We are pleased to finally introduce the [World Raid – The Lighthouse Keeper] as mentioned in our previous roadmap announcement.


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  • The World Raid [The Lighthouse Keeper] will take place for one week from June 20th to June 27th.

How to Participate

  • Players can participate in the World Raid an unlimited number of times during the event period.
  • The boss’s HP will decrease based on the total damage dealt by players. The boss’s HP is shared among all players on the server.
  • When you update your previous record, the new damage amount will be reflected in the boss’s HP.

Boss Levels

  • Boss levels range from 1 to 5, with the next level boss appearing upon defeating the current one.
  • The difficulty does not vary between boss levels; only the boss’s HP and rewards increase.

Formation and Partner System

  • In this raid, you deploy five Souls to the battlefield, referred to as [Leader Soul].
  • Each [Leader Soul] can be assigned up to two [Partner Souls].
    • (It is possible to participate in the raid without assigning [Partner Souls], but all five [Leader Souls] must be deployed.)
      • ※ Ultimate Skills can be applied once per [Leader Soul] in the raid. (This follows the same rules as Evil Soul Subjugation)

Main Partner

  • All Souls have unique [Partner Skills], and the [Partner Skill] of the Soul set as the [Main Partner] will be activated.
  • [Partner Skills] come in two types: Active and Passive. Active skills are triggered when the [Leader Soul] uses their main skill, while Passive skills are always in effect.
  • ※ These effects may be adjusted upon actual implementation.
  • Initially, we planned for the main skill of the Partner Soul to be triggered simultaneously. However, this design posed an issue where the utility of some Souls would be reduced. Therefore, we opted to incorporate additional Partner skills to address this issue.

Sub Partner

  • The [Role] of Souls assigned as Sub-Partners determines the stat boost effects applied to the Leader Soul.
  • (The rightmost icon in Soul information represents the Soul’s [Role].)
  • The stat increase values depend on the grade of the Sub Partner Soul.

※ These effects may be adjusted upon actual implementation.

Skill Presentation Update

  • With the addition of this Partner skill, the presentation of the main skill has been redesigned when the main skill display is turned OFF.
  • If no Partner is set, only the illustration of the Soul using the main skill will be shown on the screen.
  • For active type Partner skills, the illustration of the Partner soul will be displayed alongside the Leader Soul when the main skill is used.
  • For passive type Partner skills, it will be displayed as follows upon entering battle.

Total Rewards

  • After the event concludes, rewards will be distributed to all players who participated in the World Raid based on the level of the bosses defeated collectively through player cooperation.
Boss LevelRaid CoinAdvanced Keepsake Enhance Stone
Defeating Level 1x10000x1
Defeating Level 2x10500x3
Defeating Level 3x11000x5
Defeating Level 4x11500x10
Defeating Level 5x12000x15
  • Rewards for defeating bosses from previous levels will also be accumulated. (Ex. Defeating up to Level 2 grants Raid Coins totaling 20,500 and 4 Advanced Keepsake Enhance Stones)
    • ※ Rewards for defeating bosses can be obtained after the settlement period (24 hours).

Rank Rewards

  • After the event ends, rank rewards will be distributed based on the damage dealt to the boss.
RankRaid CoinSticker
1st32500Sticker: Lighthouse Keeper (1st) (10 points)
 Sticker: Lighthouse Keeper 
(1 point)
2nd32500Sticker Lighthouse Keeper (2nd) (9 points)
3rd32500Sticker: Lighthouse Keeper (3rd) (8 points)
4~10th32000Sticker: Lighthouse Keeper (Higher ranks)
(5 points)
  • Rank rewards can be obtained after the settlement period (24 hours).
  • With the introduction of World Raids, we can now continuously proceed without alternating between Evil Soul Subjugation, Guild Raids, and World Raids.

Additionally, we are preparing for a special live broadcast on July 1st, featuring the [1.5 Year Anniversary Celebration + Q3 Roadmap] announcement.

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