New Awakened Supporter – Six Wings Swan Claire [KR]

Swan Claire is Debuffer that hinders enemies’ survivability. In additional, she possesses powerful abilities in response to specific Status Effects.

New Counter Pass – Credere [KR]

Credere is a Ranger who gains ATK every time summoned units fall in battle, and can effectively subdue enemies with powerful summons.

New Alternium Reactor [KR]

The target employees for this Alternium Reactor are [Arahan Joo Shiyoon], [Felicette], and [Laika].

New Substream – Alice Emergency

The thrilling new substream [Alice Emergency] unveils the captivating narrative of the Yaksha Division, a division shrouded in secrecy within the CounterSide universe.

Witness the transformation of Alice, once a dedicated firefighter, as she takes on the position of the Yaksha Division’s leader. 

Please look forward to embarking on this enthralling adventure and immersing yourself in the riveting tale of Alice Emergency.

New Substream – Abandon Ship

A new exhilarating adventure in the latest seasonal event [Vacation – Abandoned Ship], set in the bustling port city and barrier town of Front Bay, located south of Ground One.

Front Bay has long been a battleground where pirates who defy the Administration and Administration-hired hunters compete for the lucrative bounties placed on Corrupted Objects living out at sea. Please look forward to the new episode unfolding in uncharted territory. 

New Origin – Change

Expanding the Origin system, we are announcing the addition of the third Origin, [Change]. The Change operates in the same manner as the two existing Origin traits. When opponents in PVE are endowed with Change, employees possessing Change will incur less damage from those opponents while dealing more significant damage. The employees with Change Origin are as follows.

Awakened[Nehemoth] Ray
Awakened[Strombringer] Jake Walker
Awakened[Tenured President] Regina MacCready
Awakened[Minerva] Karin Wong
Awakened[Griffin Rider] Christina Brecht
Awakened[Replacer Syndicate] Replacer Queen
Awakened[Solar Codex] Yuna Springfield
SSRFreelancer Kim Chowon
SSRJohn Mason
SSRJin Bora
SSRCiel Marronier
SSRReplacer Bishop
SSRMi Rinae
SREddie Fisher
SRArius Esquede

Just like the previous Origins, the Change’s damage increase and damage reduction will depend on the rarity of the employee, ranging from 10 to 40%.

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