Dream Realm damage type meta shift

After 3 days of testing, we can surely say that the MDEF/PDEF scaling for the bosses actually heavily affected some characters. Some in a good way, some in a bad way. Here’s a summary:

  • True Damage who reigned supreme until the season started is now worse than pure Magical or pure Physical damage (but mainly Magical),
    • the first reason is that as the Dream Realm boss HP goes down, they gain additional stats. They changed the scaling – MDEF and PDEF raise slower while generic Damage Reduction raises faster,
    • the second reason is the new Artifacts. Crescent Spell provides a permanent -35% MDEF reduction while Quickblade Spell provides -30% PDEF reduction,
    • Keep in mind, True Damage wasn’t nerfed – just that Magic/Phys became better due to the changes + new Artifacts.
  • This means that both Marilee :Marilee: and Korin :Korin: perform worse as they are our prime True Damage dealers,
  • This also means that Odie :Odie: is now the best damage dealer for anything bossing-related, but Marilee and Korin are still just behind him. So basically, they switched their places with each other – Odie went from the #2 spot to #1 and Marilee went from #1 to the #2 spot. Korin remains in the third place,
  • Surprisingly, Alsa :Alsa: emerged as a great boss killer with her damage rivaling that of Odie at times, but Marilee still pulls ahead in a lot of cases.

Other findings

  • Because we again start from scratch and need to level up and gear our characters, Koko :koko_hype: is a must-have in any team currently. Without her, you won’t be able to survive long enough to deal damage. This means that the Smokey :Smokey: + Koko :koko_hype: combo that became popular on Primal Lords bosses is now the core of any Dream Realm team (for now),
  • While Marilee damage output is lower, she still is best in the slot against today’s boss – Cyclops. Mainly because the ads that are spawned by the boss are pretty tanky once you reach the last 1/3 of the boss HP bar and True Damage kills them instantly, while Odie and others struggle, costing them seconds,
    • Yes, she still deals way less damage than Odie against that boss, but the True Damage against ads is why she’s great there,
  • Marilee should still be best in the slot against Necrodrakon as her movement will be hard to replace by Odie there.

For additional information, check Zeeebo’s video:

What will happen next?

We are slowly updating all the boss guides (both old and new) and once a full rotation passes, we will release a new version of them with new meta teams. For now, we will be posting our findings in our Discord, so join us there!

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  1. Nuzzrio

    this comes out just after I pull a bunch for Marilee……. fun

    1. Balverine

      I mean she will still remain on top if you read the whole blog post.

    2. Gloder

      So now Satrana can compete with Korin as it increases magic damage?

  2. Mor

    What about tier lists?…

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