The 4th Prestige Service

The 3rd Prestige Service will end at midnight on May 8 with the following of the 4th Prestige. 

The 4th Prestige Service offers tiered rewards based on Admin Coins used, just like the 3rd Prestige Service. Once you obtain the final Prestige Skin reward, you’ll receive an extra reward for every 2,500 Admin Coins used thereafter.

The owner of the 4th Prestige Skin is a beloved employee among CEOs. Details about the Prestige Skin and who the owner of the skin will be is going to be revealed in a PV that is coming soon. 

Stay tuned!

The Creator Contest Skin

The long-awaited final Creator Contest Skin is coming in May.

As you all may know, the protagonist of the final Contest Skin is [Minerva Karin Wong].

Similar to the Stormbringer Jake Walker’s I can’t believe it’s the Colonel release, purchasing the Minerva Karin Wong’s Creator Contest Skin within 2 weeks of its release will grant you the Skin Skill Cut-in Trophy.

Along with the release of the final skin, the Skin Skill Cut-in Trophy for the first Creator Contest Skin, Ministra’s A Bow for the Flower, will also be added. If you own Ministra’s skin during the release of Karin’s new skin, you will receive the Ministra’s Skin Skill Cut-in Trophy as well.

The Creator Contest Skin theme was a very meaningful project for us as it was created with our CEOs, and we believe it also holds special meaning for everyone.

We would like to express our gratitude to the original artists who created such magnificent works and to the CEOs who showed great interest and affection for the skin. We will continue to do our best to provide skins that the CEOs will be satisfied with.

◆ Intelligent Detective – Minerva Karin Wong – Updated

Otherworld Delivery Disaster Event Episode in Substream

The April Fools’ Day Seasonal Event Episode, Otherworld Delivery Disaster, is going to be added to Substream permanently.

You can enjoy the story in [Operations – Substream – Season Records].

Additionally, the Otherworld Delivery Disaster Event Episode will feature a new story related to Minerva Karin Wong’s Creator Contest Skin. Stay tuned for more details!

Japanese Voice Update

Japanese voice updates will resume after a pause.

Japanese voices will be updated sequentially. Starting in May, including the new Awakened employee Gha’agsheblah Eve Meitner who is planned to be updated within the same month, the following employees and skins will receive Japanese voice updates first.

  • Tenured President Regina McCready
  • Asmodeus Rosaria le Friede
  • Gha’agsheblah Eve Meitner
  • Great Silence Ecclesia
  • Tenured President Regina McCready – Midsummer Tryst
  • Asmodeus Rosaria le Friede – Magical★Slayer
  • Stormbringer Jake Walker – I can’t believe it’s the Colonel
  • The 4th Prestige Skin

Please note that the voice update may be delayed a bit due to local studio schedules and recording schedules.

We are also preparing to add more Japanese voices sequentially for other employees hence, stay tuned for more updates! 

Skill Tooltip Range Display Improvement

In December 2023, we conducted a survey on Gauntlet balance improvements as part of our efforts to enhance the Gauntlet environment. Many CEOs responded that they found it inconvenient to check the range of skills due to the way skill range was calculated and displayed in the skill tooltip.

In response to this feedback, the development team is planning to standardize the display of skill range for all skills to make it easier for CEOs to check the detailed information. The range display will be unified to show only the distance (e.g., 400 distance, 900 distance), and the metric system will no longer be used.

Favorite Emote Function

Many emotes have been added to the game since the start of the service.

With the addition of various text emotes through Arcade Mode after the Global New Origin, CEOs have access to a vast collection of emotes even without purchasing them. However, this abundance of emotes has made it increasingly time-consuming to find the desired ones.

To address this inconvenience, we are introducing the [Favorite Emote] feature and the [Recently Used] tab to help CEOs quickly locate and use their preferred emotes.

By adding emotes to the [Favorite Emote] list, CEOs can easily access them without scrolling through the entire list. Additionally, the [Recently Used] tab displays the most recently used emotes for immediate retrieval.

With the continuous addition of new emotes, the time spent searching for them has gradually increased. We hope that these features will enable CEOs to find and use their favorite emotes more efficiently.

Consortium Name Change Function

Due to changes in management, operating direction, or other circumstances, Consortiums may find it necessary to change their names to reflect their current status. However, until now, it was not possible to modify the name once set during Consortium creation.

To address this limitation, we are going to implement a Consortium Name Change feature.

This function can only be used by the President of the Consortium by spending a certain amount of Coalition Fund.

Please note that changing the Consortium name will be free for the first time. However, to prevent frivolous name changes, subsequent changes will incur a long wait time and a higher Coalition Fund cost.

Recommended Gear Option within the Recommended Gear Function

The Recommended Gear feature, introduced in the May 24, 2023 update, assists CEOs in setting up their employee’s gear. While the feature suggests suitable set options within the employee’s information, understanding the effectiveness of individual gear options can be challenging.

To address this, the development team is planning to add a Recommended Options display to the Recommended Gear popup, providing CEOs with a more intuitive understanding of effective gear options.

This enhancement will allow CEOs to easily view both recommended options and set options for each employee within the Recommended Gear popup.

Do note that Latent Abilities information will not be displayed, and when you use the Auto-equip function to equip your employee, gears with the recommended option will not be equipped automatically. 

We hope this feature will further simplify gear setup for CEOs.

Gauntlet Arcade Mode – Draft Ban Pick Mode Addition and Improvement

To provide CEOs with a more enjoyable Arcade Mode experience, we’re developing a Draft Pick and Ban mode which was only available in Friendly Matches.

Additionally, the existing Draft Pick and Ban mode could lead to longer match times due to the draft phase. To address this in the Arcade Mode version, we’ll be making adjustments to the pick order, global ban system, and other elements to shorten the draft time.

Furthermore, to prevent specific ships from dominating the meta, a ship ban feature will be integrated into the global ban system.

These improvements to Draft Pick and Ban will also be applied to the existing mode within Friendly Matches.

We’re also working on additional modes for Arcade, including a No Equipment Draft Pick and Ban, and a mode where all units start at their maximum level. Stay tuned for more details.

Ranked Battle Titles Addition

We’re preparing to add new title rewards to the Gauntlet Rank Battle rewards.

This update will introduce new titles for the Top 50 and Top 200, as well as the new title designs for Top 10 / Top 50 and Top 100/Top 200.

Do note that these changes will be implemented starting from the current 2024 Devoted Season and will not be applied retroactively to the previous 2024 Loyal Season.

CounterSide SEA Server Merge

In May, the CounterSide SEA server will merge with the CounterSide Global server. With the merge, the CounterSide SEA players will have the option to continue playing on their existing account on the Global server when the merge is complete.

Therefore, CounterSide SEA CEOs must get their transfer code from the CounterSide SEA game client and keep the code somewhere safe. It is not possible to get the code back once it is lost.

If you have a question about the merge, please refer to the official Q&A in the link below. 

To CounterSide SEA’s Official Q&A – LINK

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