Wuthering Waves – Improvements and a 5-star Selector!


A special dev-note just dropped on the official CN social media account for Wuthering Waves and you can read the original here.

Important! This post is currently only available in the CN social media, so we don’t know if the rewards and compensations mentioned there will also apply to the Global servers, but they should.


  • 10x Radiant Tide (Rate-up ticket) to be sent as compensation on the 25th of May,
  • Standard character selector (5-star) to be sent as compensation on the 26th of May,
    • The selector will be available for a year, so everyone who starts playing the game between now and 2025 will receive the selector.
  • Skip function will be added to more story missions.

Full translations

Announcement on Game Experience Issues and Ongoing Optimization

Dear Drifters,

Since the launch of “Wuthering Waves”, we have received numerous feedback from players regarding game experience issues. We deeply apologize for not providing a better gaming experience. We will address these issues through upcoming updates to improve the game content. As a token of our apology, we will distribute additional compensation on May 25 at 10:00 (UTC+8):

✦ Compensation: 10 Radiant Tide
✦ Eligibility: Players who created a character before July 3 at 03:59 (UTC+8) and have a Union Level ≥2

In addition to ongoing performance optimizations, here are specific adjustments and future development priorities:

(1) Optimization of Skip Function

To address feedback regarding “limited skip options, unclear skip button display, and lengthy main storyline,” we will:

  1. Modify the [Skip] button icon.
  2. Significantly expand the skip range of the main storyline, including skipping the prologue and the first act.
  3. Support skipping stationary dialogues.
  4. Open Resonator [Yinlin]’s Companion Tasks soon.
    • Due to technical limitations, skipping cutscenes in the storyline is currently not feasible. We appreciate your understanding!

(2) Optimization of Combat Experience

To improve combat experience based on feedback about weak hit feedback, poor controller mode experience, and vision obstruction during battles, we will:

  • Conduct specialized optimizations for various combat scenarios to enhance positive feedback during combat.
  • Improve controller functions and address issues with delayed customization options.

(3) Thank You Gift: Selectable Permanent 5-Star Character

In response to feedback on the [New Player Summon Event], we apologize for the unsatisfactory experience. On May 26 at 10:00 (UTC+8), we will send a special item, [Tide Sound Thank You Ticket], to all players via mail. This can be used to obtain a selectable permanent 5-star character. The event is valid until May 22, 2025, at 11:59 (UTC+8). Please refer to the in-game announcement for detailed rules.

(4) Ongoing Development of More Optimizations and Version Content

We will continue to optimize game content and develop new features and events, such as:

  1. Enhancing some NPC art resources.
  2. Adding a layered map feature.
  3. Introducing more Resonator transformation gameplay.

We are aware that “Wuthering Waves” still has many areas for improvement. We will continue to refine the game content and experience. Thank you again for all your attention and support!

Wuthering Waves Operations Team

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12 Comment

  1. Aradia

    Honestly, for a 1.0 release, it’s running pretty smoothly for me. It definitely is less temperamental than other 1.0 games I’ve played. Sure, ping is bad but even with high ping I’m not getting lag, or I’m not noticing it. I’ve enjoyed the game so far, and I don’t mind that the game introduces things slowly and allows you to enter tutorial to really grasp a characters gameplay.

  2. Craig Hullen

    Hopefully they add Controller Support got Mobile soon because these controls are killing me. Would be so much easier if I could use my Backbone

    1. Juevani

      Honestly mobile controls are killing me too, I’m waiting for ps5 cause I need it

    2. Abby

      They have controller support already, I’m using my ps5 controller to play

  3. bai Hu

    PC player here. Even with a beast rig, the game is giving some stuttering and frame jumping issues, which is only fixed by using Lossless Scaling to unlock the 120 fps, which made it buttery smooth after that, although there is still some jarring movements when jumping. That issue aside, the fact that the announcement only appeared in CN social media seems to invoke a dejavu of sorts from other games where only CN players are given compensation? The issue itself is plaguing all the servers, not just CN, so if that’s the case, I don’t think preferential compensation is a good move or a good future indicator of how things will be done in Wuthering Waves, which I hope is not the case.

    1. Sugi

      Just confirmed on Twitter that it’s for global too. Not sure why people thought it would be cn only though they just posted on their main social media first.

    2. guess

      Try updating ur graphics to the latest.

      1. Bruh

        bruh, updating your GPU drivers won’t magically fix the traversal stutters, lack of shader pre-compilation, and the stupid ass 60 fps lock. These things needs to be fixed by the DEVELOPER, no other way around it.

  4. Remu

    Honestly this is such a generous thing of them to do. for a 1.0 release this is incredible compared to most games, good job on your success day 1, i hope you strive forward and continue making amazing updates to this wonderful game 😀

  5. Juevani

    Honestly mobile controls are killing me too, I’m waiting for ps5 cause I need it

  6. Palzivvar

    Please make wuthering waves more than 60fps, the combat is smooth and it such a unfortunate to run the game in 60fps. give us unlocked fps. and if u can add the dlss or fsr into the game so it can help older device to run more smoothly

  7. ANDY

    Prière résoudre notre problème de connexion au plus vite

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