The next hero coming to AFK Journey announced!


Alsa will be the next hero added to AFK Journey!

However, there’s an exception to this rule—Alsa. She stands out as a beacon of friendliness and hope among the desert people. Cheerful, straightforward, and always willing to help those in need, her warmth and optimism bring great joy to the people around her. Join us as we explore her story in this edition of Journey Unfolds!

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Alsa is a mage specializing in earth-based magic. With her skills, she can curl into a ball for both defense or offense.

Twirling Rocks

When Alsa casts her Ultimate – Twirling Rocks, she moves to the target location, dealing damage to enemies within range. This move puts her in Combat Stance, granting her more flexible damage and escape options. While in this stance, she can curl into a ball, dashing forward to stun her targets before retreating to her initial position. If she takes a specific amount of damage, she instinctively curls into a ball while moving away from the attackers, per her first survival rule.

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Stone Barrier

When Alsa uses this skill, she channels the power of Earth Force to damage and stun a target. Moreover, several earth pillars will emerge behind the target, knocking back enemies in that area and blocking their movement.

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Rolling Boulder

When activated, Alsa senses the vibrations of leylines to locate enemies recently affected by control effects and drop rocks to attack them. This skill synergizes well with her two other skills with control effects, establishing her as a master of earth-based magic who can create terrain to limit the movement of your enemies.

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Don of Terra

This skill enhances Alsa’s battle abilities in Combat Stance. The more rolls she performs, the stronger her subsequent rolling attacks become, and the more frequently she can dodge damage by rolling away, further empowering the effectiveness of her Ultimate.

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