New Soul – Sakuyo

  • A Soul who rules a region of Gaon with natural-born force and valor! New Soul ‘Sakuyo’ will make an appearance.
    • Type: Beast
    • Class: Warrior
    • Attribute: DEX
    • Role: Single
    • Artifact: Yoshimoto Samonji
  • Schedule: Apr 25, 2024 (Thu) after the maintenance ~ May 16 (Thu) 08:59 UTC+9

[Sakuyo: Skill Info]

UltimateZero Style·ObliterationSakuyo leaps to the enemy with the highest ATK or suffered by [Skycutting Triblade] and deals damage based on ATK.
If Sakuyo has [Composure] effect, the attack is guaranteed as a critical hit, and increases Sakuyo’s [Firm Blade] level by 1.
MainTenkahubuSakuyo grants a [Composure] effect, which increases her base stat for a certain amount of time, and increases her [Firm Blade] level by 1.
SubSkycutting Triblade Sakuyo uses 3 combined attacks. Detailed effects of the attacks are as follows.
First Blade Shadowflash – Leaps to the nearest enemy and deals damage based on ATK.
Second Blade Lightslash – Rapidly slashes the sword to the target of [Shadowflash] and deals damage based on ATK.
Third Blade Skycutter – Rapidly slashes the target of [Lightslash] and deals damage based on ATK.
SubSwift ReversalSakuyo grants [Swift Reversal] effect, which grants immunity to crowd-controlling effects, and increases her [Firm Blade] level by 1.
PassiveFirm BladeSakuyo unleashes her [Firm Blade] level while in the battle against the enemies, and she becomes more furious.
The [Firm Blade] effect can be unleashed by the 7th style, and additional effects are granted for each styles.

Evil Soul Subjugation – Ghost Who Weeps Bitter Tears

  • During the event period, Evil Soul Subjugation – Ghost Who Weeps Bitter Tears will be available.
    • Schedule: Apr 25, 2024 (Thu) after the maintenance ~ May 2 (Thu) 08:59 UTC+9
  • Anomaly feature will be implemented.
Anomaly NameEffectsApplied Level
Effective Compatibility EnhancementType damage bonus of allies will be increased by 25%.Higher than Lv. 100
Uneffective Compatibility DegradingIncompatible type damage will be decreased by 25%.Higher than Lv. 351
Dense EvilType damage bonus from the Ghost Who Weeps Bitter Tears is increased by 30%, and damage from allies with Demon type is decreased by 50%.Higher than Lv. 401
Inner DemonWhen combat starts, the ATK of an ally with the highest ATK increases by 50%, but the ally’s type is fixed to Demon type.Higher than Lv. 451
  • Sticker rewards will be added to the Evil Soul Subjugation ranking rewards.

New Mini Game – Evermatch

  • New mini game – Evermatch will be available.
  • Detail: Evermatch is a 3-match type puzzle game, which lines up the same Souls and gets the score.
  • Schedule: Apr 25, 2024 (Thu) after the maintenance ~ May 2 (Thu) 08:59 UTC+9

Details of Evermatch

  • How to Join
    • Click the [Evermatch] banner on the event banners of the upper right corner of the main lobby. (There’s no condition for joining Evermatch.)
  • How to Play
    • You can check 1~13 stages by clicking the [Evermatch Start!] button on the main screen of the Evermatch. (Stages will be added when the event is re-run)
    • Each stage differs in the objective / movement limit / basic tiles / tile scale, and each stage will be unlocked sequentially.
  • You can check the [Clearing Objectives] and [Maximum Point of Me / All / Friends].
    • You can play Evermatch by clicking the game start button.
  • The tile will be deleted when matching the same coloured tiles(Souls’ face) in a horizontal or vertical row of 3.
    • Normal Tile: 4 types (red / orange / yellow / blue) – 10 points per clearing normal tiles
    • The stage is cleared when reaching objectives within the movement limit.
    • You can obtain 1~3 Everhearts according to the scores of each stage.
    • If you clear the objective before the movement limit is exhausted, a striped special tile will be created in a random location according to the left movement limit.
  • If you meet certain conditions, you can check for special tiles / obstructive tiles.
    • Special Tiles – 20 points per clearing
  • Striped, bomb tile: ex) Talia special tile is generated when matched with Talia(blue).
    • Matching each special tile will generate the more powerful effect.
Striped Tile(ㅡ) + (ㅡ)Clears 3 horizontal lines
Striped Tile(ㅡ) + (ㅣ)Clears a cross shaped line
Striped Tile + Bomb TileClears 3 cross shaped lines
Bomb Tile + Bomb TileClears 5×5 area
Color Tile + Striped TileChanges striped tiles with color of combined all striped tiles
Color Tile + Bomb TileChanges bomb tiles with color of combined all bomb tiles
Color Tile + Color TileClears all tiles on the board
  • Obstructive Tiles – 10 points per clearing
  • You can choose [Retry] or [Exit] after clearing the stage by achieving the objective. 
  • You can [Pause] the minigame by clicking an icon on the right upper corner of the screen.
    • You can quit the game by clicking the [Quit] button. (Changes will not be saved when quit.)
  • Rank & Rewards
    • You can check total ranking by clicking the [Rank] button on the stage screen.
    • Rewards will be distributed according to the number of Everhearts acquired.
Amounts of the EverheartsRewards
3Everstone(Free) x 100
6Everstone(Free) x 100
9Everstone(Free) x 100
12Everstone(Free) x 100
15Everstone(Free) x 100
18Everstone(Free) x 100
21Everstone(Free) x 100
24Everstone(Free) x 100
27Everstone(Free) x 100
30Everstone(Free) x 100
33Everstone(Free) x 100
36Everstone(Free) x 100
39Everstone(Free) x 100
TotalEverstone(Free) x 1,300

Fixes & Improvements

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue with missing voicelines in some love stories when the [Download All Additional Data] feature is not processed.
  • Fixed some invisible true ending cutscenes of some Souls while watching the true ending story.
  • Fixed some devices were not using GPU while playing with Google Play Games.

Battlefront Rebalancing

  • 21, 22, 23 Area is changed to 2 formations-battle from 3 formations-battle.
  • Level of the last stage’s team of 19~26 Area is decreased.

Arena / Champs Arena

  • Matchmaking range is decreased.


  • Full voicelines are added in the returner’s intro story.


  • Illustrations for Mephistopheles, Aki, and Linzy’s love story costumes are implemented.


  • The Special Touch button in the Souls’ Profile screen will be now available even if the Special Touch 2 is not available.
  • Normal/Special Touch will now be available in the Soul – Profile screen.
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