Reverse: 1999 CN: Lucy Preview

Lucy is a 6-star Intellect character who deals Reality DMG. She is limited, and can only be obtained through Anniversary banners. The Laplace leader is also the first character capable of upgrading her Incantations to a more advanced form, with new effects. She can also play around with Afflatus strength, having basically a “Balance, Please” psychube built into her kit. Check out the PV and descriptions below to learn more about this unique DPS.

Insight: Primum Movens

i1: When the caster gains Moxie or when an ally gains Moxie/Eureka, gain a stack of [Electricity]. When self/allies have gained an amount of [Electricity], gain [Technological Revolution].

i2: Upon entering combat, increase Crit Rate.

i3: After casting Ultimate, the caster gains [Leader’s Influence] and casts [Kinetic Energy Conservation] once. When an enemy is defeated, gain a stack of [Electricity] and [Data Decryption], then cast [Kinetic Energy Conservation] once.

  • [Technological Revolution]: At the start of the round, choose 1 of 3 incantations to sublimate. If all present incantations are sublimated, sublimate Ultimate instead.
  • [Leader’s Influence]: Increase the DMG Advantage of allied Afflatuses.
  • [Data Decryption]: Increases DMG Dealt (stackable).
  • [Kinetic Energy Conservation]: Mass attack. Deals Reality DMG to all enemies. Consumes stacks of [Electricity] to gain Penetration Rate. If the target’s HP is below a certain percentage, this attack deals extra damage.

After Sublimation: This attack deals additional Reality DMG, ignores ]Dodge] and will not trigger [Counter] effects.

Skill 1: Acceleration of Mass

1-target attack. Deals Reality DMG. Consumes stacks of [Electricity] to deal additional Reality DMG. After Sublimation: Mass attack. Deals Reality DMG to 2 enemies. DMG Dealt is halved against the secondary target. Consumes half the amount of [Electricity].

Skill 2: Loaded Guidance

Mass attack. Deals Reality DMG to 2 enemies. Consumes a certain amount of [Electricity] to attack 1 additional target or inflict additional Reality DMG if fewer than 3 targets are present.

After Sublimation: This attack deals additional Genesis DMG based on the caster’s ATK. Consumes half the amount of [Electricity].

Ultimate: The First Stage

Self buff. Enter the [Pragmatism] status. Gain [Data Decryption] and equip [Charge Bomb].

  • [Pragmatism]: Attacking any Afflatus is considered advantage. Increase the DMG Advantage of the caster.
  • [Charge Bomb]: Before attacking, gain an amount of [Electricity].

After Sublimation: Gain [Supercharged Bomb] instead.

  • [Supercharged Bomb]: Gain additional [Electricity] and gain additional Moxie after casting Ultimate.


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  1. Finn

    Anniversary Banners? Plural? So she’ll come back in a year?

    And how about Jiu Nangzi? Does she come back, being a regular attraction for CNY?

    1. dikko

      that’s right

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