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  • The Fourth Prestige Service: Demon Lord’s Advent (Ecclessia)
  • Cafe Strega Event
  • Danger Close – Tyrant Armor
  • New Operator – Malena Skinner
  • Returning Operators – Kim Hana, Chloe Starseeker and Anastasia Chernova
  • Raid: Inhibitor Season
  • Challenge Stage – Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger
  • Substream Event – Bullets and Thorns

The Fourth Prestige Service: Demon Lord’s Advent

New Operator – Malena Skinner

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Improvements and Changes

1. The [Restore Purchase] function is added to the game.

  • Pressing the button will allow CEOs to recover their purchases if the packages do not arrive within 5 minutes after the checkout.  

2. Draft Ban Pick Improvement

  • By pressing the [Select Global Bans] option, you will be given a panel to select 2 employees and 1 ship to ban globally for the Draft Ban pick.
  • You must set your global ban pick before starting this mode.
  • When you are paired with the opponent, the result of the global ban for that match will pop up.
    • The globally banned employees and ship as well as 1 employee ban from the opponent for that match will show up in the [Recent Battle Records]

■ Employee Selection Rule will be modified.

▷ Before: Employee selection time: 25 seconds

▷ After: Employee selection time: 30 seconds

■ The number of employees selected per phase will be modified.

▷ Before 

▷ After

■ Banned employees’ portraits will be placed at the bottom of the list.

■ During the ban phase, the ban target’s portrait will be shown. 

■ If the operator is selected, their activation trigger will be displayed.

3. Consortium name change function is added to the game.

  • This function can only be used by the President of the Consortium by spending a certain amount of Coalition Fund.
  • Subsequent changes will incur a long wait time

▷ Number of free name changes: Once 

▷ Consortium name change wait time: 30 days

▷ Cost of each name change: 300,000 Coalition Fund

4. Favorite Emote Function

A. Recently used tab added

  • The most recently used 12 emotes will be added to this tab.
  • The save will be done independently per device you use.
  • If you use more than 12, the emotes, the least used emotes will get deleted first from the list.

B. Favorites function

  • If you tap and hold on to a specific emote, it will be added to your favorites list.
  • If you select a [☆], you can see what emotes you have added to your favorites list.
  • You can unfavorite from the list if you tap and hold on to a specific emote in the favorites tab.

5. A warning will be added to HanaTalk and Consortium Chat

Under the Operation Policy, toxic behaviors such as slander, profanity, obscenity, or advertising are subject to sanctions. To avoid any potential damages from occurring, never disclose payment or personal information to anyone.

※ This message will only appear when you set your game’s text language in Korean.

6. If the opponent decides to surrender during the Ranked Battle, now the opponent will get the [The opponent surrendered!] message.

7.  Recommended Gear Option within the Recommended Gear Function will be added. 

  • You can check the options in the [Recommended Gear] option.
  • This feature will be updated gradually.

8. The UI for selecting gears in the gear selection coupons will be updated.

9. For the PC version, shortcut keys have been added.

  • The arrow keys can now be used during equipment precision and tuning.
  • The enter key can now be used to collect your reward.

10. Additional Flashback Scenes will be added.

– 1 Bullets and Thorns

– 4 Goodbye, Tanaberin

– 2 Creed of the Yaksa

11. Flashback Scene: Old Fear II’s ordering will be modified.

12. The minimum IOS version will be updated.

Before: IOS 11

After: IOS 12

13. A new unit tag has been added.


1. A fix where Machine Collector’s original portrait would show when her Time to Bargain skin is equipped. 

2. A fix where consortium eternium reduction buff would not apply to some members sporadically. 

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