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Aside from its story, GODDESS OF VICTORY: NIKKE contains various fun elements such as shooting, progression, exploration, and puzzles. To continuously provide these elements of enjoyment, the developer team introduced the Simulation Room Overclock to challenge players and the Side Story to enhance the game’s narrative in the first half of the year.

Aside from them, we would like to introduce the contents we are currently preparing. As always, we will keep on working hard to come up with new and better content.

Interception EX Difficult Mode

In order for Commanders to experience more fun of the Boss battles, and to use various characters more flexibly, we plan to add the Interception EX difficult mode. Based on the current development progress, it will be launched in August. Please look forward to it!

Champion Arena

At the same time, we plan to update the Champion Arena in September. Champion Arena is designed for Commanders who enjoy competitive game modes and wants to achieve a high ranking in SP Arena. This mode will allow you to use a wider variety of characters.

As we plan to introduce multiple game modes this year, we will be updating them in sequence. We hope for your understanding regarding this.

Surface Contents

In the coming days, we will roll out more enjoyable content to ensure your satisfaction.

The Surface content is a simulation field content that is still under development. Once we can share its details and schedule, I will do so through a developer’s note.

New Out-of-Game Content

Next, I will discuss the new out-of-game game modes and improvements we are currently preparing.

Expansion of the Archives

Event Archives is a supplementary feature that allows Commanders to view past events conveniently. While various big and small events can be found in it, I’ve always regretted that we weren’t able to provide all of them.

Many Commanders particularly enjoy the First Affection and April Fools’ events, so we are considering expanding the Archives to include these special events. This update is expected to take effect in October, and the special events will be added sequentially.

Rest assured we will strive to give you better gaming experiences.

Title System

I’d like to provide more details about the Title system mentioned in a previous developer’s note. Titles are part of a collection-type feature that allows Commanders to display their achievements to others, similar to the avatar frames in profiles.

Titles can be obtained from Challenge stages and events. We hope this supplementary game mode can bring you some happiness while playing the game. It is set to be launched in July.

Follow-up Improvements for Advise

Next, I will introduce the additional improvements related to Advise. In the last update, we increased the convenience of Advise and the amount of Bond points obtainable. However, we have also conducted a survey to identify further areas for improvement.

Based on the feedback you have provided, we plan to introduce an Advise guide in the September update. By then, you will be able to advise Nikkes without consuming Advise attempts. We hope this feature can make things more convenient for Commanders who wish to understand the game and Nikkes in detail.

We’re thankful to everyone who’s been actively participating in our surveys for the sake of the game’s development.

Acquisition of Manufacturer Equipment and Custom Module

We would like to correct our previous statement in the last developer’s note about the level of equipment acquisition. Based on more detailed data analysis, we plan to improve the acquisition experience of equipment in August with the following changes:

Firstly, we will increase the drop rate of manufacturer equipment and custom modules to an appropriate level through the new game mode mentioned earlier – Interception EX difficult mode, thereby reducing the pressure caused by the acquisition level of custom modules.

Even with these adjustments, acquiring equipment will still be based on probability. Therefore, obtaining specific equipment items categorized by parts, manufacturers, and types will still remain challenging. Additionally, Commanders in the early and intermediate stages may not be catered to due to the introduction of Interception EX difficult mode.

As such, we plan to introduce a new supportive item called the “Equipment Recombination Device,” which can be obtained through events or purchases. The Equipment Recombination Device is a consumable item that allows you to combine or consume unneeded manufacturer equipment to obtain parts of the desired manufacturer equipment.

We aim to enhance the acquisition experience of equipment and costume modules through the above improvements, and we will continue to observe and identify other inconveniences.


Additionally, we will introduce a feature in October that allows you to convert some remaining currency into other types of currency. We would like to take this opportunity to thank all Commanders who have provided improvement suggestions through the Customer Service Center.

If there are any other system issues or inconveniences that require improvements, we will continue to address them and do our best to provide fun game modes and events.

I will keep you posted about the progress of the updates mentioned in this note. If any changes in schedule arise, I will also inform you through future developer’s notes.

The bunny girl-themed event that will transform the Ark’s Coin Rush into a field is coming this May. Please look forward to it! We will work hard to give you better events with interesting and fun themes.

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