CounterSide X GUILTY GEAR -STRIVE- Collaboration

The much-anticipated GUILTY GEAR -STRIVE- collaboration event is finally here!

First and foremost, we would like your understanding that the event episode has been excluded from this collaboration event due to our agreement with the copyright holder.

However, we are aware of the long wait and are working hard to deliver an even more enjoyable collaboration event for you.

While we cannot provide specific details yet, we are confident you will experience the charm of GUILTY GEAR -STRIVE- through CounterSide. 

Please stay tuned for more information in the upcoming patch notes.

2024 Vacation Skins (Korean Server Only)

Eve Meitner – Melting Sanity

Plaga – Under the Shade

Freelance Kim Chowon – After-school swimming activity

New Substream – Fallen Floor

Post Great Purification War, as the allure of new possibilities beckoned, countless corporations ventured into the Chamber’s Grand Dimension Crevice, driven by the ambition to conquer the Counterside and claim its riches for humanity.

While today’s corporate landscape no longer embraces such daring endeavors, the Chamber’s depths continue to hold a wealth of Artifacts and valuable data, enticing exploration teams to brave the perilous depths of the Grand Dimension Crevice.

Among these explorers stands Spencer, a seasoned lifter and former corporate scientist, the longest-surviving veteran of the Grand Dimension Crevice. Now grappling with a limited lifespan and an addiction to Eternium, Spencer embarks on a perilous journey into the [Fallen Floor], the deepest layer of the Grand Dimension Crevice, where no one has ever returned.

Prepare to delve into the unexplored depths of [Chamber], a new region shrouded in mystery and brimming with untold dangers. Stay tuned for the captivating narrative that unfolds within this uncharted territory!

End of the Danger Close Downfall Season and the Start of the New Season

A special event season will follow to commemorate the end of the Downfall Season. The final boss of the event season will be [Downfall Season: SUPER Machine G.A.P.], a unique boss with a distinct event boss vibe, unlike previous bosses. All CEOs participating in the event season will receive a commemorative title and emblem to celebrate the conclusion of the Downfall Season.

Following the end of the season, the new season “Origin” will commence.

Higher-difficulty bosses with Origins will be introduced in the Origin Season, along with new titles and emblems.

Additionally, the list of High-Intensity Plans will slightly change for each boss. For example, a new status of a High-Intensity Plan may alter each boss’s attack patterns.

We look forward to your anticipation of the revamped Danger Close season.

Ranked Battle Most Wins Button Feature

CEOs participating in Ranked Battle often form Squads based on [This Week’s Bans & Ups] to utilize employees who can be effective or create counter-strategies against other popular picks.

However, with the vast number of employees available in CounterSide, it can be difficult to identify which ones are seeing the most use.

To help CEOs in the Ranked Battle to form squads more easily, the development team is preparing to add the [Most Wins] button. This button will allow CEOs to check the pick frequency of employees in Ranked Battles.

Selecting the [Most Wins] button will display the top 4 most win employees from the day before for every league separately.

For example, [Most Wins] for Master will display the top 4 employees with the most wins from Master 1 to 5 the previous day.

The [Most Wins] data is based on the previous day, specifically from 14:00  to the next day 14:00 (UTC-5) with a daily update at 14:00.

We hope this feature will assist our CEOs in playing Ranked Battles.

Addition of Operator’s Remove From All Function

As various content has been added to the game over time, it has become common for a single Operator to be assigned to multiple Squads.

In such cases, the Employees or Operators assigned to the Squad cannot be used for Tactical Update or Operator’s Skill Transfer, but it is difficult to identify which Squad they are assigned to.

To address this inconvenience, Employees had the [Remove From All] function to remove them from the assigned squads but not the Operators, making it difficult to locate them.

Therefore, we are preparing to add the same functionality to Operator Information as Employees, allowing CEOs to check deployment status, disband, and Remove From All.

We believe that this function will allow CEOs to develop their Operators more smoothly.

Ship Skill Cooltime Display Feature

Ship skills have a huge impact on various content in CounterSide, but it was difficult to use them precisely when they were in cooldown. 

To make the cooldown on the ship skills more visible to our CEOs, we are planning to add a display on the remaining time on the cooldown.

We hope the feature update will help our CEOs strategize through various content.

Dive Deployment Order Adjustments

In the current Dive auto-battle system, the ship with the highest HP among the rest is selected to participate in each battle.

This means that to ensure a stable auto-battle of Dive, all four squads need to be properly formed, requiring significant investment in employees and equipment development. This can be a burden for CEOs who rely heavily on auto-battle.

To alleviate this burden, we are planning to adjust the Dive deployment order to prioritize auto-battle based on the squad formation order.

With this adjustment, Squad 1 will be the first to engage in battle, and if Squad 1 is defeated, the next squad in the formation order will take over.

We hope the adjustment will benefit our CEOs.

Future Content Schedule for CounterSide Global

We at CounterSide are committed to providing a fair and exciting gaming experience for our CEOs without exception. However, there was a significant delay between new content releases on the Korean server and the Global server, sometimes several months.

We understand that Global CEOs have to wait a long time for new thrilling events, stories, recruitments, and features that were introduced on the Korean server first. Therefore, we decided to resolve this issue so that Global CEOs could enjoy the new content earlier.

Now, we are planning to speed up the update schedule for CounterSide Global to introduce the new content as soon as possible and simultaneously with CounterSide Korea.

We are dedicated to continuously improving the gaming experience. By closing the content gap between the two servers, we aim to create a more unified and engaging environment for all CEOs. We appreciate your understanding and patience as we implement these changes.

Language Support Adjustment

Since the launch of CounterSide Global, we have been offering German and French translations for our CEOs to enjoy the game in their preferred language.  

However, to dedicate more resources towards enhancing the overall quality of CounterSide content, we have made the difficult decision to discontinue the German and French translation service in certain parts of the game such as stories, episode descriptions, and dialogues.  Newly introduced Employees and Operators’ descriptions, skill tooltips, and other information will still be translated as well as the shop, missions, and combat environment. 

We understand this may cause inconvenience for some CEOs, and we sincerely apologize. The current German and French translations that are in the existing in-game content will remain available. 

We are sorry for this abrupt announcement and appreciate your understanding and continued support.

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  1. RuntRatSquad

    boooring, do people still play this game?

    1. RomeAlpha

      Génial que le contenue Global va augmenter en fréquence, permettant de rattrapée le retard avec le serveur Coréen.
      Triste par contre de la fin de la traduction française ;(

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