This is the Solo Leveling:ARISE team.

Before we share details about upcoming events and updates our team is preparing, we would like to discuss improvements planned for the recently introduced Workshop of Brilliant Light.

Workshop of Brilliant Light Improvements

Thankfully, we are receiving helpful comments from our hunters regarding the Workshop of Brilliant Light after the update. We would like to share our planned improvements on the mostly gathered opinions on “Difficulty” and “Rewards”.

Workshop of Brilliant Light Difficulty

Despite preparing powered-up Artifacts and Hunters, many hunters have mentioned that the content was extremely difficult.

Therefore, we plan to improve the performance of Blessings obtainable from [Burning Overpass] and [Burning Square] and increase the appearance rate of legendary-grade Blessings to be more effective when tackling bosses on higher floors.

Workshop of Brilliant Light Rewards

Unlike the Encore Missions and Instance Dungeon content, our hunters are able to participate daily, the Workshop of Brilliant Light can be participated in twice a week.

We have confirmed feedback regarding the insufficient number of rewards needed to grow Sung Jinwoo and other Hunters compared to the high difficulty of battle balance requirements.

In response, we will significantly adjust the rewards for strategies by increasing Artifact rewards to Easy mode standards and adjusting Normal mode to drop Artifacts up to the highest Legendary grade on all floors.

The Workshop of Brilliant Light is a weekly content renewed every Wednesday.

We will apply the improvements with a detailed notice on the upcoming renewal date, 6/26 (Wed).

50th Day Event Spoiler

It has been almost 50 days since our global launch on May 8th. 🎉

Looking back on the past 50 days, it may have been a short time, but it has been filled with both joy and disappointments alongside our hunters.

We are excited to unveil a sneak peek of the Seo Jiwoo costume, which recently topped our popularity polls in a survey. You can obtain the Seo Jiwoo costume through a check-in event, please stay tuned for various other events we have prepared for the upcoming 50-day event.

Hunter Archive Revamp

Hunter Archive is a feature where you can enjoy the original stories of Hunters using keys.

However, the keys are no longer useful once you have played through all the stories.

That’s why we would like to revamp Hunter Archive.

We are preparing to expand the stories to provide additional content about the Hunters.

For hunters with an original webtoon, “Hunter: Origin,” this will be indicated in the Hunter Archive.

We will also add special stages where you can farm resources.

More detailed information will be provided in future update notices.

Introduction of Mileage System for Battlefield of Chaos

Our game features several daily content activities, such as Encore Missions, Instance Dungeon, and Power of Destruction.

Recently, we’ve added a new daily farming content: Battlefield of Chaos.

Since its update, we’ve received numerous suggestions for improvement.

In response, we implemented the Multiplay system in a previous update as an initial improvement.

However, we have noticed that Battlefield of Chaos still needs appeal compared to other daily content.

To address this, we plan to introduce a system where additional rewards can be obtained based on the number of plays through the first update of July.

We sincerely thank all the hunters who provided improvement suggestions during this time.

Battlefield of Trials Challenge Mode

One of the main drawbacks of the Challenge Mode in Battlefield of Trials and other content is the difficulty or level barriers that can make progression challenging.

We are developing seasonal content to provide a sense of accomplishment with rewards for each stage. Please look forward to this upcoming feature.

Grand Summer Festival

In a previous developer note, we mentioned the “Grand Summer Festival.”

We would like to disclose more information about the content and events that you can enjoy exclusively during the “Grand Summer Festival.’”


The sweltering heat and scorching sun have driven the Hunters’ 2nd Raid Team to take their first vacation at the beach. What delightful experiences await them on their summer vacation?

Meanwhile, Alicia and Emma, escaping the heat on a French beach, stumble upon a mysterious glass bottle. What could be inside? Stay tuned to find out their story.

The “Grand Summer Festival” will feature an event story along with various content, promising to bring refreshing joy to all hunters. Please look forward to it!

Next, we have updates on new Shadows.

New Shadow: Cerbie

In the June update, we introduced the shadow Tusk.

This character was extracted as a shadow from “Almighty Shaman, Kargalgan,” who clashed with Sung Jinwoo in Chapter 18 and was named Tusk.

Tusk is a shadow that increases the entire team’s [Core Attack] skill damage.

Cerbie, scheduled to be updated, is a new shadow that did not appear in the original work.

It is similar to Baruka, whom we can meet in the game, but Sung Jinwoo failed to extract in the original story.

Like other Shadows, Cerbie will progressively upgrade its appearance as it grows.

For those who have enjoyed performing dazzling combo plays with original Hunters not seen in the original work, we hope you will also enjoy summoning original shadows and leading the battlefield as the Monarch of Shadows.

Although still in the development stage, we plan to introduce Kaisellin (Kaisel), ridden by “the Monarch of White Flames, Baran,” as a shadow in a future update.

Upcoming Special Summons Improvements

We are planning to improve the results of Special Summons.

We have received feedback that the monthly opportunities provided by Special Summons can sometimes result in unfavorable experiences for hunters.

We empathize with your concerns, and we will add newly joined Hunters from Gate Raid and Sung Jinwoo’s Weapons since the global launch to the Special Summons list. Furthermore, we aim to improve the system so that hunters can secure two or more SSR rewards based on the Special Summon results.

We will strive to present it to hunters through the first update in July.

Second Half of 2024 Roadmap

Our team has been diligently working to bring you exciting content following the Guild content and Grand Summer Festival in our July update.

As the Grand Summer Festival comes to an end, you can look forward to the “Global Launch 100th Day Update” and the “ARISE Festival.”

In the September update, prepare for the arrival of “Baran, the Demon King”.

Additionally, we are preparing the debut of Original Hunters, which many of you have been eagerly anticipating.

How would you feel about the appearance of Japan’s S-rank Hunter Goto Ryuji, who joined the Jeju Island Raid, or South Korea’s Hunter Association Leader, Go Gunhee?

Other Hunters who topped the popularity polls in the survey are also under development.

Furthermore, we are planning seasonal events throughout the year to ensure you have a thrilling action-packed experience. In December, we are particularly excited about the update featuring Jeju Island and the appearance of Shadow Beru.

Second Half of 2024 Roadmap

Although it has been only a few days after presenting the June update to our hunters, our team will continuously strive to provide an enjoyable experience that exceeds the original story.

We will address details on the Guild content that we are currently developing in the next Developer Note.

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