World Raid – Lighthouse Keeper

New content, [World Raid – Lighthouse Keeper] will be available for 1 week.

  • Schedule: June 20, 2024 (Thu) after the maintenance ~ June 27 (Thu) 08:59 UTC+9

World Raid is available after clearing Battlefront 9-15.

  • There is no entrance limit for World Raid during the event period.

How to Play

  • The boss’s HP will decrease based on the total damage dealt by players. The boss’s HP is shared among all players on the server.
  • When you update your previous record, the new damage amount will be reflected in the boss’s HP.

World Boss (Lighthouse Keeper)

  • Boss levels range from 1 to 5, with the next level boss appearing upon defeating the current one.
    • The difficulty does not vary between boss levels; only the boss’s HP and rewards increase.
  • For World Boss, the Soul type buff is not applied.

Lighthouse Keeper: Skill Info

Normal AttackBombardmentLaunches a laser to the sky and bombards to the land where allies stand which deals damage based on 950% of ATK evenly.
Sub 1VolleySprays laser to the enemies which deals damage based on 1500% of ATK evenly, and each hit decreases the Mag Resistance by 20% to the enemies who don’t have a barrier or less than 70% of HP. (Can be stacked and dispelled)
Sub 2AnnihilationThrows a beam which deals damage based on 375% of ATK, and deals burning damage every 2 seconds based on 80% of ATK.
If there are less than 2 Souls nearby, the damage is increased to 950%, and burning damage is increased to 200% and can’t be dispelled.
Sub 3IntimidationFreezes a random enemy and makes a prison which has HP based on 1000% of its ATK.
The prison exists for 10 seconds, and freezes all enemies if it is not destroyed within 10 seconds.
UltimateTerminationGrants itself a barrier based on 3000% of ATK, and shoots enemies, deals 3000% damage evenly. The party becomes incapacitated if the barrier is not broken in 10 seconds.
If the barrier is broken, Lighthouse Keeper becomes defenseless for 8 seconds, and its received damage increases by 30%.
The effect is amplified by “Rage” stacks.
  • A: You can check the details of the boss (Lighthouse Keeper).
  • B: You can check the total ranking.
  • C. You can check the reward info.
  • D: You can check the maximum damage dealt and overall ranking.

How to Fight

  • World Raid is played by deploying 5 Leader Souls + 10 Partner Souls in the battle.
    • In this raid, you deploy five Souls to the battlefield, referred to as [Leader Soul], and each [Leader Soul] can be assigned up to two [Partner Souls].
    • You can participate the battle without any Partner Soul, however, Leader Souls must be deployed.
  • 5 Leader Souls can use Ultimate Skill for only 1 time per each Soul.

What is the Partner Soul?

  • Partner Souls are divided into [Main Partner] and [Sub Partner].
    • When deploying the Partner Souls, the first deployed Soul becomes [Main Partner], and the second deployed Soul becomes [Sub Partner].
  • A: You can check / deploy the Main Partner Soul.
  • B: You can check / deploy the Sub Partner Soul.
  • C: You can check the skill and details of the Leader Soul, Partner Soul.
  • The Soul deployed as a Main Partner can use [Partner Skills].
    • Partner Skills are divided into Active and Passive.
    • Active: Active when the Leader Soul uses a main skill
    • Passive: Passive effect
  • Sub Partner Souls empowers Leader Soul’s stat according to the role of the deployed Soul.
    • Stat boost effect is increased according to the tier of the Sub Partner Soul.
RoleAdditonal StatStat IncreaseMax Stat Increase (Origin-based)
SingleATK 5%, Crit Rate 2.5%ATK 2.5%, Crit Rate 1.25% for each tierATK 20%, Crit Rate 10%
AoEATK 9%ATK 3.5% for each tierATK 30%
AssassinationCrit Rate 2.5%, Crit DMG 10%Crit Rate 1.25%, Crit DMG 5% for each tierCrit Rate 10%, Crit DMG 40%
BuffCrit Rate 8%Crit Rate 2% for each tierCrit Rate 20%
DebuffCrit DMG 14%Crit DMG 6% for each tierCrit DMG 50%
DoTATK 3%, Crit Rate 2.5%, Crit DMG 7%ATK 1.5%, Crit Rate 1.25%, Crit DMG 3% for each tierATK 12%, Crit Rate 10%, 
Crit DMG 25%
CCATK 3%, HP 3%, Phys/Mag Resistance 4%ATK 1.5%, HP 2%, Phys/Mag Resistance 1% for each tierATK 12%, HP 15%, Phys/Mag Resistance 10%
HealHP 15%HP 5% for each tierHP 45%
ProtectDEF 15%, Phys/Mag Resistance 4%DEF 7.5%, Phys/Mag Resistance 1.5% for each tierDEF 60%, Phys/Mag Resistance 15%

Skill Presentation Update

  • With the addition of this Partner skill, the presentation of the main skill has been redesigned when the main skill display is turned OFF.
    • If no Partner is set, only the illustration of the Soul using the main skill will be shown on the screen.
    • For active type Partner skills, the illustration of the Partner soul will be displayed alongside the Leader Soul when the main skill is used.
    • For passive type Partner skills, it will be displayed as follows upon entering battle.

World Raid – Reward

  • Total Rewards
    • Rewards will be distributed to all Saviors who participated in the World Raid based on the level of the bosses defeated collectively through player cooperation.
    • Rewards of previous level are distributed also. ex) Defeating level 2 boss: Raid Coin x 20,500 + Advanced Keepsake Enhance Stone x 4)
Boss LevelRaid CoinAdvanced Keepsake Enhance Stone

Rank Rewards

  • After the event ends, rank rewards will be distributed based on the damage dealt to the boss.

Tower of Origin – Mica will be implemented.

  • Schedule: June 20, 2024 (Thu) after the maintenance
  • Tower of Origin is a permanently-available content, and the addition of this update is Lyre of Orpheus (Mica).
  • Tower of Origin is available after clearing Battlefront 8-35.

Love Story

  • A captain of the ‘Torch Pirates’, and an alcoholic Soul! Cherrie’s love story will be implemented.
    • Schedule: June 20, 2024 (Thu) after the maintenance

Battlefront Challenger Mode

  • Challenger Mode 15th Area – Shadowless Lands will be implemented.
    • Schedule: June 20, 2024 (Thu) after the maintenance

Fixes & Improvements

  • Town
    • Hunting Ground will be implemented out of the Town. You can go to the Hunting Ground by teleport or moving out of the Castle in the Commercial District.
    • Logs and Monsters will no longer spawn in the private lands. Now they will spawn in the Hunting Ground.
    • Day / night daily town quest will be integrated.
  • Guild
    • Guild Introduction feature will be implemented. The introduction will be displayed in the Guild List screen. (Inappropriate introduction can be deleted without any notice.)
    • Guild Name Change feature will be implemented. Name change consumes 300 Everstones, and the name can’t be changed again for 14 days after the change.
      • Only Guild Master can change the guild name.
  • Misc
    • Icons for some box-type items will be changed.
  • Bug Fixes
    • Fixed an issue in Keepsake equipment screen where the filter button wasn’t displayed.
    • Fixed an issue of Catherine (R)’s barrier effect which was applied on all allies when she repetitively uses ultimate and main skill.
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