Wuthering Waves – Various findings and builds updates

Buffs, nerfs and reworks

On the release of the Wuthering Waves, some changes have been made to both characters and Echoes compared to the pre-release version of the game (not CBT2, but the media server that was active till the day before the game’s release – as seen on YouTube) that affected the balance of the game. We were aware of the various multipliers nerfs that happened between CBT2 and the pre-release and our tier list and guides already took those into account. What we’re talking about here are day 1 changes that nobody knew about.

Those changes include:

  • buffed characters – Mortefi,
    • Ultimate cooldown went down from 24 seconds to 20 seconds,
  • nerfed characters – Calcharo,
    • Death Messenger Resonance Energy Regen went down from 12.5 to 5,
  • mechanical changes to various Echoes – in some cases, their tooltips remained the same, but they now work differently.

When it comes to Calcharo, his tooltip is even now ‘bugged’ in the game, showing the same line twice with different values and we had to test him manually to actually find which one is the correct one.

As for the Echoes. Only recently it was brought to our attention that some Echoes don’t work as they should – or how they worked before – and in the last 24 hours we retested as many Echoes as possible and adjusted character build information accordingly. Here are our findings.

  • Mech Abomination Echo:
    • Previously this Echo was a transformation-type Echo that took up substantial field time and required a charging effect in order to achieve full results (and it wasn’t that good),
    • Now the Echo drops an orbital strike in a screen-wide AoE around you – the effect is also instant, so you don’t need to cancel swap it. In fact, you can even cast it while attacking,
    • The Echo is much more powerful than previously and even overpowers all of the Lingering Tunes options from CBT2, making it a powerhouse.
  • Flautist Echo was mechanically reworked, and it’s no longer one of the best Main Echoes to use – thanks to the community for raising the issue over the last 2 days. In all our build suggestions we replaced the Echo with:
    • Mech Abomination for Lingering Tunes set,
    • Tempest Mephis for Void Thunder set (best cancelable Electro Echo for highest DPS).
  • We also remade all calculations for every character who used the Lingering Tunes set and in some cases, the set is now their Best in Slot,
    • You’ll find Lingering Tunes listed twice on each character’s profile. One represents the potential of the set if you were to execute the character’s rotation without switching and the other is the floor of the set if you were to spam switch the character more than once every 1.5 seconds.
    • The reason both entries exist is to highlight the value of Lingering Tunes on characters such as Encore who can be played as a Main DPS with long field time but also the set’s flaws when playing her or characters like her as a quick swap spammer.
  • Calcharo’s change affected his Resonance energy gain in a negative way. Even now the tooltip is bugged showing incorrect values, displaying Concerto twice instead of Resonance Energy – as shown in the screenshot above.
    • We have updated his DPS calculations to factor in lower energy regeneration; ATK sub-stats have been lost to make room for Energy Regen sub-stats,
    • Calcharo Weapon calculations were also updated; you will notice weapons with inherent Energy Regen are now ranked higher as fewer energy sub-stats are needed.
  • Players have found a way to consistently switch cancel the Infernal Rider Echo, but it requires some practice. If you master it though, you can gain up to or exceeding 15% DPS increase on characters like Encore,
    • When to switch? After the 3rd hit OR when the cooldown on the Echo appears on the icon in the bottom right corner right after the third slash,
    • Both Chixia and Encore benefit from the finding and their calculations have been updated, resulting in Encore specifically gaining a large amount of DPS,
    • With the implementation of the Infernal Rider Echo cancel into Encore’s core rotation, despite it requiring a switch-in mid-rotation which results in the Deepen buffs loss, it’s still the preferred way of playing her right now in ToA,
    • The reason for this is that Encore is currently predominately played there as a quick swap damage dealer and not implementing this would be doing her an injustice.
    • For those pursuing a Deepen playstyle, Infernal Rider, alternative Fusion Echo, or the newly discovered Mech Abomination with Lingering Tunes can all be used without switching.

What we’re working on now

Our team is currently close to completing the Tower of Adversity’s Hazard Zones left and right tower and we will be ready to share our findings soon.

  • Any tier list changes are delayed till we finalize our progress in the Tower and gather more feedback from other top players,
  • With the improvements to Fusion and Havoc Echoes, only Glacio remains as the sole element without access to a great Echo that can be switch-cancelled. We will investigate Glacio Echoes to find one that works better than the current one,
  • Lingyang’s DPS calculations will be remade once we find a better Echo and if we don’t, we will switch his DPS calculations to use the Lingering Tunes set,
  • Jianxin new rotation and DPS Calculations are nearly done – we had to pause them to handle the issues discussed in the blog.

What’s your Reaction?

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  1. Carrot

    Sorry if it’s a stupid question

    But here
    “With the implementation of the Infernal Rider Echo cancel into Encore’s core rotation, despite it requiring a switch-in mid-rotation which results in the Deepen buffs loss, it’s still the preferred way of playing her right now in ToA,”

    Isn’t the current Encore sub-dps of choice Sanhua and she charges her concerto fast.
    Couldn’t you switch cancel the infernal-rider into Sanhua filing up her concerto -> outro/intro -> continue the rotation on Encore?

    1. Antillar

      in ToA a lot of top players are using Encore in the ‘hybrid’ spot and she’s basically a nuke that enters the field, and deals damage to help kill stuff faster.

      1. PP

        So, is the site written for top players only?
        If they’re using ENCORE as subdps that would mean they have three other main dpses built. I feel like this applies only to small minority of players (and those players won’t need guides in the first place because they already did their research before site updated). Vast majority would be using Encore as one of their three main dpses and likely don’t even have 4th chara to use as one.

  2. mikle

    i been maining Calcharo since day 2. i played around with the Echos. i much prefer Thundering Memphis vs Tempest Mephis. especially now comboing him with havoc rover and dreamless. i can understand maybe why Tempest could be better for swap canceling. HOWEVER. the awesome and main benefit of thundering mephis, is Teleporting and AutoAim, it can be annoying if there is a lot of mobs and will lock onto the wrong one. but being able to cover a lot of ground or chase a boss etc is fantastic. Don’t Sleep on thundering Memphis QoL and teleporting.

    1. lars

      Calcharo already takes alot of field time thats why tempest is valued higher but i have both of them with crit rate mainstat and similar substats, they feel the same to me in terms of dps even with tempest cancel. Its still to early for concrete results but just use whichever you have or whichever has better substats. Or just go lingering tunes mech abom if you dont want to deal with any switch shenanigans

  3. encore guy

    hi so that infernal rider cancel thing its really worth it? losing sanhua bsc atk buff and moonlit sound really bad

    1. Antillar

      Hello! We have added calculation on each character profile comparing the damage if you switch and if you won’t. Overall for most characters it’s not worth, but we’re giving the option for the players who can’t do cancel swap mid rotation as it’s too hard for them.

    2. Zephan

      Basically they’re saying that the Inferno Rider swap is worth doing if you don’t use Encore as a main dps, but as a sub dps. So no Sanhua. Obviously 12% Fusion dmg and 12% Basic Atk Dmg is not worth losing 22.5% Atk and 38% Basic Atk Deepen

  4. wuwa noob

    When do we expect Jianxin new build / calculation to come out ? will it be an improved version of her current performance?

    1. Antillar

      Within next 48h. We are nearly done with ToA and we will be updating the tier list. Jianxin will move to her new role and will receive build changes and rating changes.

      1. FC

        Thank you all for your hard work <3 the game wouldn't be the same without you.

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