a second floor where you can sleep,
  • You can now meet with Agents and visit various places across the map with them to increase their Trust,
  • Hollow Zero mode now has its own dedicated map and it’s not just a UI you interact with to play the mode,
  • The Bangboo banner no longer will have featured Bangboos and instead, you will be able to pick any of the available ones as your ‘target summon’ (yes, even the S-rank ones),
  • Furthermore, the Bangboo banner had its 75/25 pity removed and now you will always obtain the Bangboo you select once you reach pity or pull an S-rank,
  • Boopons (summon tickets to be used on the Bangboo banners) will be more accessible from various events and progression, so it will be easier to pull them (you can’t spend money on them).

Events and rewards (1.0)

During the 1.0 patch players can obtain a plethora of rewards by progressing through the game, participating in global launch events, and experiencing numerous time-limited in-game events. Here are all the rewards:

  • 1600 Polychromes (premium currency – equal to 10 pulls),
  • 70 Master Tapes (standard summon tickets),
  • 20 Encrypted Master Tapes (rate-up summon tickets),
  • 80 Boopons (Bangboo tickets).

For a list of all events where you can obtain them, check out this official post.

Release code

For easy copy:

  • ZZZFREE100

Pre-download and release

Zenless Zone Zero will be released on the 4th of July 2024, but two days earlier the pre-download will become available!

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