Honkai: Star Rail 2.2 reveal stream summary!

Have you missed the recent stream? No worries! We’ve got a summary for you!

Release date

The 2.2 patch of Honkai: Star Rail will be released on the 8th of May.


Here’s the official trailer for the upcoming patch:


You can rewatch the whole stream here:


  • New character – Robin
  • New character – Boothill
  • Upcoming Banners
  • New Events
  • New Systems
  • Other updates
  • Codes

New character – Robin

Robin is a 5-star Physical element character who follows the path of Harmony.


A Halovian singer born in Penacony and rose to cosmic fame. An elegant and demure young lady. This time, she has been invited home by The Family to grace everyone with a song at the Charmony Festival. She can use the power of Harmony to broadcast her music, manifesting “resonance” among not only her fans but all manner of lifeforms.

Combat Role

Robin is a Support-Type character that can increase the team’s DMG through Concerto. Triggering Concerto can allow the entire team to take immediate action and allies will inflict Additional DMG after attacking while Concerto is active. Additionally, after allies attack an enemy target, Robin additionally regenerates Energy.


Here are her skills revealed during the stream:

BasicDeals Physical DMG to a single enemy.
SkillPinion’s AriaIncreases DMG% of all allies for a certain number of turns.
UltimateVox Harmonique, Opus CosmiqueRobin enters a special state and all allies immediately take action and gain some kind of buff (unspecified).

While in the special state, Robin deals additional Physical DMG every time an ally attacks. Robin is also immune to CC during the special state.
TalentTonal ResonanceWhenever allies attack enemies, Robin regenerates energy.
TechniqueOverture of InebriationCreates a dimension around the character. Enemies within this dimension will not attack Robin and will follow Robin while the dimension is active.

Regenerates additional energy when entering battle.

New character – Boothill

Boothill is a 5-star Physical element character who follows the path of Hunt.


A cyborg cowboy drifting among the stars. Extremely optimistic and unrestrained. He is a member of the Galaxy Rangers who swore to punish the wretched by any and all means… His flamboyant and brash actions were all to draw the attention of the Interastral Peace Corporation — the target of his revenge.

Combat Role

Boothill is a DPS-Type character that excels and dueling enemies. During a Duel, Boothill obtains a powerful ability and can obtain powerful buffs after winning the duel. Additionally, his Ultimate and Technique can apply Physical Weakness on enemies.


Here are her skills revealed during the stream:

BasicDeals Physical DMG to a single enemy.
Basic (enhanced)Fanning the HammerDeals Physical DMG to a single enemy.
SkillSizzlin’ TangoTargets a single enemy and initiates a Duel. Then Taunts the enemy and enhances the Basic Attack.

Both parties in the Duel take increased damage from each other attacks.
UltimateDust Devil’s Sunset RodeoApplies Physical Weakness to the enemy, deals Physical damage, and delays the enemy.
TalentFive Peas in a PodEvery time a Duel target is defeated or its Weakness is broken, Boothill gains a stackable buff.
Technique3-9× SmileAfter the Technique is used, when using the Skill for the first time in the next battle, add Physical Weakness to the enemy.

Upcoming Banners

Topaz and Fu Xuan banners will be rerun during the patch:

  • Topaz banner will be available during the first part, at the same time as Robin’s banner,
  • Fu Xuan banner will be available during the second part, at the same time as Boothill’s banner.

On top of the new 5-star signature Light Cones, the Robin banner will feature a new 4-star Light Cone for the Nihility path:

New events

The Legend of the Galactic Baseballer will reward players with a new 4-star Harmony Light Cone – For Tomorrow’s Journey.

New boss

“Harmonious Choir” The Great Septimus

Dominicus, the wisher of the Harmonious Choir, is one of the embodiments of Xipe the Harmony. Due to the interferences from the Order, his appearance is different from before. Materialized as the Hive Mind’s response to wishes, the hymns he conducts can reshape the world and create new laws per the wishes, and all who make this wish will become the source of his power.

  • The boss also introduces a multi-layered weakness mechanic to the game.
  • This is the new Echo of War boss.

Other updates

  • New Trailblaze main story mission will be released – The Fool Always Rings Twice,
  • New areas will be added:
    • Dreamflux Reef
    • SoulGlad™ Scorchsand Audition Venue
    • Penacony Grand Theater
  • Gift of Odyssey makes a return with 10 free pulls,
  • You can see the Status on the friend list, showing what they’re doing,
  • You can see the teams used by your friends to clear MoC and PF,
  • You can save your team setups more easily,
  • You can pin characters to the top in the character menu,
  • Trailblazers successfully challenging new Calyx (Crimson) stages can obtain new Trace Materials for the Path of The Hunt.
  • Trailblazers successfully challenging the new Stagnant Shadow stage “Stagnant Shadow: Shape of Duty” can obtain the Physical-Type Character Ascension Material “IPC Work Permit.”
  • After Version 2.2, Trailblazers on different Path will have Light Cones and Relics independent of each other. When they switch Paths, their equipped Light Cones and Relics will also automatically change.


Here are three codes revealed with the stream:

  • BT3BG67LPS9X
  • RSKSYP646TR3

Each gives 100 Stellar Jades and some other goodies!

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