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  • Substream Update – Burnett Never Dies
  • New Awakened Employee – Gha’agsheblah Eve Meitner
  • New Counter Pass – Galahad Roy Burnett
  • Challenge Stage – Days of Some Mercenaries
  • Substream Event – Goodbye, Tanaberin
  • Arcade – Gha’agsheblah Eve Meitner

New Awakened Employee – Gha’agsheblah Eve Meitner

Eve Meitner is a monster.

That should be the end of the review, no kidding. She is the strongest PVE damage dealer released in the game who is so far above any other damage dealer. Why is she so strong? Because of ridiculous damage output. Awakened Rosaria who was considered as the apex predator among DPS can’t hold a candle to Eve – Eve deals 2-3 times more damage than her. Yes. It’s stupid. If you’re struggling in PVE, just bring Eve with you – she works great both in early and endgame PVE content.

Sadly, in PVP, she’s a bit harder to play. Eve Meitner is too squishy to survive there long enough to deal good damage, but her existence alone means that Soldier mains are scared to play PVP – as she counters them so much, it’s not even funny. Still, if you manage to protect her, she will dominate.


  • PVE Early – SSS
  • PVE Late – SSS
  • PVP – SS

New Counter Pass – Galahad Roy Burnett

Galahad Roy is a weird tank. He’s very strong when you look at his kit as he can passively debuff enemies (and steal their healing received) that are close to him, but to balance him out, his stats and kit lack any self-protection skills. Which means he should be used more as a support frontline character instead of a proper tank.

The problem with that is that his high cost makes this not viable in PVP and even in PVE you would rather use a proper buffer or debuffer that sits in the backline and won’t be killed randomly by a big damage spike coming from the enemies.

Because of this he has very niche uses and isn’t that popular.


  • PVE Early – D
  • PVE Late – D
  • PVP – C

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