AFK Journey 1.1.15 – New Hypogean Phraesto


A new video just dropped revealing new content coming to the game, you can watch it here:


A big update is coming to AFK Journey on the 6th of June! Here’s what will be added to the game then:

  • New unit – Phraesto (Hypogean/Tank),
  • New mode – Clan Reputation,
  • New event – Celestial Gala,
  • New event – Hero Drills,
  • New event – Fairy Carnival.

New Hypogean Unit – Phraesto

Phraesto will be a new character being added to the game who is also the first Hypogean/Celestial unit added post-release. Here’s his info:

  • Tank
  • Hypogean
  • Magic Damage
  • 1 Range

Kit information

Phreaesto has two passive skills:

  • Phraesto Ultimate skill creates an illusion that’s basically a copy of him at the beginning of the battle. The illusion can use the same skills and even the Ultimate as the original,
  • Before the battle starts, you can ‘split’ the original and the copy and set them up on different tiles,
    • In PVP, this means that as an attacker, you will have to guess which one is the copy and which the original,
  • Phraesto skill allows him to sign a contract with the ally behind him – in exchange for ‘stealing’ some HP, he provides them with buffs,
    • the original and the illusion provide different buffs.

Active skills:

  • Deals AoE damage in front of him,
  • Deals Single target damage in front, inflicting the target with DoT,
  • Ultimate: charges forward, deals AoE damage around him, and heals himself.

EX Weapon:

  • If the illusion dies first, it will deal damage and stun the enemy before dying.

How to obtain him?

Phraesto will be added to Stargaze and Guild Store.

New mode – Clan Reputation

After completing the main story of the Season, find Kruger who will provide you daily with a quest that increases your reputation with him after completion.

  • New Story missions will be unlocked after reaching certain milestones,
  • Increasing Reputation unlocks new rewards – both materials and cosmetics,
  • The last two remaining Artifacts will also be unlocked here.

New event – Celestial Gala

The Astral Fair hosts numerous events that you can participate in – each coming with different goals and for completing them you will be rewarded with Astral Vouchers. The events are various mini-games that you’re already familiar with – like placing the items in the bag or finding matching cards, but there will be more added like a Quiz!

Astral Vouchers can be used in a new special store:

New event – Hero Drills

Hero Drills is a time-limited event featuring multiple stages. For clearing various types of stages, you will unlock various rewards. The stages aren’t your usual type though – they are designed around specific heroes and you have to setup your team correctly to defeat the stage!

New event – Fairy Carnival

This one is pretty simple – complete various missions to obtain an unique Outfit for the Merlin!

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