Maintenance Schedule – May 22, 12:00 ~ 16:00 (UTC+9)

Patch Notes and Shop Update.


  • Arcade Mode – Arhat Joo Shiyoon
  • Danger Close – Moderator Type A
  • Returning Awakened Employees – Singularity Shin Jia and Arhat Joo Shiyoon
  • Returning Employees – Luna, Kaci Bins and Esterosa de Chevalier.
  • Returning Operators – Sigma, Jung Dain and Rachel Dodds
  • Challenge Stage – Night of Redemption
  • Substream Event – Neverland Nevermore

Improvements and Changes

1. 19 [Recommended Gear Options] from the [Recommended Gear] are updated.

2. The number of executives per consortium increased from 3 to 5.

3. A new title, PRESTIGE VIP, is added.

Acquisition requirement: Spend 400,000 Admin Coins 

※ Admin Coins Expenditure will count starting from Feb. 2023 and onwards.

4. JP Voice for Stormbringer Jake Walker’s skin, [I can’t believe it’s the Colonel] is added.

5. The skill descriptions with distance for the following employees will be updated.

  1. Kim Sobin: Periodically inflicts damage to a target in front. The attack stops if 10 seconds pass, if the target dies, or if the target moves 900 reach away from the caster.
  2. Ballista: Fires its Gatling gun at the foremost target, continuously inflicting damage. Targets Air units within range first, and stops attacking if the target dies or moves 1000 reach away from the caster.
  3. Triana Titan: Periodically inflicts damage on and around the target in front. The attack stops if 10 seconds pass, if the target dies, or if the target moves 1000 reach away from the caster.
  4. Titan: Periodically inflicts damage on and around the target in front. The attack stops if 14 seconds pass, if the target dies, or if the target moves 1000 reach away from the caster.
  5. Lumi: Bombards and inflicts AoE damage on an area within a 300-reach radius upon deployment.
  6. Miya: Delivers 3 consecutive Knockback attacks if enemies are present within 700 reach.
  7. Kyle Wong: Summons a bulwark 400 reach in front of him that lasts for 8 seconds. Targets that were hit upon the summoning of the bulwark are stunned◇ 2 seconds. Afterward, it forces one nearby target to attack it at regular intervals.
  8. Kyle Wong’s Special Skill level 5: Additionally summons a small bulwark 1300 reach in front for 4 s
  9. Ifrit: Fires its four machine guns at the foremost target, periodically inflicting damage. The attack stops if 12 seconds pass, or if the target dies, or if the target moves 700 reach away from the caster.
  10. Nayuka Minato: Imbues his arrows with the power of fire. Basic attacks inflict 15% more damage on targets farther than 500 reach away.
  11. Oh Saerom: Passive attack range +200 reach
  12. Karin Wong: Equips a firearm specially created for long-range interception purposes. Inflicts 50% more AoE damage on targets outside a 400-reach range. Targets Air units within range first.
  13. Jessica Green: Sets up a claymore where she stands. This skill does not require a target for its activation. The installed claymore lasts for 30 seconds and explodes if there’s an enemy within 300 reach, inflicting AoE damage.
  14. Hilde Siegfried Type: When deployed, instantly knocks targets in an 800-reach radius backward in the direction she’s facing. Charges at a target at least 300 reach away from her, inflicting AoE damage upon collision and forcing it to attack her for 3 seconds. Decreases Special Skill cooldown by 3 seconds when cast.
  15. Yoo Mina Fenrir Type: When deployed, charges forward and inflicts AoE damage, and then additionally attacks targets in a 600-reach radius. After every 3rd basic attack, she delivers an enhanced attack; in Gauntlet, inflicts additional damage by 15% of current HP on non-Ship targets within Valid Hits.
  16. Lyudmila: Remotely controls a naval cannon and periodically fires at a single target in front. Targets Air units within range first and stops attacking if the target dies or moves 1500 reach away from her.
  17. Altergressive Seo Yoon: When deployed, increases skill cooldown by 8 seconds for all enemies in a 700-reach radius in front and knocks them backward. After every 3rd basic attack, she delivers an enhanced attack, summons up to 4 telekinetic rifles, and increases her and her telekinetic rifles’ ATK by 5% for 12 seconds (Up to +25%). These telekinetic rifles take damage for her. Seo Yoon moves backward when her HP drops to 70% or below, knocking surrounding enemies backward in her facing direction, and then summons 1 additional telekinetic rifle.
  18. Final Phase Sigma: Unleashes the full power of Terrabrain and deals AoE damage to enemies in front. Targets outside of 1300 reach do not receive damage, and damaged targets’ skills become sealed for 10 seconds (Bosses excluded).
  19. Stormbringer Jake Walker: Cooldown -4 s, additional AoE attack on the farthest target in a 900-reach range (Mech is stunned◇ for 5 s).
  20. Gremory: Enters Perfect EVA for 8 seconds upon deployment. If there’s no ally within 700 reach behind her, she teleports toward the ally ship and cancels Perfect EVA upon arrival.
  21. Raphaela Juri: Deploys 400 reach in front and defends her surroundings. In Watcher mode, the DMG Taken Limit is permanently fixed to 4%, always faces to the right, and becomes immune to Stun◇. After 15 seconds or if HP drops to 70% or below, she deals AoE DMG to surrounding enemies and enters Chaser mode.
  22. Horizon: Tracks down the debtor and inflicts AoE damage, targeting the caster for 6 seconds. Ignores cooldown and casts skill for targets beyond 600 reach. When in an enhanced state, damage is increased by 10% and Airborne becomes more powerful.
  23. Cold Case Horizon: Tracks down the target to deal AoE damage with a sword before falling back. For targets beyond 600 reach, casts skill while ignoring the cooldown.
  24. Yamata no Orochi: The snake discharges electricity, attacking a target in front. It stops attacking the target if 5 seconds pass, if the target dies, or if the target moves 1000 reach away from the caster.
  25. Dracasia: Dracasia glides across the ground, downing enemies in her path. (Disabled if enemies are within 300 reach)
  26. Goliath: Overloads the power and increases ATK by 30% (Up to 4 stacks). Does not cast skill if there is a Tower unit or Boss within 350 reach.
  27. Dash: Swings her scythe at nearby targets, inflicting Melee AoE damage. Shoots projectiles at targets 350 reach away from her, inflicting 20% more AoE damage than she does on Melee targets.
  28. Ramlethal Valentine: Shoots powerful multi-level winds, inflicting AoE damage in front. Cannot reach targets outside 1300 reach.
  29. Nicole Primer: Attacks a target within 900 reach, knocking them backward even if they’re immune to Hitstun from Special or lower skills. Increases ASPD by 20% for 8 seconds upon activation. Decreases the target’s SPD by 90% for 8 seconds if the target is a Defender (Awakened and Bosses excluded). This skill has an 8-second cooldown but is instantly activated if there are 3 enemy units within 900 reach.
  30. Hound: Instantly charges 200 reach, knocking enemies back with AoE damage.
  31. I-NO: To targets within 200 reach, she deals 75% more damage, is immune to Hitstun from Special or lower skills, and casts an enhanced attack that inflicts Airborne. Damage bonus, Hitstun immunity, and Airborne are disabled for 12 seconds after the enhanced attack’s effects. Additionally, increases ATK and Skill Haste by 3% for every Guilty Gear unit on the battlefield in PVE.
  32. Dark Seven Sylvia: Creates a stasis field to the farthest target within 2000 reach that removes Barrier and deals DoT. Hit enemies receive SPD -20%. Does not apply to targets that exceed its Valid Hits. In Gauntlet mode, the Cooldown for 1 unit (excluding ships) will increase by 12 seconds.


1. A fix where Levia Thanis’ recommended gear has a duplicate option.

2. A fix where Cafe Strega event’s [Complte All] does not work when the mission is active.

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