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General changes

Since the release of Wuthering Waves, we and the community have spent a lot of time testing each character and the game systems and have made quite a number of discoveries. Many of these discoveries were either not present or known about in past pre-release versions of the game. Armed with these new discoveries we’re rolling out updates to all of our guides, here are some of the major discoveries and some of their impacts on each of the characters and their guides/profiles.

Ultimate Time Freeze In Tower of Adversary

In the past in Tower of Adversary using an ultimate would freeze the clock for a set amount of time while you perform an animation and in some cases that time freeze would extend to a portion of non-animation attacks within ultimates. In 1.0 most ultimates now fully freeze the clock not only for their cinematic animations but also for their entire damage and effect window. Many characters benefit from this update! Could you imagine just how painful it would be to watch the clock tick down as Danjin’s incredibly long ultimate animation played? Well, now you don’t have to worry.

We’ve tested all ultimate time freeze durations and determined the exact amount of time an ultimate ability takes in terms of ToA time and updated all calculations accordingly. As a result, after all our guides are updated, expect all character’s rotations to be shorter across the board and their DPS to be higher with some benefitting more than others (Danjin is the biggest winner so far).

Buffs, Cooldowns and Time Freezes

Building on the above, our team has also found out that while using an Ultimate in ToA does freeze the clock and other systems-like ability cooldowns it does not freeze buff timers meaning they’ll be ticking down in real time. There are quite a few things this impacts, but the biggest of which is when and how to use your echoes if you intend to make use of the buffs attached to many of them.

We’ve of course implemented this new finding into our updated guides.

Realistic Swap Cancels

Prior to the release of Wuthering Waves our team was unsure if Swap Cancels would or wouldn’t be a big part of the game and built in some fairly large buffering windows on them to ensure they were realistically doable. After playing the game extensively ourselves and also speaking with the community we’ve made these windows shorter and closer to the way the game is actually played.

The result of this is rotation’s much closer to what you’d expect in-game and higher DPS for all characters updated so far.

Warm-up and Burst Rotations

Our team has scoured the net and tested ourselves in order to find the most optimal burst rotations for characters and as a result, some improvements to some character’s Bursts have been found – you can find more info down below.

In addition to this, we’ve added “Warm-up” rotations to characters where they are relevant. A Warm-up rotation is essentially what to do when the character has downtime and doesn’t have access to their ultimate yet.

The “Warm Up” can be just as important or more so to the success of your team and on many characters can even substantially boost the total damage of their burst. A good example of this is Calcharo whose warm-up combo includes multiple skill uses and optionally some basic attacks – this helps him activate and maintain specific weapon buffs but also his Electro 5P set. We’ve factored in the benefits of these warm-up rotations on each character’s burst rotation so you can expect further damage increases for some characters.

Moving From 90 to 100

The hardest content in Wuthering Waves is all level 100 – previously our calculations assumed enemies at level 90. We’ve updated the calculations of the newly refreshed guides to be assumed against level 100 enemies. The result of this is a small damage decrease but is offset by the rest of the changes above.

Echo Repositioning

Echoes and their buffs are exceptionally powerful and the community has discovered that using them at just the right time, normally before your main damage’s burst rotation can lead to big damage gains.

We’ve repositioned all echoes in each character’s rotations to take full advantage of what can be on offer. The result of this is an increase in damage to most characters. When to, and how, to use each echo has been documented in all refreshed character guides.

Profile changes

The last few days we have been working hard on updating the character profiles to include more information and also on improving the information already present there.

General profile changes

  • Added Skill Leveling Priority to every character,
  • Redesigned the Echo Sets section and now the Sets and Main Echos are split into two sections to improve readability,
    • Added more options for the Main Echoes to several characters,
    • Also, some Echoes have now notes explaining how and when to use them,
  • Added S5 4-star weapons DPS comparison to the Build tab (for some characters – more to come),
  • Added comparison between 4-3-3-1-1 vs 4-4-1-1-1 setups (for some characters – more to come),
    • Also comparison between x2 ELE% and ELE% + ATK% for the 3-cost Echoes.

Character-specific changes

  • Updated Calcharo profile:
    • New rotations – both warm-up and burst,
      • We’ve altered Calcharo’s Burst rotation to include the latest top rotation consisting of using skills to interrupt and break the Hound’s Roar basic attack sequence to execute triple Death Messenger combos faster. The result is higher lee-way during his ultimate to get everything done and a shorter overall rotation resulting in more DPS. More info is available on his profile.
      • We’ve also added a choice between two Warm-up rotations to perform in Calcharo’s downtime to regenerate energy and maintain or establish his set and weapon bonuses for his burst.
    • New DPS calculations,
    • Comparison between Basic and Advanced rotations,
      • As we’ve swapped over Calcharo’s rotation from the basic (one shown in the tutorial) to advanced (mentioned above) we have a graph displaying the total difference between both.
    • Comparison between 3DM and 2DM rotation,
      • Many players including some of our team struggle to achieve 3 Death Messenger rotations consistently. We’ve calculated how much of a total damage loss this is and displayed it on Calcharo’s profile. Don’t forget you’ll lose more than just damage and will need to compensate for that, you can check out the Energy section for info on this.
    • New Energy Regen requirements + full endgame stats,
  • Updated Jiyan profile:
    • New rotations – both warm-up and burst,
      • We’ve optimized Jiyan’s rotation based on testing and feedback you can find more details on his profile.
      • We’ve also added a “warm-up” rotation for Jiyan detailing what to do when his ultimate is on cooldown to maximize your Energy Regeneration.
    • New DPS calculations,
    • ER% requirements lowered due to the introduction and consideration of the warm-up phase,
    • The movement of the monkey Echo to the beginning of the Burst and end of the warm-up phase allows for uptime of Aero/Heavy buff throughout the majority of the burst,
    • New Energy Regen requirements + full endgame stats,
  • Updated Danjin profile:
    • Updated Rotation + added information on maintaining Danjin’s damage throughout extended fights and while swapping to other teammates.
    • New DPS calculations,
    • Added full endgame stats,
  • Updated Encore profile:
    • New rotations – both warm-up and burst, and added consideration for both quick swap and hyper carry playstyles
    • New DPS calculations,
    • New Energy Regen requirements + full endgame stats,
  • Updated Jianxin profile:
    • Split her Weapon and Echoes tips into Support, Hybrid, and DPS builds,
  • Updated Yangyang profile:
    • Split her Weapon and Echoes tips into Support and Hybrid builds.


Here are a few more screenshots of the new content:

What’s coming next?

  • The remaining Main DPS, so Havoc Rover, Chixia, and Lingyang will receive their profile and calculation updates tomorrow,
  • We will be updating non-main DPS characters after this,
  • We will add S5 4-star Weapon calculations to all characters,
  • Review updates for most characters. With all the recent findings, we want to improve the reviews with the new information,
  • We are still trying to find a spot for Yuanwu, but he doesn’t make it easy for us – we need to do that first before we can create a guide for him,
  • We will work on Yinlin guide and calculations based on pre-release information, but with Kuro moving her banner 1 week up, we honestly expect her to be heavily changed.
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  1. Mogo

    What about Jianxin’s rotation in a support role?

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    I love calcharo he is my main and verina too 💖 , im so proud of my 60% c.r and 190% c.d

  3. Lethiur

    These updates look great!

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    Probably a correction that needs to be done but on any character’s build tab says crit damage start at 100% but in game they start at 150%, right?

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    I definitely want 4star s6 character options on the tier list

  6. Scholar Of Yore

    Any chance you guys could add icons on the character ascenscion materials? just having the names is not super intuitive specially when you haven’t fought a boss yet and don’t know the name of their drops


    hello there! when can we expect the next tierlist update?

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