Patch Notes and Shop Update.

Maintenance Schedule – June 26, 14:00 ~ 16:30 (UTC+9)


  • Summer Season Circuit Link Event
  • Event – Vacation
  • Last Stand – Season 2
  • Danger Close – Yamata no Orochi and changes
  • Balance Adjustment – Jack’O, I-No and May
  • Alternium Reactors – Ace of Wings Lee Sooyeon, Rosaria le Friede and Frederick Doma
  • Gauntlet – Courageous Season
  • Returning Awakened Employees – Strombringer Jake Walker. Tenured President Regina MacCready, Ace of Wings Lee Sooyeon and Type: Fenrir Yoo Mina
  • Returning Employees – Rosaria le Friede, Frederick Doma, Nanahara Chifuyu, Eins & Zwei, Edel Meitner, Shena, Jaina Kropel, Carmen, Lamda Spatari and Ciel Marronier
  • Challenge Stage – Academy Student Council Special Course
  • Substream Event – Gremory’s Bar

Danger Close

  • Difficulty level, [Challenge]’s name is changed to [Hard].
  • A new difficulty level, [Expert] is added.
  • On the [Hard] and [Expert] difficulties, special High-Intensity Plans are added which empower the boss or enhance the boss’ mechanics or the special battle conditions.
  • Two new score reward categories are added, requiring 10,000 and 12,000 points respectively.
  • Two new titles for Danger Close have been added.
    • Trinity Force
    • Origin Seeker
  • New emblems are added.
    • Trinity Force
    • Mark of the One
    • Mark of the Protector
    • Mark of the Resistor
  • Rewards for rankings 30% – 100% have been modified. 
    • 30% – Before: 1 Fusion Core – After: 2 Fusion Cores
    • 50% – 100% – Before: 3 Fusion Core Fragments – After: 1 Fusion Core

Balance Adjustment

Balance adjustment for [Scales of Juno Jack-O’], [May], and [I-NO] has been done.

Alternium Reactors

Ace of Wings Lee Sooyeon

Provisional PVP Rating Change – B –> A

Rosaria le Friede

Provisional PVP Rating Change – B –> A

Frederick Doma

Provisional PVP Rating Change – C –> B

Gauntlet Courageous Season

Changes and Improvements

  • Cooltime for Ship’s skill will now be displayed in the Ship’s skill tooltip.
  • When upgrading gears, now the screen will only show only upgradable gears.
  • Dive Deployment Order Adjustments will be applied. 
    • During auto-combat, the ship will remain unchanged until the current squad ship is defeated.
  • The squad button in Ship Info will be removed.
  • Operators will now have an option,  [Remove From All].
  • Employees who have deployment effects will now have their deployment effects displayed on the battlefield before deployment.
  • A keyword system has been added.
    • Tapping on specific words from either [Skill Training] or [Unit Info] will display what that word means.
  • [Units with the Most Wins] Button Feature will be added in the Ranked Battle.
    • Four employees with the most wins will be displayed per league. 
    • Ranked Battle statistics from 13:00 to 14:00 (UTC-5) will not be included. 


  1. A fix where in the Custom Pick-up screen, the Operator [Side Skill Probabilities] option would not display.
  2. A fix where in the battle statistics, the opponent would be displayed as “BOSS.”
  3. A fix where Background: City (Night) would still display even if the filter condition changes.
  4. A fix where in the [Practice] mode, some employees would stop attacking when redeployed in the practice field. 
  5. A fix where some of the CEO’s lobby placements would disappear on slots 7 & 8.
  6. A fix where some of the employee’s lines were displayed in different languages.
  7. A fix where when Danger Close is off-season, the rankings for Danger Close would not display correctly.
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