Greetings Hunters,

This is the Solo Leveling:ARISE team.

Our team introduced the first update since our global launch last month, and we are now gearing up for an even more significant mission: the major update in June.

In this developer note, we would like to talk about the improvements we have been considering, the confirmed updates, and the feedback hunters have shared with us through the community.

Battle Experience

Recently, as various tests and strategies regarding hunters and weapons have been conducted, discrepancies have occurred between what is stated in the in-game tooltips and what is actually applied in the game.

We sincerely apologize for the confusion.

Contrary to our intention, we have also received feedback in various communities regarding interruptions in battle experience. We will inform you of the resolution of the issue.

Min Byung-Gu

  • The power gauge recovery value in Min Byung-Gu’s Divine Punishment skill description will be changed from 5% to 50%, and will be reflected as 50% recovery for the entire team rather than individual recovery.
    • (The description will be modified to match the current 50% application.)
  • Min Byung-Gu’s Advancement Tier 1 description will be changed from “Light Attribute” to “the entire team.”
    • (It is currently being applied to the entire team, and the description will be modified accordingly.)

Seo Jiwoo

  • Seo Jiwoo’s Advancement Tier 5 effect, Critical Hit Rate, was being applied at 32%. However, there was an issue where the combined total was not fully reflected when it was added to other Critical Hit Rate effects, which will be fixed.
    • (Please note that the final applied value may change due to monster level-based Critical Hit resistance.)
  • We have checked the opinions of many hunters after posting the Developer Note. After thorough internal discussion, we have decided to buff the Seo Jiwoo’s Advancement Tier 4 effect, increases the user’s Max HP by an amount equal to 15% of Critical Hit damage, by not only applying Artifact Set Effects, team buffs, and exclusive weapon effect, but also the Artifact option effects and Gems to the critical hit damage. 

Sung Jinwoo’s Exclusive Weapon & Skill Rune

  • An issue where Knight Killer’s Telekinesis skill is not correctly applying up to 10 stacks as intended will be fixed to ensure that it properly stacks up to 10.
  • An issue where the Demonic Plum Flower Sword’s Amplifying Draw fails to trigger the final hit in certain situations after activation will be fixed.
  • An issue where the Amplifying Draw does not refresh when the Full Bloom skill is activated after a specific awakening of the Demonic Plum Flower Sword will be fixed.
  • An issue where Sung Jinwoo’s damage abnormally increases when using the Death’s Dance: Wildfire Skill Rune will be fixed to ensure that the damage increase applies normally when attacking with the weakness attribute of the Rune Skill.

Dungeon Issues

  • An intermittent issue in Chapter 17 where the HP of High Orcs does not decrease below a certain level as intended will be fixed.
  • An issue where Arachne repeats certain actions in specific situations will be fixed.
  • Certain dungeon monsters have a Freeze resistance effect, where they become immune to Freeze for a certain period. The resistance effect is applied differently depending on the boss monster’s attributes. For example, bosses like Power of Destruction Ennio may be immune to effects like Bleed. We have identified that there is insufficient explanation regarding this mechanic, so we plan to enhance the descriptions of status effect resistance and immunity in the dungeon entrance screen to provide clearer information.

Min Byung-Gu, Seo Jiwoo, and Sung Jinwoo Skill Rune related adjustments mentioned above will be implemented as soon as possible and will be announced through a separate notice.

Any other inconveniences or bugs you may be experiencing will be addressed and resolved in the next update.

We would like to express our gratitude to all the hunters who have contributed to improving the quality of Solo Leveling:ARISE.

As a token of our appreciation, we have prepared a special gift for you. Please refer to the notice below for more information.

👉[<Solo Leveling:ARISE> Developer’s Gift Notice]

Hunter Origin

Our team aimed to expand the Solo Leveling universe by incorporating original hunters into the game.

To achieve this, their stories needed to be seamlessly integrated into the game.

There are still numerous untold stories within the game, particularly those surrounding the mysterious original hunters. Among them, we are eager to uncover the secrets of Alicia Blanche, the Guild Master of Justitia.

Alicia Blanche, who recently joined Gate Raid, harbors a dark past.

She lost everything in an accident during a raid she attended with her father and swore vengeance.

Alicia Blanche – Excerpt from The Last Raid of the Astraea Guild (That Day)

Why Nina’s grandmother treated her coldly and what happened that day…

These questions will soon be revealed in the upcoming Alicia Blanche episode, so please look forward to it.

Growth Experience

Over the past month, we have observed the artifacts of our hunters and come to two conclusions. Hunters either sell artifacts with specific stats to earn Gold or keep some enhanced artifacts as they are.

We hoped that our hunters would enjoy various combat experiences by switching and enhancing multiple artifacts.

One obstacle preventing you from fully enjoying these combat experiences is the limited supply of [Artifact Enhancement Chips]. To improve this, we are preparing an event where you can use artifacts with non-utilized stats from the enhancement process to obtain items necessary for growth.

(We will provide further details separately.)

Faction of the Shield Skill Level Up

Defense measures against unauthorized program usage and malicious activities are becoming more robust. Our team is committed to creating a fair gaming environment by continuously monitoring and tracking unauthorized programs and removing offenders from the rankings.

Starting with the June update, we would like to inform you in advance that repeated detection of malicious activities involving unauthorized programs may result in a ban from the game.

Additionally, those who create or distribute unauthorized programs, not just those who use them, may face further actions beyond game sanctions.

(Cheaters cannot escape the vigilance of the Hunters Association Surveillance Team.)

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